Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nails: Tree of Love

Hey-O folks! As you might or might not know I usually re-create other's nail designs either from a picture of a video. Well this time it was from a video, I was inspired bu Meliney's (YouTube) Tree of Love tutorial.
I got a little more colour in theere by making the tree green and the background a glitter-colour.
Hope you like this, I sure thought it was very cute.

Have a great day - Elk.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

E.L.F. trying to save money on glue?!

Hey guys. Today I have a mini-complaint/review-ish thing... (Well that's interesting...)
A while ago I bought some make-up from E.L.F. and this is what happened with my Undereye concealer and Highlighter and my Powder Brush only a few times after having used them..

Oh yes.. When I see this picture I have 9gag thoughts, "some people just want to see the world burn" and "you had ONE job" - to friggin' glue these objects together, PROPERLY.
Really it's no big deal at all, I just glued it back up myself and it only took a minute, but I think it's really annoying that I buy a product and they don't even bother to glue it together properly... I really hope that using less glue is E.L.F. strategy to avoid the economical crisis 'cause I really don't think that's gonna work too well..

Oh yeah, and guess what just happened today as well. My big NEW only worn TWICE chandelier earrings from H&M BROKE! I swear I will sue them someday for make such sh*itty breaking jewelry - I'm so pissed!

Have a great day you good-looking person behind that screen!
 - Elk

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Nails: Back to school nails 2012

Hey guys, you excited for school? I sure am, and I'm so lucky I already started school last Monday. So here are my school nails for 2012, a little simple maybe but it's really not easy to think of a design for school nails no one has done before.

So here's my best best bid. The idea is that your nails are the blackboard and then someone drew a doodle, someone's doing maths, and apple for the teacher and on my left ring finger I figured that someone had art-class ;)

Anyways, I moved in last Sunday, and I'll make a room-tour post when my room is broken in properly, if you've ever moved you know that the way you decorate right when you arrive often changes into something more natural to you. But what I can show you is my new view, the other years my view was starring right into a yellow brick wall, OK for me but a bit sad.

I fell pretty lucky when you take into account that people pay a great deal of extra money for a view to a lake, the sea etc. Imagine how beautiful this will be year around, green in the summertime (now), orange and golden i autumn, pearly white in winter and blossoming in spring.

What are you doing this year, school, work or something else?

 - Elk

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Makeup: Delicate Metallic

Hey guys, today I have a make-up look for you modeled by my wonderful friend, old and future roomie Oz.
(Again) this was inspired by a picture I found online googling for spring make-up trends.

I love how the gold and pink warm up the grey which usually is a colour I don't like working with.
Very wearable, delicate, cute and metallic. If you want it more wearable, consider getting rid of the dots 'neath the eyes - I just really liked them!

Have a wonderful day - Elk.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Nails: Nail-polishes I love for the summer!

Hey you sexy beast!
Lately I've preferred to keep my nail one colour all over my nail, and these are my favorites.

My top favorite ones have been these lovely coral polishes from ELF, I've had all nails except for the ringfinger one of the colours and then the second polish as an accent. I also added in my all-time favorite pink.
(Left to right) Fire Coral and Mango Madness from ELF, Dutch Tulips from OPI.
When I haven't been wearing these adorable reds I've turned to fresh bright colours like these, or toned down completely with a nice sandy/nude colour that reminds me of the sand on a beach.

(Left to right) No name from La Femme, No name from Divina, Sun from Oriflame and DJ Diva from Oriflame.
Whenever I wear that lush apple green I never fail to get compliments on my nails. It's simply a colour that makes everyone cheerie. Also this yellow colour is my idea of the perfect yellow. It has tiny white glitter in it which just gives it a wonderful shine.

What are your favorite summer polishes?

 - Elk