Thursday, 28 April 2011


HIA GUYS! The next blog challenge will be up soon, it's just that the next challenge is "post what movie you last saw" and.. I don't remember xD
Anywaay.. At the moment I'm sitting and working on a letter/speech for my friend's bar mitzvah. I just don't know whether to make a speech or a letter yet, I'm kind of worried that my speech (in that case) would be too personal or like, "you had to be there"ish, which would suck. So now I'm thinking, letter. Handwritten or computer? I don't. Computer would defiantly be easier to read! xD So far I bought her a perfume and I still have money to spend, but what to buy!?!

So I'm back from holiday, back to school. It's really nice to hang out with the friends again but also really annoying because I kinda want to be alone a little and I hang out with friends CONSTANTLY! It's driving me nuts! :s
Before the holiday we turned in a bigger assignment, we got it back yesterday and my group got 00, 02 is passed... Also I just got back my spanish assignment I got 4 (out of 12) which annoys me! Because, I get 12 on other assignments in spanish when it's just translating the sentence, but I always SUCK when we have to make our own sentences.. And really, I understand SO much in spanish, I love having spanish, it's like candy!

Actually I'm on my way to the tanning salon with my friends. I go turn read like a shrimp! So no fake lighty stuff for me, no! But I'm going to go with her, entertain her and laugh at her because she's going to be lit up by fake light, TEEHEE!
I found out that I'm missing my black eyeliner which pisses me off because it's my super-duper awesome quite expensive one.. I'll have to get a new one, including a eyeprimer so I can wear all my fabulous eyeshadows every day!

- Elk

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Blog challenge day 17

Today's challenge:
Post something homemade.

Luckily for you, I am hooooome where I have my homemade stuff. What I could just spot with my eye was this.

Yes, it's a sexy ass ceramic mug, OH YEEAH! When it's from I'm not sure, it might be 7 or 8 years old, but it's nok like it has a date on it like paintings or anything.

I'm waiting to be picked up by my roomie, she's just got her license, her mom is outta town so she has the car, and I suceeded in breaking my lamp so we're going to get a new one.
Yesterday Thea was here and she went home. She had spend the night from Sunday to Monday. It was really nice, different than when we were younger some years ago, but I mean, what do you expect after three years? And it was still nice, different in the good way.

I don't really have much to say soo.. Uhmm here's a pictue of my cat, it's taken at this moment, she lying here next to me sleeping, sooo cuuute! I don't know why because she hates to be in my room when I'm here. (Yes she hates me, so what? xD)

In this holiday I think I'll work on my Rebane Legacy sims 3 blog, I last updated it in December :s
I'm gonna run, btw, did you like my "juegos de vestir" post? I have much more xD

- Elk

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blog challenge day 16

Hey'yaaaall!! I know you've beeen dying to see this, so here we go!
Today's challenge is:
Post a picture of yourself from today.

Don't I just look soo sexy in my uniform? This is the uniform from my work becaaaaause, I'm going to work today :b
After that I'm gonna pick up Thea at the station and she's going to spend the night here :D:D:D it's seriously like three years since we've seen eachother and we're going to talk SO much!! I simply just can't wait!

By the way, I was tired of my hair being to .. UUUUGH! So I gave it a hairmask, I washed with shampoo and then I gave it conditioner, I blow dried the tips, massaged peanut oil into the tips, let it sit for 15 minuets, washed it out with shampoo again, blow dried it and now... WOW! My hair is SO soft and really niiice :D I'm actually going to the salon in this week. I've been flirting with the idea of getting it cut now for a long long time, I wanna get an undercut or sidecut (haven't decided yet) but I wanna get it a a hairdresser who's really good! So when I get my hair cut this week, I'll not geth the under/sidecut but! I wall post a picture sooo :D wait up for that ^^,
Oh well, I think I'd better run. BYE!

- Elk

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Whipped cream

I used to think there was just one way to make whipped cream.

You'll need: a bowl, cream and a hand-mixer (electric preferably).

Step #1; Open the cream and poor it into the bowl

Step #2; Mix it until it's well.. Whipped creeeeeeam, that wasn't so hard was it?

But I learned today that apparently it's not so easy. There are a lot of things you have to consider, etc. what kind of consistence do you want? And please! Beware, don't overdo it and PLEASE make sure it doesn't turn to butter! And no no, that wasn't all, there's more. When I whip it I usually just hit full speed on the hand-mixer and stop when I'm satisfied but no.. Wrong, again, you have to go medium, mix, go loooow on the speed, mix, medium again and continue 'till your done.

I'm not trying to insult the ones who whips whipped cream this was I just think it's really funny because it just shows how different we are, how we care about different right out to the tiny details! For instance, I would never NEVER not use a topcoat on my nails ;) which by the way leads to a little advertise.

I'm starting up a blog which is really just pictures of different, not too complicated, nail designs for inspiration. Well here's the link , feel free to check it out.

I got stuck in my blog challenge because the next one is "post a picture of yourself from today" blaah blaah. Actually I don't really care about what type of pictures are posted of me online, but when I'M the one posting them they're always good pictures in great lighting with awesome make up and fantastic editing ;) but just to proof that I'm not that self-conscious about pictures of myself, here's the proof.

All these pictures are on facebook with my tag on 'em, I'm just saying, taking yourself so serious isn't fun. Gotta run, roomie talk time :D

- Elk

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hia. So, I'm against that almost All cool gadgets and apps are for Apple products only, but at the moment I'm blogging from my friends iPad and I really do love this thing! I like the idea of it, it's larver than a smartphone and smaller than a netbook, perfect for surfing the web and blogging I guess :)
Today has been pretty chilled, I almost finished reading a book I got for review. (I hate autocrrect, it's a bitch)
Lenny and I watched Mean Girls 2 and now we're watching Mean Girls the ORIGINAL and the best!
(I take the whole "good for blogging back, this thing is a bitch, I'm gonna stick to computers!)

I'm soo tired, I haven't written my science assignment even though it's the last one and had to be turned in earlier this morning and I haven't send my biology assignment even though we've already wrote it in the class xD
I plan on going home this weekend, I wish for good weather so I can lay outside, read and enjoy the sun, which reminds that I should probably call them and tell them

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fried brains

Hia. I'm thinking about going into fast tomorrow. I read a lot about it online and as long as you're prepared and don't do it more than 2 days it shouldn't be dangerous and kind of healthy. But I'll only do it if I get some school assignments done today because I don't know how it'll effect me.

We went to the theater yesterday with school and watched "Endgame" by Samuel Beckett. That was weeeeeird! I know that it's because it's absurd theater but I just felt so drained afterwards. It's just so focused and tough both to act out and watch. Anyway, we came home at about 11.30pm which isn't so late compared to when I usually go to bed, but I had been up, out and active and that just makes me SOOOO tired! And today we had school from 8am to 4pm AND I have an assignment for tomorrow, uuugh.. And two for Thursday, so either I make two today and one tomorrow or vice versa. I am soooo tired. Society and school is very odd. We get taught about all kinds of craaaaaaaaaap, why? We don't know! We just know that we have to it to move forward in life instead of getting taught in all the things we LOOVE LOOVE LOOOOVE!

I'm really fried atm, I need a break before I try to write any school assignment at all! I just want to say that I haven't done any blog challenges for some time now because they next challenge is a picture of myself from today and I am really choosy and picky about pictures of myself, at least if I'm the one who posts them xD so, hold on for that. It'll come... Sometime :D I just found out that I lost my Haus of Gaga shirt which pisses me off because it's such a long time I have NO idea where it is! xD I'll have to try to look for it.

I've been watching some music videos lately and, excuse but am I the only one who loves how Kesha looks in "We r who we r"?

Those looks they're just so crazy and awesome! Also I'm loving..

Woow, I looove her as the skeleton! And by the way do you guys have ANY idea of how hard it is to take video stills of youtube? HARD!

- Elk

Saturday, 2 April 2011


I feel as if my hear has been pierced. After over a year of not seeing each other my friend Thea and I finally made a deal for when we should hang out. Then she had to cancel because of work. I understand, I know what it's like with work. What surprised me most was that I didn't burst into tears, I felt a small pain in my chest but that was all. Only until I recognized that the pain would come later. And then I wrote this (note: translated from danish)

Maybe I've learned not to look forward to anything anymore. Because if you're not excited about something to happen, you won't get disappointed when it doesn't. Your heart can't be broken and the tears can't sneak up on you. They're right, tears are warm. But I do know why we slide further and further apart, why destiny cancels everything and sucks out the joy. It's because of time, the definitive scapegoat. It forces us to separate, walk new paths, meet new people and forget where we come from and who we let down. Sometimes I stumble upon the thought that I might not be strong enough to live because time will rule my entire life and this is just the beginning of all the people who'll forget me. I rarely forget, I go through our memories, relive them once again, look at pictures from where you are now and cry. Devastated, and even if you say that'll you'll always be there for me it's a lie, which makes me think. Maybe it's wrong to trust anyone, anyone at all a full 100%, trust and love, a soulmate, someone to mirror yourself in, some who understands EVERY LITTLE signal you send out. If only they had died, but they haven't and you can never relive a memory. Things like school assignments, money and dust, it all seems so useless and out of importance. How can one enjoy the moment that way? My heart longs after someone to comforted by, but a little place inside of me only knows so well that it'll become a memory, a memory I'll later cry over and which can only be replaced by a new and even more hollow memory until I die.

So when I had finally accepted the fact that she wouldn't come I got a text, today at about 3.30pm asking me whether I had plans. I said no, called a billion times and haven't heard a thing from her. She's like a kidnapper your negotiating with, you only have contact when she wants it and to be frank I find i kind of funny :) it's one of her things, it has it's own charm. At some point there's still a little light lit inside of me, she can still come. She's one of those 'it's never too late' types which I love. But the pain it's just.. It's like someone's piercing my chest, slowly and with a lot of pressure.

- Elk

Friday, 1 April 2011


The shortening 'WoW' to most of you that probably means World of Warcraft but yesterday that term made a whole new meaning to me. 'Wave of Weed', some time ago two people got kicked out because of weed and a warning was sent out - ZERO TOLERANCE CONCERNING WEED -. The day before yesterday three people got kicked out and yesterday four more got kicked out because of weed. Specifically three from my class and one fro the house I live in. And today furthermore three will be tested and quite possibly be tested positive. The thing is that they can see it in your system for three months and what worries me is that two months ago my old roommate Charlotte and her friend decided to get stoned and now I'm worried she'll get the kick as well. She's already in great danger of getting kicked out.

I'm in chok, I don't know whether to be happy because some people I dislike have gotten kicked out or to be sad because it IS sad. I just think it's a tragic reason, one stupid joint and this entire school year for them has been a waste. They can't take any exams and all the time they've spend in school they have to go through again on another school.

Today when I was walking to lunch I saw one of the guys who got kicked out with his dad at the car oacking his things into it. He looked sad and people were flokking around him. It's sad, it's just sad. I've heard that they've busted another one today after the testing. People were talking, low voiced, melancholic, hugging him goodbye. It's tragic. And now they've also started testing the day-students as well. It's so depressing really! Everyody's talking about it, some are sad and some are angry, angry at the people who smoked it. At the boardingschool we're going to have a meeting about the rules at the school, what we may and may not do. It's funny how it effects everyone at the school, even the ones who hasn't got anything to do with it or who aren't even friends with any of the ones who smoked it.

What's worst is that no one except the students here has said anything. There has been no official statement from the teachers or the principal of the school.Not even a bullentin on the school's website or a letter tor the parents asking them to talk to their chrildren. We only know what we hear from others and it's not fair! It's us who it's concerning.

Later on the evening two teahcers did actually did come around and explain situation to us, so that was nice. Anyway, it's weekend, the sun is shining, I don't really know what to do xD I have a book review to write, some assigments I figured I might just do this weekend and not later, watch Bones, play the sims and read. Sound like a very likeable chill weekend :) and by the way, I just want to say that I'm not skipping or missing any days in the blog challenge, I just decided to spread it out a little.

- Elk