Thursday, 10 September 2015

Empties: June '15

Ah yes, it's that time again, when I've gather up enough empty containers of products I've used and tell you what I think about it! However only a mere dent in all the products I still have, waiting to be used. (Yes, I know it's September. I was away.)

Form the top! Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses lip stain from Rimmel London in the shade 300 Perpetual Plum. I actually didn't use this up, it dried up. Granted I've had it for a long time, but I have however hardly used it, so it did disappoint me that it'd dried up.
Luscious Liquid Lipstick from ELF in the shade Cherry Tart. Very much enjoyed this, however I have noticed that the different shades of this product will have varying texture, which I think is far from ideal.
Masterpiece Max mascara from Maxfactor. The regular Masterpiece was my favourite when I was young, but I'm not sure about this one seeing as I think it dried up before I could really tell how I liked it properly.

Left to right; Morning Burst Fruit Infusions cleanser from Clean and Clear, this is the mandarin one for oily skin. I enjoyed this product and it lasted me a really long time, which also is due to my not being consistent with my skin care regimen, but hey!
 Tea Tree Water toner from Lush, mmm yummy! Again, I had this product for ages, and I used quite regularly! I had a hard time figuring out how I liked it, but after using a different toner after this - I MISS IT SO MUCH! I spritzed it on my face after cleanser and before moisturizer, it soaked into my skin really well and of course has that tea tree feel to it, luckily without being overwhelming. (I'm not a big tea tree fan!)
Forest Glow body scrub from Allison Scandinavian Purity. I really don't care for this product. I don't like the scent, I didn't feel like it did anything and was just happy to get it used up! In terms of the scent, I have the body lotion in the same scent, and even though the scent is the same in these two products, I don't mind it in the lotion.. Hmm, maybe just me being odd?

Top left; Cocoa Body Butter from Derma V10, I enjoyed this product in the beginning, but with prolonged use the scent started to feel a little overwhelming and strangling for me. Product wise OK, nothing special, but suitable for my needs and a cheap products. I used it on my legs which do have a tendency for dryness.
To the right of the body butter is Moisturising Hand Cream with almond oil and shea butter from Cien Bodycare. This was alright I suppose, nothing special, not particularly good or bad.
At the bottom are three little samples from The Body Shop, the bottom left sachet is a sample for Vitamin E Moisture Cream, I did like this and would consider buying the full-size when I need one.I also really enjoy the scent! To the left in the green sachet is a sample of Drops of Youth Concentrate, what I assume is a serum. When I put this on my face it was quite yucky and tacky feeling that a serum or gel can have, but I was happy to experience that it soaked in/dried up quickly and felt fine to sleep with. In the little tub to the right was a scoop sample of The Body Shop's body butters in the fragrance Green Apple. Green apple is my favourite scent, and I was very excited about this! However I felt that the scent of the product changed over time and I don't care for that much. As a body butter I do like it and have other body butters from The Body Shop. Btw, this little jar lasted me a long time!

Top: Rainforest Balance conditioner for oily hair from The Body Shop.
Bottom: Rainforest Balance shampoo from The Body Shop. Honestly, I hated these. Both. I thought they left my hair really yucky and ewwie and just. No.

X Hard as Nails topcoat from Sally Hansen, I really enjoy Sally Hansen's different, and those are usually the ones I go for, liked this one very mucho!
 Impulse deodorant in Tease, I like these because they are always super cheap and have no aluminium in them, which many deodorants do and that can be breast-cancer inducing. I also like them because they're a smaller size, so I can try alot of different ones with different scents!
Volume Powder from H&M and I were not friends. I think as volume powder, it's probably fine. I did get volume from it, and it also kind of worked as a dry shampoo, I just don't like the feeling it leaves in my hair, so I decided to toss it even though it wasn't empty. 
Sensitive toothpaste from Zendium. This is my all-time favourite toothpaste. I do have sensitive teeth, and for a while I used a different toothpaste for sensitive teeth, but still experienced uncomfortability, so I switched to my old buddy here, and it was fixed within two days.

Ahh yeah. I know this was mega-late, but I've been away all summer, and had forgotten all about this post which I had half-written, but forgotten to finish and upload before I left for the summer!

 - Elk