Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Don't pose on the pictures!

Hiaa. So what is it with guys posing on pictures? I mean, it's OK with girls, because we usually do that because we're all opssesed about our looks, but guys? Because they always try to act all cool and tough when they pose and they always just end up looking like idiots!

se this guy? He's all like, "hey dude, I just ruined my fucking car and now I'm making a weird face". Geez, who even takes pictures of that? Except the forensics.

And then there's this guy, he's sooo cool. *noot* holding his hand on his chest, wtf is up with that??

Now, there's this last picture I really want to show you! But, it's just that is my boyfriend so I reaaaaally don't think I can do that. But, it's really ridicoulus. God.. Seriously, I'm ashamed sometimes. *siigh* anyways, have got to go do.. Nothing... At all, actually. So, BYYE! Notice!: 1st of december tomorrow, I am so excited to present my christmas surprise to my roomie, I hope she'll be happy!

xoxo Elk

Monday, 29 November 2010

WTF is your problem man?

(Notice: WTF means what the fuck)
So. It's winter and snow and froooooost outside right now, which means icy roads and paths. It's boots time! But I only have high heeled slippery boots because my Doc Marten are at home and also I have a phobia of falling. When that all adds up, it basically means that when it snow and I wear my boots, I walk extremely slowly, hald sliding to my destination. So today when we walked to dinner my friend (who by the way is always busy, stressed and rushed) told me to hurry up. I had already nearly fallen several times and replied "would you mind stop hurrying me up?" in a firm voice. She completely shut up like a little clam and looked bitterly at me, then I thought "wtf is your problem man?". I am shit scared of falling, you're hurrying me up like a little stupid child! I could see that she was mad - obviously - so I tried to explain to her why I had said that, she didn't react. At all... Well no, she replied with walking 3 meters ahead of me and my other friend Daniella all the way (same all the way home) plus not having spoken one single word to me, and it happened 45 minuets ago. *siigh* jesus.

I don't want to knock on her door and be all like "oh yeah, shit sorry man I didn't mean to upset you" because she genuinely upset me! She's always so busy and stressed and has a billion things she has to do and thats FINE, it's her thing. But she sure as hell shan't come here and tell me wtf I have to do and hurry on me, hell no, I think stressing things up for yourself like that is ridiculous but I don't complain because it's her thing. Guess I'm just a stubborn shit like that (;

Anyway here's a snowy picture. Everything is blue because of all the white snow. (It's ironic that, that sentence actually made sense :b)

xoxo Elk

Friday, 26 November 2010

Fuck that, I'll get me my own presents!

Hiaa. So I received my new sims games today in the mail (I was sooo thrilled!) anyway. I had originally planned on wishing them for christmas, but then I got my pay. When I get my paycheck it means either "don't spend any money at all" or "spend it all at ones". (I'm not very good with the money thing), so I chose to spend them all on new games. My point was, that I chose to spend my money on buying those games so close to christmas when I could have just wished them as a present. I just find it really hard, all that present stuff! Last year at christmas, I literally used over HALF of my present-buying-budget on buying gifts... For... My... Self...

Seriously! It's so hard to figure out what people want for christmas or birthdays and it's so easy to know what yourself want! So why do we even have the whole-give-presents-to-other-people-when-you-have-no-freakin'-idea-of-what-they-want tradition? I'm always nervous that I'll get the wrong thing, so I just get alot small crap and hope that they like at least one of them.

Giving money "It's so non-personal" my ass. Isn't it better to get some money so you can buy the things you REALLY want instead of some junk you don't want? Oh well. That was really hypocritical of me to say because I don't give money. I just give junk.. Like everyone else, so I guess it's OK? It's really sad because there are that ONE TIME in a decade where you get a really awesome present idea and the receiver just loves it! But as I said, that happens in something that looks like once a decade.

- xoxo Elk

Monday, 22 November 2010

Real friend

Do you know, when you meet someone new and you become friends. You feel like you've known them forever, and you can't imagine your life without them. I KNOW that I've felt that alot of times, but this year that feeling makes an entirely new sense to me.

When I was younger, only a year ago I was sad. Sad, because I only had friends older than me or younger. I know that it isn't a bad thing, but I always just wished for a friend who'd be my age, who'd want the same things as I, and who'd be my best friend.

I think that it's about 4 months since school started after the summer holiday, and this year I've made a new friend. Even though she's a couple of years older than me, she's in my class. I sit next to her, and she is the greatest friend ever! I really do feel so lucky! She's kind, generous, creative just.. Awesome! And when I act all antension-craving and ms. fun girl all day, she doesn't get tired with me. It's really like God sent me this true friend. So thanks! I'm really grateful for my friend!

By the way, what are you giving you're parents for christmas? I'm soooooo blank!!
xoxo Elk

Sunday, 14 November 2010

I was youg

Hiaa. So I've been watching this drama show that's running on danish TV currently, and it's about politics. (uuh)
Anyway, this politician said that she was going to kidnap some other politicians children on a recording and then this recording turns up and one of her defending arguments is that "she was young". That make me think! Because I've noticed that actually alot of public people (especially politicians) use that argument. "I was young" BAM, forgiven! What the freak is up with that? I'm just asking! Because if you think about it, you can keep using that excuse throughout life! When you 15 you can say "hey yeah, you know that thing I did to you 2 years ago? I was young". When you 45, you can say that you were young and dumb, and when you're 80 you can say, "oooh yes I was so young and naive" etc.

And frankly, I don't want to use that excuse for everything I did and ment when I was young. You know? It's like saying "heey yeah, all that stupid shit I did the past years - I was yooooung and tomorrow I can use that same excuse for what I just said now, HA!". It's like saying that when you were young you didn't think ANYTHING or mean ANYTHING, but of course you were, that's probably the reason why you did it!

Hmm, just stray thoughts. See ya! xoxo Elk