Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I bet that many of you have heard this saying and nodded in agreement. It makes perfect sense, if you apply a solution to a problem and it doesn't work, wouldn't you try a different way of solving the problem?

So please, why on earth are you trying to loose weight and gain health and fitness the same old way?
I heart lots of people say that losing weight is easy, but they don't bother to to, or think it's not worth it. The high exercise, low food, sad sad calorie restricted diet - lean meats, no carbs, no sweets, no fun. 
In my personal opinion and experience, that way of weight control and lifestyle is nothing but a sure road to hungry misery, binging and endless guilt everytime you put something in your mouth.

I love eating, I love food, I love shopping for it, cooking it and eating it. But once upon a time, I had this weird things, a compulsive idea that men shouldn't see me eat. I couldn't stand having men watch me eat food. Not because I ate ridiculous amounts or ate really messily, but because I was ashamed that I ate - period. I was fat, and the way you get fat is that you eat. (Or so I thought, later I've learned that it#s about what you eat.) I was ashamed to follow my most natural human instincts, I was ashamed to put food, energy, nutrition into my body when guys were nearby.

I'm not sure who I think I was fooling, my appearance and my body spoke for itself. 

This was back in boarding school, luckily my pet peeve didn't evolve into anything compulsive or obsessive, and I COULD eat in front of guys, I just tried to avoid it if possible and I ate perfectly normal in front of girls. I have shed this pet peeve, but recently I did find myself uncomfortable by just telling my boyfriend that I had to eat food, again - I felt ashamed. It was a sad flashback from past ghosts. 

And guess what, I never lost weight. All I gained were crazy thoughts that men couldn't see me eat, hunger, low energy levels and binging on cakes and "treating" myself with a whole bag of hot wings or cheesy pizza when things got a bit rough. What a depressing time, it brings tears to my eyes looking back and thinking about it.

So here's my plea to you. Stop. Right now, I want you to stop being insane. I want you to stop circulating, stop doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, because guess what Sherlock, you're not going to gain a different result unless you apply a different way of solving your problem. Enter high carb, low fat veganism!

Lastly I'd like to recommend you watching this video. It's evidence based, scientific really good information on calorie restriction. The results of this study are staggering and will leave you with something to think about. You are your own best friend, so make sure to nurture yourself and enable yourself to thrive.

 - Elk