Sunday, 21 March 2010

No means?

Hey ya'll.

I have a friend named Charlotte and we have a common dialouge that goes down like this.
Charlotte: Hey dude, wanna go with me to pick up my laundry?
Me: Ehh, no.
Charlotte: Dude come on!
Me: Nah, no.
Charlotte: Please?
Me: No, really!
Charlotte: Come on!
Me: Eh. Well.... Alright then!

Also, we commonly have a dialouge going down like this.
Me: Hey wanna go to town? Just gotta buy some things.
Charlotte: No.
Me: Come on.
Charlotte: Noooo..
Me: Dude srsly come on!
Charlotte: No.

And the annoying thing is really, I just can't seem to tell her once "NO I don't wanna go with you, ACCEPT THAT like I accept you saying no to me!". And the weird thing is, Charlotte once told me about a gilr named Anna that told Charlotte "No, you can't have another sip of my beer" and the Charlotte told ME about it and she was all like, "Oh you know it's so cool she just said no, it's no - OKAY DUDE!" and Charlotte was all excited! All I could think about (of course) was, hey dude do you ever think - cool Elk said no, honesty is best! Or something.

Well well, later folks (;

Hi, I'm co-dependent!

Hey ya'll.
So, sonday night. Been sitting with my friend watching a movie and when I came back to my room I saw that my friend had texted me and rang me, twice. It's cool, I mean we haven't talked for some time. So I write to him over skype. I'm like "hey" and he's all like "OMG HIIIII! I MISSED YOOOOU!" and you know it's just. Am I being non-humane when I just start running away from him when he does that? Because REALLY my friend, I hate it! It's like saying "Oh hi! I'm co-dependent, can I please cling on you and be clingy for the rest of my life?". And you know what he says then, "you seem so cold." - YES I'M COLD! Uuuugh HAZARD, ALERT, CAUTION AAAARGH! Just, cling off me! I like you, I wanna be your friend but not your MOTHER! Anybody know this situation?