Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Have you ever?

Heeey. So I just wanted to have some fun today and so I thought I'd answer some "have you ever" questions here on my blog (;
Here it goes:
Have you ever climbed to the highest point in your country of birth?
Uhm.. I'm not sure I might have, but if I have then I wasn't aware of it :D
Have you ever lived overseas for more than 1 year?
No I haven't :(
Have you ever sung karaoke?
Yes, it was horrible but fortunately the only person who was there was my boyfriend at that time, I sang two lines and then I shutted up.
Have you ever been without a shower for more than 2 weeks?
When I was a child I think.
Do you have both a brother and a sister?
Yes I do :)
Have you ever ridden a horse?
Yes I love horses and riding, but when I haven't been riding for a long time the way that the horses spine moves freaks me out xD
Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?
Can you speak 3 or more languages?
Uhmmm... Kind of, yes. (English, Danish, German and learning Spanish)
Have you ever been in love with someone who was vegetarian?
Have you swum in 3 or more different oceans?
Uhmm.. I don't think so :s
Have you ever flown an aeroplane?
Like a regular air plane? Yes I have on my travels to Poland and England. Going to NY in 8 months.
Have you broken 3 or more bones in your body?
Nope. I've ones broken my nose >.<''
Have you done volunteer work sometime in the last month?
Not in the last month no. Unless you count babysitting in :)
Have you ever free-climbed a tree or rockface more than 10 meters vertically?
God noooo!
Have you ever had a close relative who lived to over 100?
Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 20 people?
Have you ever kept a budgerigar as a pet?
Have you ever been parachuting or done a bungee jump?
Noooo! I'm scared of heights and easily frightened.
Have you ever seen a polar bear?

If you count the polar bear skull thats hanging in my dad's office yes, but if not then no :)

xoxo Elk

Monday, 27 December 2010

All alone

Some might have known, some might have not but I have had a boyfriend for almost 2 years. A couple of days ago, I broke up with him and I have today officially been single for ten days.
When I broke up I didn't cry, and I wasn't really sad. Nor was I relived, to be honest I didn't feel a great deal. Now, I don't know if I'm sad or not. I guess I should feel free. It feels really odd when I tell myself "single". I'm single, that's so odd! I've never really been single. Well of course I've been single, but from I was 13 and until now I've actually not really been single. I had a boyfriend for almost a year and then when we broke up I had another boyfriend the day after and I've had him for until 10 days ago. That's not much single time.

So now I can't figure out whether I'm sad or not. When I think abou being SINGLE like that it feels like a really heavy burden. But then I think about how I am as a person, I'm very independent and I know how to deal with life on my own, I've never felt like I could just load off my burdens on someone else's shoulders so, is it really so different? The break up with my 1st boyfriend was really incredibly hard because we shared everything. We were like one person and we practically lived together, it changed my entire world when we broke up and I felt like I had lost a bit of myself when we broke up. Only a few weeks into my new relationship, I actually regretted breaking up with my old boyfriend. Not that I didn't love my new boyfriend, I just wasn't ready.

I'm very weird when it comes to something I own or have. For instanse I always keep my clothes way to long than I should so it gets full of holes and so on. I have a chair in my room that's 1/2 parts duct tape because I just can't throw it out, I keep nail polishes and mascaras that are way overdue and good for nothing. And like with that, I stayed in a relationship that I just wasn't made to be in for way too long.

Now I just don't really know how to act. How to be single, hehe. :) I know it sounds terribly ironic but - it's the truth. Should I dress up fancy everyday and act all flirty or should I barricade under a manly attitude and make the men come to me? Should I just not care and do whatever I feel in the moment? Until I figure that out, I'll just be me. Alone, I guess I just don't feel so alone. I have great friends, in Italy, Denmark, England and so on. I feel.. ?

- Elk
P.s. check out my new blog, it's a The Sims 3 legacy challenge blog if your into all that jazz :)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Good mornin'

Soooo. This morning I was planning on going to breakfast at 7am, but I was kind of lazy and snoozed until 7:30am, and just when I was on my way I heard my friend go into the bathroom. Fine I thought, I'll just snooze for another 10 minuets. Instead my roomie spend 20 minuets in the bathroom, and I couldn't get dressed or anything because I had to pee like crazy. When she'd finally left the bathroom, I rushed out there and did my business and washed my face. Then I went into my room, and I had just gotten my clothes on when my roomie knocked on my door and asked if we should go. I said no, in a bitter tone, I wasn't done, she asked if she should wait for 5 minuets. I told her no, it would take longer. She then left and I got done and ready to go to breakfast. On my way I passed two of my friends, they were all morning fresh and all like "Goodmorniiiing" in that I'm-more-fresh-than-you-haha. The first one I just said morning too, the other one I said goodmorning, but really wanted to stop and explain her why I came now and not earlier.

So, I get to breakfast and my two friends are still there so I'm really ready for having a really nice and relaxed breakfast. I went up to the buffet, got my food and sat down next to them, THEN THEY FREEAKING LEAVE! Geeeez it just pissed me off! Oh well..

I have classes 'till 4pm I hate it.. And also I have a book review that I'm just so stuck on and the deadline is today. No time, luckily. Oh well, bye byye.

xoxo Elk

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Love it when it's over

Hiaa. So I might be changeing class after the holiday and now I feel something happening.
I'm quite satfisfied with the class I am in at the momment, but I'm not friends with everybody.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Don't pose on the pictures!

Hiaa. So what is it with guys posing on pictures? I mean, it's OK with girls, because we usually do that because we're all opssesed about our looks, but guys? Because they always try to act all cool and tough when they pose and they always just end up looking like idiots!

se this guy? He's all like, "hey dude, I just ruined my fucking car and now I'm making a weird face". Geez, who even takes pictures of that? Except the forensics.

And then there's this guy, he's sooo cool. *noot* holding his hand on his chest, wtf is up with that??

Now, there's this last picture I really want to show you! But, it's just that is my boyfriend so I reaaaaally don't think I can do that. But, it's really ridicoulus. God.. Seriously, I'm ashamed sometimes. *siigh* anyways, have got to go do.. Nothing... At all, actually. So, BYYE! Notice!: 1st of december tomorrow, I am so excited to present my christmas surprise to my roomie, I hope she'll be happy!

xoxo Elk

Monday, 29 November 2010

WTF is your problem man?

(Notice: WTF means what the fuck)
So. It's winter and snow and froooooost outside right now, which means icy roads and paths. It's boots time! But I only have high heeled slippery boots because my Doc Marten are at home and also I have a phobia of falling. When that all adds up, it basically means that when it snow and I wear my boots, I walk extremely slowly, hald sliding to my destination. So today when we walked to dinner my friend (who by the way is always busy, stressed and rushed) told me to hurry up. I had already nearly fallen several times and replied "would you mind stop hurrying me up?" in a firm voice. She completely shut up like a little clam and looked bitterly at me, then I thought "wtf is your problem man?". I am shit scared of falling, you're hurrying me up like a little stupid child! I could see that she was mad - obviously - so I tried to explain to her why I had said that, she didn't react. At all... Well no, she replied with walking 3 meters ahead of me and my other friend Daniella all the way (same all the way home) plus not having spoken one single word to me, and it happened 45 minuets ago. *siigh* jesus.

I don't want to knock on her door and be all like "oh yeah, shit sorry man I didn't mean to upset you" because she genuinely upset me! She's always so busy and stressed and has a billion things she has to do and thats FINE, it's her thing. But she sure as hell shan't come here and tell me wtf I have to do and hurry on me, hell no, I think stressing things up for yourself like that is ridiculous but I don't complain because it's her thing. Guess I'm just a stubborn shit like that (;

Anyway here's a snowy picture. Everything is blue because of all the white snow. (It's ironic that, that sentence actually made sense :b)

xoxo Elk

Friday, 26 November 2010

Fuck that, I'll get me my own presents!

Hiaa. So I received my new sims games today in the mail (I was sooo thrilled!) anyway. I had originally planned on wishing them for christmas, but then I got my pay. When I get my paycheck it means either "don't spend any money at all" or "spend it all at ones". (I'm not very good with the money thing), so I chose to spend them all on new games. My point was, that I chose to spend my money on buying those games so close to christmas when I could have just wished them as a present. I just find it really hard, all that present stuff! Last year at christmas, I literally used over HALF of my present-buying-budget on buying gifts... For... My... Self...

Seriously! It's so hard to figure out what people want for christmas or birthdays and it's so easy to know what yourself want! So why do we even have the whole-give-presents-to-other-people-when-you-have-no-freakin'-idea-of-what-they-want tradition? I'm always nervous that I'll get the wrong thing, so I just get alot small crap and hope that they like at least one of them.

Giving money "It's so non-personal" my ass. Isn't it better to get some money so you can buy the things you REALLY want instead of some junk you don't want? Oh well. That was really hypocritical of me to say because I don't give money. I just give junk.. Like everyone else, so I guess it's OK? It's really sad because there are that ONE TIME in a decade where you get a really awesome present idea and the receiver just loves it! But as I said, that happens in something that looks like once a decade.

- xoxo Elk

Monday, 22 November 2010

Real friend

Do you know, when you meet someone new and you become friends. You feel like you've known them forever, and you can't imagine your life without them. I KNOW that I've felt that alot of times, but this year that feeling makes an entirely new sense to me.

When I was younger, only a year ago I was sad. Sad, because I only had friends older than me or younger. I know that it isn't a bad thing, but I always just wished for a friend who'd be my age, who'd want the same things as I, and who'd be my best friend.

I think that it's about 4 months since school started after the summer holiday, and this year I've made a new friend. Even though she's a couple of years older than me, she's in my class. I sit next to her, and she is the greatest friend ever! I really do feel so lucky! She's kind, generous, creative just.. Awesome! And when I act all antension-craving and ms. fun girl all day, she doesn't get tired with me. It's really like God sent me this true friend. So thanks! I'm really grateful for my friend!

By the way, what are you giving you're parents for christmas? I'm soooooo blank!!
xoxo Elk

Sunday, 14 November 2010

I was youg

Hiaa. So I've been watching this drama show that's running on danish TV currently, and it's about politics. (uuh)
Anyway, this politician said that she was going to kidnap some other politicians children on a recording and then this recording turns up and one of her defending arguments is that "she was young". That make me think! Because I've noticed that actually alot of public people (especially politicians) use that argument. "I was young" BAM, forgiven! What the freak is up with that? I'm just asking! Because if you think about it, you can keep using that excuse throughout life! When you 15 you can say "hey yeah, you know that thing I did to you 2 years ago? I was young". When you 45, you can say that you were young and dumb, and when you're 80 you can say, "oooh yes I was so young and naive" etc.

And frankly, I don't want to use that excuse for everything I did and ment when I was young. You know? It's like saying "heey yeah, all that stupid shit I did the past years - I was yooooung and tomorrow I can use that same excuse for what I just said now, HA!". It's like saying that when you were young you didn't think ANYTHING or mean ANYTHING, but of course you were, that's probably the reason why you did it!

Hmm, just stray thoughts. See ya! xoxo Elk

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Blog lovin'!

Hey ya'll guys. I just remembered how much I love to blog! Seriously, I'm crazy about that shit. I could sit all day and blog about all that crazy shit I didn't do because I was bloggin'! But yo, hey. Here's some random facts about me:

My favorite show is Friends and CSI: Las Vegas.
I'm not really sure what my favorite movie is, but I saw Benjamin Button yesterday and I cried my eyes out. It was awsome!
My favorite actor is Sean Connery. (How can he be old and still sexy?)
My favorite actress is Milla Jovovich!
The 1st thing I think when I wake up in the morning is that it's all a dream and the morning is a lie.. I get very disappointed when I realize the truth!
My motto is never to do something you can't stand up for afterwards.
I stay true to Converse All Stars forever <3
I'm hard to shut up.
I'm a bit neurotic.
I read alot and review books.
I prefer to be behind the camera, not that I don't want my picture taken, just that I really enjoy photographing (:
In the morning I always tell myself that I'll go to bed early and/or sleep after school, I never do because at that time I'm fresh as a fiddle.
I think that the danish summer is wonderful.
I think that I often get worn-out.
One big lie I tell myself alot is that tomorrow's gonna be different.
I laugh at myself laughing, and then start laughing HYSTERICALLY because I laugh at my own laughter.
I scream when other people scream, this is also valid in the movies and the theater - it's very embarrassing!
I'm neurotically organized about my bed and desk.
I think I'm too cheap.
I once met a guy I had been chatting with online, that was awkward!
When I can sleep I just keep laying in bed because I'm so stubborn - luckily I then fall asleep.
The greatest french fries I've ever had was from Café Au Lait just around the corner from me, uhmm yummy!

- xoxo Elk
(Is it "xoxo" or "oxox"?)

Hey ya'll guys. I just remembered how much I love to blog! Seriously, I'm crazy about that shit. I could sit all day and blog about all that crazy shit I didn't do because I was bloggin'! But yo, hey. Here's some random facts about me:

My favorite show is Friends and CSI: Las Vegas.
I'm not really sure what my favorite movie is, but I saw Benjamin Button yesterday and I cried my eyes out. It was awsome!
My favorite actor is Sean Connery. (How can he be old and still sexy?)
My favorite actress is Milla Jovovich!
The 1st thing I think when I wake up in the morning is that it's all a dream and the morning is a lie.. I get very disappointed when I realize the truth!
My motto is never to do something you can't stand up for afterwards.
I stay true to Converse All Stars forever <3
I'm hard to shut up.
I'm a bit neurotic.
I read alot and review books.
I prefer to be behind the camera, not that I don't want my picture taken, just that I really enjoy photographing (:
In the morning I always tell myself that I'll go to bed early and/or sleep after school, I never do because at that time I'm fresh as a fiddle.
I think that the danish summer is wonderful.
I think that I often get worn-out.
One big lie I tell myself alot is that tomorrow's gonna be different.
I laugh at myself laughing, and then start laughing HYSTERICALLY because I laugh at my own laughter.
I scream when other people scream, this is also valid in the movies and the theater - it's very embarrassing!
I'm neurotically organized about my bed and desk.
I think I'm too cheap.
I once met a guy I had been chatting with online, that was awkward!
When I can sleep I just keep laying in bed because I'm so stubborn - luckily I then fall asleep.
The greates french fries I've ever had was from Café Au Lait just around the corner from me, uhmm yummy!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Rest in peace

Today, between 2am and 3am there was a car accident.
A guy called Paw, died. He was a dear friend to alot of my friends and had just started high school here. Now he is dead and I suggest that we take a moment to think about life and death, and those who are left behind. Those who have to deal with the sorrow. that is what his car looks like. He died immediately.

- Elk

Monday, 18 October 2010

Would you rather beauty tag

Hiaaa all, soo a tag. A beauty tag! Here we go:
Would you rather walk around all day with you skirt tucked in your underwear or be seen wearing a really see through dress?
I'd rather walk around all day with my skrit tucked in. That actually happened to me once, and I always always ALWAYS wear pantyhose, so it's not too bad (:

Would you rather go to a party and not realize until the end of the night that you have lipstick on your teeth or that your fake lashes are coming unglued?
Uhmm. Probably that my lashes have gone unglued, it's no so embarassing as the lipstick. Besides, fake lashes go unglued ALL the time!

Would you rather forget to put mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face?
The blush. I would diiiiiiiie without wearing mascara!

Would you rather wear lipstick/lipliner combo or frosty blue eyeshadow?
I love making a frosty look with white eyeliner, only a bit of mascara, frosty eyeshadow, cool neutral lips and a warm pink blush. <3

Would you rather wear foundation that is two shades too light or go way overboard on bronzer?
Wear the light foundation! Definently :D I'm so light already, looking a bit lighter wouldn't really matter to me (:

Would you rather drink an entire bottle of ketchup or run into the guy who broke your heart on a bad hair day when your skin is freaking out?
Look awful and run into him. It would be okay because then I could hate more on him if I looked like crap >.<''

Would you rather be able to date any celeb you wanted or wake up with perfect red carpet-worthy hair?
Perfect hair every day :D

Would you rather your armpits smell musky or like delicious lasagna?
I'm not sure how musk smells, so I'd go for lasagna.

Would you rather give up your makeup or cell phone for one year?
My phone. Except calender and alarmclock, my phone really doesn't matter that much to me.

Would you rather run into a cute guy you like with food all in your grill or no makeup at all?
Uhmm. Tough one. I look scary as hell without makeup, but my teeth already look awful so I wouldn't wanna make it worse! I'm gonna go with no makeup!

Alrightyyy. Please post a comment or you know.. Something if you want to :D I tag yoou!
- xo Elk

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Letter to myself, in thirty years.

Hiiiiiia all. So today we had an assignment to turn in, in English class. It was a letter from ourselves, to ourselves in thirty years. This is my go --

Hello Elisabeth. Is that even still your name? Are you married? Where do you live? I have a thousand questions for you, but first I want to tell you a something about how you were thirty years ago. Right now, you have been stupid! Instead of going home right after school and writing this assignment, you went to the city, then you dyed your hair, then you watched a movie and now you are sitting in the TV room watching football. But at least you are writing your assignment. You are master of postponing! You are ambiguous. You want to be very hard working, always turning your assignments in, working hard, get good grades while you want to be relaxed, a bit rebellious and lazy. Even though this is happening right now, you are still wise enough to see that all this is a fight to figure out your true identity.

You are 16 years old, you go to Sorø Akademis Skole in Denmark, you live there at boarding school and you have just started the first of three years in the Danish high school. Are you happy with the choices you have made?

Now for some questions for the older you... Me? It is hard to know. Are we any different from each other, or are we still the same. Will you shake your head and crumple up this piece of paper, do you even bother to finish reading it? Are you really that distant from me?

Well, what do you do? Are you a psychologist, a politician, a writer or have none of the dreams you dreamt come true? Or did you get some entirely different dreams?

Right now I see my future like this. I want to be a psychologist, I want to be alot of other different things as well, but being a psychologist is what I am aiming for. Right now I am also a freelance book reviewer, I read a lot of books and I write some short stories myself and I really see it going somewhere! I really do hope that you pursued the literal path that I am trying to direct you on to.

Maybe everything has gone wrong, maybe you are alone and unsuccessful, maybe you’ve got diabetes and you no longer talk to your friends and family. Maybe you’ve gone completely off track? Maybe you’ve killed yourself.

In conclusion, asking you what is going to happen is silly, because I know very well that you can’t answer. I can only tell you what I want you to keep in mind. I want you to remember yourself! I want you to know who you are! It is so difficult to tell you the exact parts of yourself that I want you to keep, only the young me knows. I am so excited to read this letter in thirty years, does this mean that I’ll still be myself then? That is probably my biggest fear, to have lost myself, please don’t let me down. If you still are ambiguous when you read this letter in thirty years and you still fight to figure out your true identity then listen. Your identity must be exploring all the different perspectives of yourself and the world. Keep curious, because you have always been. You were impossible for your mother to breastfeed because you wanted to see the world. Remember this and smile. Goodbye Elisabeth, see you again in thirty years, I hope you will be well and I love you.

xo Elk

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Grossest desk sharer, EVER!

Hia, so I know that I haven't been blogging for some time. *bad me* and I really have no excuse.
Luckily none of my friends, friends really knows about this blog, so I'm very free to express myself as I please. And today, I do have a couple things I want to get off my chest.

I share desk (at school) with the probably, grossest person EVER! Gross, in that way that she's not REALLY gross and have tons of showable rolls, she doesn't have green slime running from her nose or anything. She's gross in that way, that she TRIES to kind of, hide, that she's really, REALLY gross! Ugh. It really doesn't that much to push my YUK-limit. Something as simple as filling the filling the dishwasher can be groundbreaking for me. So this is what she does:

1) Her looks, I know I know people can't do for it but UGH! First of all she looks like a little ugly furry beast, she has these really ugly bangs that totally cover up her face and makes her look even more pathetic than she already does. Her hair just seems too big for her tiny head, it looks like her hair weighs a ton and pushes her head down. She doesn't wear any makeup (which is cool) but her face is just annoying. She has really chubby cheeks that instead of being cute apple cheeks just run like slime down and gives her a fat neck. Plus she has this really big red spot/zit on her nose just in the corner. She ALWAYS wears a really big ugly knitted grey knitted monster, some really baggy jeans and ugly, UGLY, black big boots and it's just so SHOWABLE that she is trying to hide herself! (+ she doesn't wear a bra which I think is SO GROSS!!!!)

2)Stuff she does
a) I first found out that she was really gross, not on her unfortunate "I hide myself" style, but from her scratching herself in the crotch, UNDER THE PANTS IN CLASS, sometimes smelling her fingers afterwards! EEEEEEEEEEEEEWW! And she looks around, really like "alright, go ahead NO ONE'S LOOKING". How gross is that?
b) Nose picking! You know how people who wants to be anonymous sometimes gets one of those black long lines across their eyes? Well this girl does, kiiiiinda the same trick. She holds up her hand across her nose and stuffed her long gross finger right up there. Oh yeah, and then she just shovels ahead. And she does a-fucking-lot! I've even seen her eat it xS *I'll die!*
c) Spot on the nostril. As mentioned, she has a red spot/zit on one of her nostrils and she just won't leave it the fuck alone! She presses it and dabs it with all kinds of cleaning tissues.
d) General behavior. When she isn't interested in what we do in class she smacks her lips together, like eating with and open mouth. Plus, I don't know what the FUUUUUUCK's going on but she makes sounds like pressing all the air out of your cheeks so it makes that bubbly sound, and apparently she exercises her breath or she's just ANNOYING LIKE SHIT by having the most irritating breath, and pressing on her nose so the air only will come out of on nostril. And when she talks, it takes her 10 minuets to say a freaking sentence!

3) Apparently, what I didn't know that she does is that's she's a GIANT STALKER/STARER. Several of my friends have said after they saw her on the class photo that's she's been deliberately following them and staring at them. Luckily, she never followed me, but she sure does stare!

4) She's in love. There's this other really geeky, but (sometimes)nice guy that she's sooooo in love with! AND IT SHOWS! Just, just ugh.. Grow up! I mean how old is she?!? She just behaves like it's a young sweetheart crush, she listens to ALL he says, she tries to be SOOO funny and ugh.

5) Jesus I could go on. Well, do you kind of get it? SHE'S GROSS AND WEIRD AND SHE SITS RIGHT NEXT TO ME JESUS I'LL DIE! She once breathe me right into my face I LITERALLY had to move away!

Well, I guess know saying that a bunch of guys longer down the hall pisses me off by screaming and stomping all the time. I really just wanna bash their heads into the wall. But hey, I'd rather sit next to someone else on school >.<''
xo Elk, please. Feel pity for me! /;

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


How do you rank prestige? Who is most prestigious, the doctor or the garbage collector?
I know what you're thinking, the doctor of course. And YES I really do see why the doctor should be able to harvest prestige for his hard work and long education, but what about the garbage man who collects garbage EVERY SINGLE day? Of course it all depends. It depends on what do YOU, as a person, a single individual rank most, high education or hard physical work. I think it's just as hard to keep a job as garbage man, as it must be go get a job as a doctor. You might not think about it, but both jobs have crazy hours. Alright. Maybe doctor vs. garbage man was a bad example, but what I really want you to think about is that both jobs are hard jobs, even though you don't think about it. In this problem definition this question also presents itself; is it what you think, or is it what the society thinks? I really do think that we are influenced by the society than we know, and that we WANT to know. But hey, what do you think?

- xo Elk

Sunday, 19 September 2010

How to react

Today, my friend told med that her sister had threadended to kill herself. She had dissappeared and her, her mother, her sisters friends and parents had to go looking for her. Luckily they found her alive, but now her sister won't stop crying and she won't tell why.
When my friend told me this I was shocked. But the worst thing was that I had no idea how to react on it. Of course I comforted her, I let her talk instead of me giving a lecture or something. I doubt that would have been helpfull. But this reminds me of another time not that long ago, a couple of weeks maybe where my other friend told me that her friend had tried to kill himself as well, and ended up at the hospital. Again, I was shocked and had no idea what to say. So what to do when someone tells you a story like that? What do they want? What would be the best to say? It's kind of hard isn't it.

- xo Elk

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

She's the X

So last year I lived together with this girl called Charlotte, and we had an awesome time but it just became too much of a "hanin' out" kinda existence for me. I didn't do my homework and I went late to bed because of all the haning out. And then she'd get sick and I'd had to bring her food all the time, plus she wouldn't do her part of the weekly cleaning which made me feel like I did everything. Which, of course - SUCKED. I started to hide out in my room and not answer her when she called and so on. It all ended up very grim, she became very angry and so did I, I just didn't bother to fight with her about it.

So this year she said to me "I've been very mad and sad, but I think we should just forget it all" and I really agree! And luckily for us, we don't live together this year. But only 2½ week into the new school year, I see this all happening again. Now grimmer! I love haning out with her, but not three times a day, every day! It 's too much. Today she wanted me to go with her to the local café au lait to get some french fries, AS we have done the last 1½ weeks and I said "naah ah, not really" because, I really didn't! And while studying she comes to my room, knock on my window and she's like "hey can I borrow 50 cents"? Not that it's a problem that she wants to borrow a such small amount of money >.<'' It's just the whole I'M TRYING TO STUDY AND I'M REALLY LAZY SO DO OT INTERRUPT ME NO I DO NOT WANT TO COME WITH YOU part that annoys me. It's like a bad bromance! I swear, if this is going to start being a problem again I'll freaking...... Dom something really bad and bitchy >.<'' geez.

And now I'm just all irritated and most definently, not studying. I have an assignment for friday but it's only 200 words. Bah, well love ya'll xo Elk (:

Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Oh sailing. The sweet smell off freedom by being out on the sea. So hopelessly in love with beautiful blue creature. The way you can feel the width and weight of the boat pushing the water aside like Moses did that time. He did it for freedom, he freed the slaves, lying under for whips and shouts from the slave masters. So it is with sailing. Away from the stress of the daily routine, out at sea feeling the wind in your hair, and the freedom of deciding where to go and when. No one to tell you right or wrong. You're free. Touch the water and feel the power, a strength coming to you which no one will be able to take from you. The sea, is yours.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

It's a random one

Hia. So at 15:00 I'll be off to a field trip with the rest of people who lives at this criiiiiiiiiib at boarding school. I don't know what it is with boarding school but maybe I've just been too... Too much doing something else than posting here on tha bloog.Yesterday at school there was a party, but me and some other friends ditched the party and had a movie night instead, and I did my roomie and my other friends nails :P I also did my own. I guess that'll be the picture of the day. (Picture to the right) Actually I also did some other nails that I thought were really cool! (Pictures belooooow)

Will definently buy more rhinestones, this is really cool and they stuck really well!
(The pictures kinda failed but you get the idea)

Atm I'm lisiting to "Lemon Tree" by Fool's Garden, the song is good but that is really not why I listen to it. No, it's because at the amusement park where I work we have our own songs based on the characters of the amusements etc. Well these songs they're just new lyrics on some melody and one of those melodies used is "Lemon Tree". My english teacher also introduced us (the class) to these two songs, "Bad bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce and "Island of souls" by Sting, they're really good!

All right, I'll be going. I have laundry to hang up and I roomie to bother :b juuuuuust kidding. (^^,)
xo Elk

Monday, 23 August 2010

My room!

Hia! as promised here's a blow by blow arriving at my room at boarding school, enjoy!

As I had suspected my roommate had already arrived to the school, this is the view of her door. (although it's my chair in front)

When I arrived my room was all empty and white and uncomfortable. As you might be able to see the room is kind of long-ish and has kind of a separate room where you can have your bed or desk or whatever but I have my bed in there.

It was hard to see the light when the room was filled with boxes, but magically the got unpacked! Unpacking and packing is my absolute HATE thing to do so I must admit my dad helped me alot (;

Unpacked and liveable! My room (:

xo Elk

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Books: The curious incident of the dog in the night time by Mark Haddon review

Christopher suffers from aspergers syndrom which is a lighter from of autism. He doesn't like the colours yellow and brown, he can't eat his food if it touches anything else on the plate and he loves dogs. One night he finds the neighbors dog Wellingtong dead and decides that he wants to figure out who killed him. His dad, on the other hand is not too happy about this idea but that doesn't stop Christopher. He ends up unsolving more mysteries than he thought there was.

The Plot
Christopher finds the dog Wellington dead, and he wants to write a book. Specifically a crime book. He likes crimes because there are certain leads to follow and other leads not to follow. In his book he wants to write about the investigation on Wellington's murder. Christopher's father is NOT into this idea and gives him many orders on NOT to try and solve the murder. Christopher's mind is like a recorder, he remembers every single little 100% detail, like a recorder that sees everything and he figures out ways to keep investigating without disobeying his fathers orders. Everything he figures out, he writes in his book. But one day his father finds his book and hides it away. Christopher is very keen on getting his book back since it says all the clues that he's found and starts looking. Even though he is not supposed to enter his fathers room he does it anyway and finds his book, together with alot of un-opened letters addressed to him. It turns out that the letters is from his mother who is not dead at all, even though his father told him that she was. Instead of getting angry, Christopher get's sad. He also figures out who killed Wellington and he decides to runaway from home and go live with his mother. But it's not an easy thing for Christopher to travel alone to London, not knowing here anything is located and all he's got to lead him being an address.

My opinion
The list of books that has been able to make me cry is actually very short, before I read this book it had only one title on it, but when I finished it had to titles on it. If it was because I had a headache while reading, I don't know but I know I cried. This book is amazing, it's 100& truth, 100% metaphor-free and 100% aspegers. The amazing thing about this book is that even though it's written without any sense of humor, or a big pompous language with fine words that rolls on the tongue it is written completely amazing, and even though the plot of this book might not seem so wild the book is still exciting and on top of that you get a much better view of how a brain that suffers from autism works. When I closed this book I thought "oh my God, is that really how it feels?" I myself has a friend with aspegers syndrom though he's condition is not as bad as described in the book, but if what it says in the book even comes NEAR to how a brain with autism really works, it would make the book the autistic bible for uncomprehending! I don't know how the writer managed to write a book that seems like a dull and boring book and blow light into it like Disney's Tinkerbell and her sparkly dust.

The writerMark Haddon grew up in England where the book also takes place. He's great knowledge of how the autistic brain functions come from his work with autistic children. "The curious incident of the dog in the night-time" has won prizes too. Mark Haddon has written other books as well mainly for younger people.

It's hard to tell which exact things that makes this book as good as I really think it is! It's strong, it's honest, it's understanding and it's exciting. If you see this book on display at your nearest library take my word on it and bring it with you home. I'm sure that of you want to learn a little or just read a different and exciting book you will not regret!

I hope you guys liked the review, stay tuned for more + I did not edit this translation, I'm too lazy (^^,) xo Elk

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Food, oh no!

Do you have any idea of how TERRIFYING eating can be? Well I'm back at boarding school, and here we eat together in a big dining hall so I'll have to eat with alot of other people.

Last year my friend she'd be really good at getting food on her cheeks and personally, I think she eats really disgusting and I really get all.. ICK from it, and the thing is. She doesen't notice when she has something on her cheeks which is soooooooo gross :s so now I try not to sit next to her or across her when we eat, because ICK!

There's alot of new people around the table this year and one of them is this guy called Nicklas. He's really awesome and I really wanna be friends with him. BUT! (back to the eating) I don't want him to see that I eat! And I feel like I should only eat salad, AND ALOT of salad. Do you know that? Isn't that crazy? But this is not the first time I'm doing this. Last year there was this guy called Nico (spanish and GORGEOUS!) and I would always hide behind my bangs so that eat my hair because I didn't want him to see me eat >.<''

I got the first book that is you know, a REVIEW book and I read it on the day I got it because it was very tiny and I had NOTHING else to do. I reviewed too and I've already signed up for the next one I'll be reviewing and it'll be sent over tomorrow. Yeeah. Atm I'm reading Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr, can't say what I think I only read one chapter ;D I got alot of positive respone on my review of "The curious case of the dog in the night-time" by Mark Haddon, so I'll translate that and smack up here, on this blooooooooooog so that you guys can read it, if ya wanna (^^,)
I think I should do like "picture of the day" just to spice the blog up so it won't be like all.. Text :s
But. I don't have a picture for today >.<'' it's raining .__.''

xo Elk
Fyi I'll post a post (xD) with pictures of my new room before, after and during the unpacking of boxes. LOVE YA'LL!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Books: Freelance book-reviewer

Hiaa guys. I'm a member of a danish book club/group forum thing and on this website I've been reviewing books. Now this website is hosted by Odense library in Denmark and the website is very successful, get also get alot of books send over that the authors want reviewed. Sooooo, I was asked to review some of these books which is really cool because it's what I've dreamt about!

So it's unpaid but I really don't care because I've been reviewing books already just for fun. The exciting thing about this "gig" is that some of the books haven't been published yet and you get to keep the books. I don't know what I'll do with the books afterwards, I hardly have room for them :s anyway, this first book I'm going to read and review like that has just been released, TODAY and I checked the web I couldn't find any other reviews of it. (So far) I doubt that my review will be THE first, but it's most likely that it'll be ONE of the first.

Since the books that are being send in is non-published or almost just published they are way expensive to buy, and I'll get them for free ;D
How cool is that? I'm really excited and this book I'll be reviewing next sounds REALLY good!

Btw I reviewed the book "The curious incident of the dog in the night-time" but I did it in danish, BUT I will translate it to english and post it her on my blooooooog. So, look out for that.

xo Elk

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Alors on danse

By the way I am loving this song atm!
(The little video thing didn't work.)
Soooo. I kind of upset my friend because we were talking about high school and college and so on. And he is going to re-do 8th grade which means, well exactly what it means. And I said to him "Isn't that going to mean that you'll have just another year of not really doing anything?"
and of course he replied "thanks for shit". That's just the situations where I think. "No dude, shit srsly." I know that what I said was cruel but it's the truth. The fact is that I know this boy VERY well and I'm worried. I'm worried because he sometimes get really depressed about not moving forward in his life, but it's only sometimes he sees this. So other times, he just takes a step back, like this thing. Is he afraid? I don't know. But if he is, damn! I sure understand how he feels. I have been, and I still am so INCREDIBLY scared because I know what happens when you move on in your life. Everything falls apart, the daily routine. And sometimes that's a good thing.

So what do you think? Was my comment over the line? Should I have stayed silent?

xo Elk

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Nails: Cutepolish's paint splatter

I did my naaaaails! So I made them after a tutorial by CutePolish (on youtube) and she is awesome! I've been following her lately. She does really easy and cool nail design tutorials and they have really inspired me to do nail art ;D I'm gonna link her Facebook and Youtube page for you to look at.

Monday, 9 August 2010

17 and blindness

Hiiia guys. So what you might not know, is that I'm secretly planning on publishing a short story collection. (Which first of all mean I need to write one ^^,) which is actually going very well.. Writing it anyway. Today I printed it so I can keep in my folder, so that I can read the stories and edit them whenever, wherever I feel like it or I see something that I want to be changed. So I just printed it, and it's 17 pages so far. Considering that my stories actually are very short, that is alot. ^^

I've been getting alot of comments on my facebook statuses lately, which presumeably is a good thing (; *wink*, but one of them was from, I guess you'd call it "and old friend", and frankly I wasn't too happy about it. It's not that we had a fight, or something like that. I'm just disappointed. We are, and have always been really, incredibly great friends. Like sisters who understood each other. But when she went away (change of school) we would never meet up anymore. I have a picture of her hanging on my door. She's a poster child (; and we've once mixed blood. Not that is was very successful, but we did it and I guess that it's always meant something to me. It's probably a combination of going down memory lane, and listing to this soul-y track that my heart skips a beat and I can feel my tear ducts vibrating. Holding the tears back, tipping my head and smiling a crooked smile. I really miss her, yes. I've always looked up to her. But not seeing her makes me lose respect. I simply can't respect that we've both not found the time to get together. I wish we could see each other every day as we used to do. But that's the consequence of time. Time makes us grow older and then it tares us apart and lead us away from each other. Yeah sure, I have other great friends. But you know.

So now. Well yeah I'm mad at her. I choose to be, after all it's easier to be mad at her than crying over not seeing her. And she doesn't know, is she blind? Nah. I didn't show. Then it's easier for her too (: I know she keeps an eye on me. She always did and I really like that. It makes me feel that she never really forgot me. Maybe she'll know I didn't forget her either <3

xo Elk, by the way finished reading "Leda". (Greek mythology is crazy as f**k!) and "The curious case of the dog in the night", damn I'm such a book eater!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Books: Dyrekredsen by Kim Fupz Aakeson review (Danish)

Hiaaa. Just finished off reading "Dyrekredsen" (in danish). Psssssh, junk. *Hmpfh*
Here's the review, in danish. Sorryyyy. xo

Kim Fupz Aakesons roman "Dyrekredsen" er en bog uden genre, kedelig handling og fladt sprog.

"Dyrekredsen" tager udgang fra de 12 stjernetegn. Det er tolv fortællinger om 12 forskellige hovedpersoner med 12 forskellige stjernetegn. Hvert stjernetegn har fået tilegnet sig en kort beskrivelse af deres stjernetegn, og derefter lille novelle om en periode i sit liv der afspejler deres stjernetegn.

FortolkningDet er formodentlig første og sidste gang at jeg læser noget af Kim Fupz Aakeson. Jeg kan ikke engang bruge undskyldningen at "det er et af hans tidlige værker", for så tidligt er det ikke. "Dyrekredsen" er udgivet i 1996, og jeg har regnet mig frem til at være hans 21ende bog (børnebøger talt med). Forfatteren formår at få hvad ellers lyder som et spændende tema om stjernetegn til at blive utrolig kedsommeligt, og indholdsløst. Handlingerne i fortællingerne er kedelige, sproget er passivt, negativt og flat, moralen i historierne er svære at finde og beskrivelserne af stjernetegnene i fortællingerne er ikke pakket særlig godt ind. Har jeg overhovedet noget godt at sige? Ja da. Bogen er sat fint op, det danske navn på stjernetegnet som titel på novellen, derunder det engelske navn på stjernetegnet, derunder fra hvilken dato start til hvilken dato stop og sidst men ikke mindst en kort beskrivelse af stjernetegnets kvaliteter. Desuden er bogen kun 129 sider lang.

Kim Fupz Aakeson har bevæget sig meget rundt inden for den kunstneriske genre. Han har skrevet flere filmmanuskripter, heriblandt "Okay", "Den Eneste Ene" mfl. Han har udgivet tegneserialbums, børnebøger og romaner. Han har vundet flere priser både i Danmark og i udlandet.

Jeg ved ikke om det er mig eller ham den er gal med. Hvis du har læst denne bog så læg endelig din mening, men for mit vedkommende var at læse "Dyrekredsen" kun spild af tid. Nå jo, og så undskyldningen for at skrive min første dårlige anmeldelse.

Nails: Naiiiiiiilz!

Made the orange/purple this morning and the blue one I made a couple of days ago. The blue one is really gorgeous with long nails (and when I made it I had long nails) but my nails cracked MASSIVE so I had to cut them. R.I.P. nails :(

Friday, 30 July 2010

Boxes, shiiiet.

Today I did a list over all the things in my room that needs to be cleaned up. 24 points, and that's just my room - how is that possible!? I should know. I wrote them.
Today my neighbors came home from Germany, bringing me alot of hot new nail polishes.. Yummy! I'm really getting bitten by this nail thing!

Have you watched The Shawshank Redemption? This movie has been nominated for 7 Oscars! Why is that prize called and Oscar? When I hear Oscar I think about toddlers, hmm I wonder.. Anyways, even though it's a long movie it is awesome! Definently something you can pick up next time your in Blockbuster!

Well, I guess I gotta eliminate some points on my list.. Well... I'm probably just going to play tetris anyways. Love ya! xo Elk

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I got nominated!

After several years without being noticed, it took me over half the time I went to grade school to get noticed, and be popular. Now when I moved to boarding school, started in a new class with new people I thought I'd never be noticed again. For me, it's been hard to see what role I had i our class. I could see that Sabrina was the very straight forward one, Laerke the one who sucked up, Emil the annoying but also funny class clown, and of course Lisa the sweet one. But what I was? I didn't know.

So the school year is soon coming to an end and we're having a "departure dinner" where all the teachers and student of 10th is invited. To this dinner, there are several entertainment acts and one of them is handing out prices to particular people in class. The cool thing is, I'M NOMINATED! I just think it's great! I have NO chance of winning because the other two, Veronica and Lisa are as sweet to look at as sugar! But still, I got nominated = I got noticed <3

Sunday, 21 March 2010

No means?

Hey ya'll.

I have a friend named Charlotte and we have a common dialouge that goes down like this.
Charlotte: Hey dude, wanna go with me to pick up my laundry?
Me: Ehh, no.
Charlotte: Dude come on!
Me: Nah, no.
Charlotte: Please?
Me: No, really!
Charlotte: Come on!
Me: Eh. Well.... Alright then!

Also, we commonly have a dialouge going down like this.
Me: Hey wanna go to town? Just gotta buy some things.
Charlotte: No.
Me: Come on.
Charlotte: Noooo..
Me: Dude srsly come on!
Charlotte: No.

And the annoying thing is really, I just can't seem to tell her once "NO I don't wanna go with you, ACCEPT THAT like I accept you saying no to me!". And the weird thing is, Charlotte once told me about a gilr named Anna that told Charlotte "No, you can't have another sip of my beer" and the Charlotte told ME about it and she was all like, "Oh you know it's so cool she just said no, it's no - OKAY DUDE!" and Charlotte was all excited! All I could think about (of course) was, hey dude do you ever think - cool Elk said no, honesty is best! Or something.

Well well, later folks (;

Hi, I'm co-dependent!

Hey ya'll.
So, sonday night. Been sitting with my friend watching a movie and when I came back to my room I saw that my friend had texted me and rang me, twice. It's cool, I mean we haven't talked for some time. So I write to him over skype. I'm like "hey" and he's all like "OMG HIIIII! I MISSED YOOOOU!" and you know it's just. Am I being non-humane when I just start running away from him when he does that? Because REALLY my friend, I hate it! It's like saying "Oh hi! I'm co-dependent, can I please cling on you and be clingy for the rest of my life?". And you know what he says then, "you seem so cold." - YES I'M COLD! Uuuugh HAZARD, ALERT, CAUTION AAAARGH! Just, cling off me! I like you, I wanna be your friend but not your MOTHER! Anybody know this situation?