Friday, 20 March 2015

La Fiché Directions Review/Hair Update

I dyed my hair green - well some of it at least.

I used this hair-dye which I bought in Black No. 1, a goth/alternative shop in Copenhagen. Dye is from La Fiché Directions and the shade is Apple Green.

I realize that sadly it's only a semi-permanent. I really wanted a permanent, but apparently a permanent green hair dye is hard to come by. (How can that be?!) However to my great disappointment, after just two hair-washes have the green bits almost washed out. I reckon this is the type of dye you'll have to touch up once a week or so, which of course is a pain - but the green hair is so cool! 

This is the front bang after just two washes. The dye sits in your hair for 15 minutes and then you rinse, next time I'm dying it I'll try to let it sit for longer, but the constant touch ups is really going t be a pain!

 - Elk