Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Makeup: Wet n wild, sheer pride

Hey guys, make up make up make up.This is what I wore today.

I used my Pride palette from wet n wild.
Used the sheer/shiny shadows instead of the mattes.
I also used my lovely midnight blue eyeliner, I really like it, it's kind of the daytime look in the palette.

 xoxo Elk

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Makeup: Peacocky, grey and Effie Trinket inspired masquerade

Hi guys, so a little while ago me and my friends went to the masquerade and I did my plus two of my friend's make up. The grey mask is what I made on my friend, but I don't want to post pictures of her on my blog without asking.

This is my friend's make-up, she wore a cute black dress and went for a classic mask. This was done off a picture she found on google but unfortunately I don't have the source.

Originally this was also with rhinestones but I didn't have any face glue and my friend didn't want to use nail polish as glue ;)

So this is me, with the wig and the hat. Looks kind of awkward to be honest ;)

But I really did like the look, crazy with pink all over the eyes going out onto the cheeks, super pink lips only right on the center to kind of create a heart shape. As you can see I also filled my eyebrows in with black eyeshadow, to go with the whole... Extravagant all-over-the-place look.
I was incredibly inspired by Effie Trinket and the Capitol from the Hunger Games movie, I wore a big red skirt which looked awesome. I DO have a picture, but I look really fat, which I am so that's probably why  :D

So this is my friend and old roomie, Oz the OZsum ;) haha.. Funny funny, anyway, it's hard to see but a peacocky look. Surprisingly easy actually, just a little colour and liner madness! This was also done of a picture in vintageortacky's (on YouTube) tutorial, if you wanna see that.

Hope you liked it and were inspired. I think everybody who loves make up should go out on a limb a little and try something crazier than just everyday and party make up, it's fun an challenging. I think that maybe in the future I wall do more masquerade make up looks just because I noticed that the amount of tutorials and pictures is a bit limited. (You know, in MY opinion d: )

 xoxo Elk