Tuesday, 21 August 2012

E.L.F. trying to save money on glue?!

Hey guys. Today I have a mini-complaint/review-ish thing... (Well that's interesting...)
A while ago I bought some make-up from E.L.F. and this is what happened with my Undereye concealer and Highlighter and my Powder Brush only a few times after having used them..

Oh yes.. When I see this picture I have 9gag thoughts, "some people just want to see the world burn" and "you had ONE job" - to friggin' glue these objects together, PROPERLY.
Really it's no big deal at all, I just glued it back up myself and it only took a minute, but I think it's really annoying that I buy a product and they don't even bother to glue it together properly... I really hope that using less glue is E.L.F. strategy to avoid the economical crisis 'cause I really don't think that's gonna work too well..

Oh yeah, and guess what just happened today as well. My big NEW only worn TWICE chandelier earrings from H&M BROKE! I swear I will sue them someday for make such sh*itty breaking jewelry - I'm so pissed!

Have a great day you good-looking person behind that screen!
 - Elk

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