Sunday, 30 December 2012

Mood-board Inspiration: Edgy Pink

Hello you fellow beauty lovers!
Like any designer and any fashion-house, I too have a "mood-board". Well, it's a mood-wall to be specific, but that doesn't matter. On my mood-board I hang pictures of makeup, nail polishes, perfumes, clothes, accessories  makeup looks etc that I've cut out of fashion magazines and such. This is the first post of my new series, "Mood-board Inspiration:" where I'll take a certain point on the board and create some sort of makeup look, nail look or something else.
This look really originates from my fall-mood board, but I prefer this edgy look for new years.

In my newest magazine, they had a "pink for fall" theme which I to be honest, highly disagreed on - until.. I saw this wonderful edgy look that combines a darker look and tone on the makeup while letting it stand out with the use of pink. But I still prefer this for new years.

 My re-creation wasn't as dramatic with the very graphic line on the original picture. I suppose that I turned it into something more wearable.
Also, I allowed myself to combine it with a very bright pink which is (to me at least  a very summery colour, but for a sparkling new years eve party, it's perfect :)

What will you be wearing for new years eve?

 - Elk

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas 2012: Classic green, gold and red makeup

 Hello guys and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Today I bring you a very classic green and gold Christmas look. I am truly sorry that I haven't nearly posted any Christmas posts this year but it's because currently we've got whats called and SRP assignment on 15 - 20 paged to write for school and basically you write in two subject, for me that english and history, and the school gives you two weeks free from school to do this. It counts as an exam and the grade weighs double on your average. It totally sucks that they put the assignment in December, it is truly the lost December that none of us will ever get back. But, to the look!:

Oh my lord, it's so obvious that I hadn't brushed my hair :D

 Close-ups of eyes and lips. On the lips I went with a light cherry red and dusted some orange/gold pigment in the middle of my lips - it completely changed the look and made it all look more tied together.
For the rest of my Christmas posts I plan on some Christmas nail designs (already got two in stock for ya), a post where I show you some Christmas pampering products of mine and one where I show you some of my Christmas decor.

 - Hohoho, Elk

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Haul: Candles from IKEA

Hey guys. In Denmark we don't have any Bath and Bodyworks and no Yankee Candles. :(
But what we do have, is many wonderful supermarkets which sell scented candles from time to time, but not any they ALWAYS carry. What we DO have in Denmark which we can be absolutely certain always can satisfy our candle-cravnings is IKEA. (Thank you sisters and brothers in Sweden for inventing IKEA!)
Today my friend and I went to IKEA to get the last thing for my room here at school, anticipate a room-tour soon, and stock up on candles! Also, what better time for candles than Christmas? ;) Here is what I got:

Dessért scented (love that sweet Swedish sugared cinnamon roll one!), leaves, cherries and figs.
Not exactly sure what scent this is, jasmine maybe? I have no idea, but the smell fabulous and they cost  6 cronors, that's like a DOLLAR!
Apple and cinnamon (a real winter scent!), vanilla ice cream, topical fruit and green apples.
Strawberry and 2 x creamy lemon.
I also bought this notebook. I didn't even know IKEA made notebooks? They sell so much weird stuff...
Having a good time? Feeling dat jolleeeeeh?
This year I' so happy, we got snow already on the 2nd of December. Usually we don't get snow 'till January or February.

 - Elk

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas 2012: Accented nails for the holiday

Ho ho ho and merry 1st of December! Did you know that in Denmark we say the date and then the month? So today would be the 1/12 - 12 - COOL BEANS! But hey, I bet you knew that 'cause you're so smart!
Well, as a merry 1st of December present I give to you a nail design that I have been loving through fall and will carry on wearing this Christmas. (In between all my fun other nail-looks). This is very easy, and really you can wear however you want it in whatever you colours you like. ;)

(Sorry about the top right picture, had to snap it with my phone)
Basically, what you do is grab a sheer pearlescent (is that spelled right) nailpolish and paint all the nails except the ring-finger with it for however many coats you like, I like it to be almost opaque and then paint the ring-finger with a delicious glitter. My personal favorites are the two bottom ones, very Christmassy!

Merry happy!
 - Elk

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Beauti-fall: Easy striped nails

Hey yo to the ey-o! I'm here with another nail-design for the fabulous season of fall! (even thought it's almost practically over)

So this nail design is really good for any nail length  Also it's really versatile, use your favorite colours of fall to mix something good together! Besides, I got a lot of compliments on this easy nail design, maybe you'll get lucky too ;)
This hereby terminates my beauti-fall series for this year, it might or might not come back next year, we'll see.

 - Elk

Friday, 23 November 2012

Beauti-fall: Doin' Sedona

Hey you cool guys. So one of my birthday gifts was an awesome collection of all kinds of make-up and some of that make-up was two loose pigments from youngblood. (See them in my birthday haul)
Therefore, today I decided to spice up my neutral eye with these pigments. The most obvious colour is Sedona, a dark reddish pigment that I simply love in this look!

I do also realize that I look terribly angry in this photo - I am not. I was trying to do my "cool" face, which I after today discovered does not exist ;)
How do you spice up your everyday neutral eye?...

 - Elk

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Beauti-fall: Bondage nails (!?)

Hello you beasts! I was in the mood to try something new and fun, so I decided to do the so called "braided nails" which is supposed to come out like this: 


But of course, since it's me - I failed. So in all of my despair I decided to make some extra lines and add some more colours. This is how it turned out:

So, not exactly braided nails like they were supposed to look, but still something along those lines. To me it kind of looks like bondage, not in a dirty way though ;) I still think that with the colours I used this is a very nice fall nail-look.
Have a great day!

 - Elk

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Beauti-fall: Intense going out look!

Hey guys. Yesterday I was bored, so I decided to play around with some loose pigments my friend gave me and I hadn't had a chance to use yet. This is what happened:

Not edited (other than cropped). The yellow lighting from my lamp washed out the intensity of the eyeshadow, but it softened up the skin, made it glowy and made the blush stand out.
Not edited (only cropped).  Here it's only the white light from my blitz that lightens up. It toned down the cheeks and enhanced the eyes - one can never win with electric light. (Yes this is a different lip colour)
Edited, just because I couldn't help myself ;)
This look is very intense, both on the eyes and cheeks. Put on your favorite party dress and be prepared for a night out! This look is definitely what I'll be wearing next time I go out.. Or just want to freak someone out ;)

 - Elk

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Goodiebox: August 2012 - Hair

Hey wait, Goodiebox AUGUST!? Yes... Why?
1) Received this in the first days of September.
2) It has been standing out for ages, I don't know why I haven't gotten around to it earlier? ;)

So the theme of the months was hair! Aligning up perfectly with my Project Hair ;)

 Silica, for hair, skin and nails. The first couple of days I took this supplement I felt a huge difference in how much my hair was shedding, but after a while I feel like the effect kind of took off. I don't know if it did or if I was deceiving myself?

50 ml of Absolute Beautifying Potion Oil from Davines, and may I say that this is a completely divine oil! It makes you hair so smooth and delicious! To the the right we have 100 ml Conditioning Whipped Creme called Milk Shake - I don't really get the name but the product is amazing! It smells like vanilla-sugar whipped creme goodness and kind of looks like canned whipped-creme, so cool!

Light'N shine lip glaze from GOSH in the colour 101. It's one of those super cool glosses with mirror and lights in it - coooool. I really like dark red lipglosses so I was very happy to receive this! This is a full-size product.

Some smaller samples, John Frieda frizz-ease Curl Around shampoo and conditioner sample, a frizz-ease hair serum, L´Oréal Smooth Ultime Taming Creme and a small Cacharel Catch me if you can perfume sample.

I promise that I'll make a post RIGHT AWAY when I receive my next Goodiebox, however I don't know when that will be because the danish Goodiebox service isn't working well - at all.
BY THE WAY! I have a gigantic announcement! Yesterday at 15.47pm I was blessed to get my first little (and likely to be my only) niece! I'm going to see her in 3 hours for the first time with my daddy whose now a grand-daddy! Her name is Mille (English equivalent is Milly) and she's a quarter Greenlandic since my brother is half and her mother is all Danish. Very very exciting! I'll also be posting a little haul of the gifts I'll be buying for Mille this upcoming week. Have a great day everyone, ciao!

 - Elk

Monday, 22 October 2012

Beauti-fall: Warm taupe

Hi guys! Are you ready for a beauti-fall makeup look? This is my idea of a nice and beautiful everyday cool fall, but still warm, look.

1. Prime your lids with a primer and/or apply a cream eyeshadow any neutral colour so the eyeshadows has something to stick to.
2. Apply a taupe/grey colour all over your lid except for the inner corner.
3. Apply a beige/skin colour shadown in the inner corner.
4. Bring a cranberry/dark red in your crease. If you're going out or just want more smokeyness, you can add a darker brown to the crease.
5. Sweet some of the taupe and beige beneath your lower lashline to tie the look together.
6. Mascara!
(7. Fill in your eyebrows and add highligter to your browbone and inner corner if you like.)

For the cheeks I used some toned down pink, nothing big or fancy. And for the lips I used a dusty rosa colour and added some gloss for the goodness of it.

I hope you like this look, I know I'll definitely be wearing this alot for the fall and winter.
P.S. do you like it better when I explain what I did instead of just showing a picture of my makeup?

 - Elk

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Halloween ideas 2012!

Hello people!
As you might or might not know, I live in Denmark and here we don't really celebrate Halloween. Over the course of the past couple of years Halloween has become a bigger and bigger event though under the influence of America. However, the simple thing that Halloween isn't celebrated in Denmark and I'm personally not going to any Halloween events, I thought I'd share some ideas for Halloween looks.

First up we have a pretty classic doll-eye. I do want so say that I don't think this went really well, but hey I tried and that's what counts. Plus, my eyebrows are so friggin' big and bushy I couldn't cover them and I've never worked with latex before so covering them with that didn't work at all! ;)

BUT THIS LOOK! Omg, ME GUSTA! As soon as I had completed this look I simply couldn't stop staring at myself, wishing I was going to a Halloween party just so I'd be able to wear this! (I think this is also kind of a doll look. If I were to wear this I'd pair it with a babydoll dress.)
Note: Both of these look are done off of a picture/inspired of.

Also, this actually wasn't even done for you or for Halloween, I made these looks because I'm going to be doing the makeup for a foto-shoot my friend has arranged and will shoot. I'll be making look number 2 on the model - terribly excited to go on a shoot and do makeup even though it's just a hobby shoot.
What are you going to be wearing for Halloween?

 - Elk

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Project Hair: Pre- and post haircut!

HELLO! Are you excited, I sure as bottoms am! Ready for some sexeeeeeeh before and after shots? Here we go.

 (What is my eye doing!?)

Overall, I got some layers going on and just... Stuff to make it look more alive. Now it's easier to volumize it and all the split ends have been cut off. I also got high-lights - LOVE THEM! MAHA, but next time I'll ask for some more, or at least some more vibrant ones.
So, from now on it's my responsibility to not let my hair turn into a haystack again! Follow my hair project on this blog ;)

By the way, I just want to say that it took THREE HOURS!!! and I'm still getting hair-dye out of my ears..
 - Elk

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Project Hair: Introduction

Hi guys. Tomorrow at 2:00PM "project hair" will kick off. What is project hair? Well basically it's a born-again project for my hair. As it is, my hair is dry, dull, weird-coloured and just... Blurh
So project hair is my little project to get some life to my locks! Over the past couple of months I've been gathering delicious hair products all to be used from TOMORROW where I'm getting a haircut to set the project off. I'll get it cut, dyed and highlighted. From then on it's my loving care that hopefully will bring a better time on for my hair.

Project hair will include pictures from before and after my haircut, hair-care hauls, hair care routines, hopefully pictures of some hairstyles etc.The project won't last for a certain period of time or posts, just until I feel like my hair-care has become a routine and not something I'm practicing anymore :)

Look forward to it if you like... Hair... Or... Something along those lines, I'm super excited that's for sure!
 - Elk

Monday, 1 October 2012

It's a deer!

A deer, for real! Like just outside of my window.. Me and nature, we're like toooottally connected!

Let's name this dee(a)r new friend.. Hehe, deer, dear, that's funny.. My humor is so black.. Hehe :3
HAPPY 1ST OF OCTOBER! And get ready for my Beauti-fall series here on my blog.

 - Elk

Saturday, 29 September 2012

What I got for my 18th birthday

Hey hello, hi! Here it is, the post where I show you how truly blessed I am! I was so lucky to get all these wonderful gifts for my 18th birthday, I feel guilty! When I was looking at all these gifts I felt like these presents were stolen goods ;)

My friend has percepted that I really like Hello Kitty, suffer from allergies and drink water. So she bought me Hello Kitty water, (only the bottle is pink!) and some, strawberry scented, toilet paper so I can blow my nose during allergy season.
She also noticed that I love Jelly Beans, so she bought me this big ass  jar.. (Me gusta!)
And last but not least, she bought me these wonderful nailpolishes from HOT Makeup together with some chocolate, yum!

My big brother and his girlfriend Anna gave me a gift certificate for Matas (makeup store) and my aunt and cousins gave me cash. (The body butter sample was together with the gift certificate.

My friend, whose dad live in London, gave me a gift certificate for a paid-for weekend trip to London. We're going  in January for January Sales! So the money I got from my family I'm saving for London.
For my gift certificate for Matas, I bought this concealer. Can you believe it was HALF OFF only because they were selling the "old ones" out because they got new packaging? NUTS! This colour is: vanilla.
I also bought these facemasks for me and my friends' upcoming spa-night this weekend. Have you ever experienced chocolate facemasks?
For the las of the gift certificate money I bought this Garnier Pure Active scrub (AMAZING!) since I recently used  my beloved Garnier 3 - 1 up :(
My friend Mark gave me these two nailpolishes from Rimmel in Azure and Sunshine.
My grandparents gave me Lancôme's Tresór in Love and my not-related by blood, but still, aunt gave me this yummers DKNY Be Delicious perfume.
My friend Nicklas went bananas and bought me a BUNCH of makeup! He gave me these three mineral pencils from Eva Garden...
these mineral eyeshadows...

these Youngblood  crushed mineral blushes. (He gave me two of the same colour, so I have it to my friend. He also gave me two of the same eyeshadow so I gave that to another friend)
Youngblood Mineral foundation in Beige, too dark for me but ones it comes on you can't see!
And last but not least, these Youngblood mineral pigments.
My friend went to Czech Republic with her school and got me these none named nailpolishes and a knock-off Rimmel mascara (I has to toss the mascara, it simply didn't work - AT ALL, it was like it was all dried up?)
My dear parents. Poor poor parents who has been feeding me for 18 years, changed my diapers, been soaked in my saliva, kept their calm when my ears were infected and I screamed up pain. My dear parents who has paid my school tuition fee all my school years, who has supported me and comforted me gave me: first off, a Canon EOS 1100D  camera. They also made it possible that got to invite my friends and family to celebrate the day and they also gave me this, some random beauty products. Hand creams, 
Coconut oil for a hot oil treatment, 
Eyeliner and top coat from wet and wild.
All these gifts reminded me of how many fabolous people love me and will always be there whenever I need them.

 I pass my love along to YOU! :D
 - Elk