Monday, 29 November 2010

WTF is your problem man?

(Notice: WTF means what the fuck)
So. It's winter and snow and froooooost outside right now, which means icy roads and paths. It's boots time! But I only have high heeled slippery boots because my Doc Marten are at home and also I have a phobia of falling. When that all adds up, it basically means that when it snow and I wear my boots, I walk extremely slowly, hald sliding to my destination. So today when we walked to dinner my friend (who by the way is always busy, stressed and rushed) told me to hurry up. I had already nearly fallen several times and replied "would you mind stop hurrying me up?" in a firm voice. She completely shut up like a little clam and looked bitterly at me, then I thought "wtf is your problem man?". I am shit scared of falling, you're hurrying me up like a little stupid child! I could see that she was mad - obviously - so I tried to explain to her why I had said that, she didn't react. At all... Well no, she replied with walking 3 meters ahead of me and my other friend Daniella all the way (same all the way home) plus not having spoken one single word to me, and it happened 45 minuets ago. *siigh* jesus.

I don't want to knock on her door and be all like "oh yeah, shit sorry man I didn't mean to upset you" because she genuinely upset me! She's always so busy and stressed and has a billion things she has to do and thats FINE, it's her thing. But she sure as hell shan't come here and tell me wtf I have to do and hurry on me, hell no, I think stressing things up for yourself like that is ridiculous but I don't complain because it's her thing. Guess I'm just a stubborn shit like that (;

Anyway here's a snowy picture. Everything is blue because of all the white snow. (It's ironic that, that sentence actually made sense :b)

xoxo Elk

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