Sunday, 28 October 2012

Goodiebox: August 2012 - Hair

Hey wait, Goodiebox AUGUST!? Yes... Why?
1) Received this in the first days of September.
2) It has been standing out for ages, I don't know why I haven't gotten around to it earlier? ;)

So the theme of the months was hair! Aligning up perfectly with my Project Hair ;)

 Silica, for hair, skin and nails. The first couple of days I took this supplement I felt a huge difference in how much my hair was shedding, but after a while I feel like the effect kind of took off. I don't know if it did or if I was deceiving myself?

50 ml of Absolute Beautifying Potion Oil from Davines, and may I say that this is a completely divine oil! It makes you hair so smooth and delicious! To the the right we have 100 ml Conditioning Whipped Creme called Milk Shake - I don't really get the name but the product is amazing! It smells like vanilla-sugar whipped creme goodness and kind of looks like canned whipped-creme, so cool!

Light'N shine lip glaze from GOSH in the colour 101. It's one of those super cool glosses with mirror and lights in it - coooool. I really like dark red lipglosses so I was very happy to receive this! This is a full-size product.

Some smaller samples, John Frieda frizz-ease Curl Around shampoo and conditioner sample, a frizz-ease hair serum, L´OrĂ©al Smooth Ultime Taming Creme and a small Cacharel Catch me if you can perfume sample.

I promise that I'll make a post RIGHT AWAY when I receive my next Goodiebox, however I don't know when that will be because the danish Goodiebox service isn't working well - at all.
BY THE WAY! I have a gigantic announcement! Yesterday at 15.47pm I was blessed to get my first little (and likely to be my only) niece! I'm going to see her in 3 hours for the first time with my daddy whose now a grand-daddy! Her name is Mille (English equivalent is Milly) and she's a quarter Greenlandic since my brother is half and her mother is all Danish. Very very exciting! I'll also be posting a little haul of the gifts I'll be buying for Mille this upcoming week. Have a great day everyone, ciao!

 - Elk

Monday, 22 October 2012

Beauti-fall: Warm taupe

Hi guys! Are you ready for a beauti-fall makeup look? This is my idea of a nice and beautiful everyday cool fall, but still warm, look.

1. Prime your lids with a primer and/or apply a cream eyeshadow any neutral colour so the eyeshadows has something to stick to.
2. Apply a taupe/grey colour all over your lid except for the inner corner.
3. Apply a beige/skin colour shadown in the inner corner.
4. Bring a cranberry/dark red in your crease. If you're going out or just want more smokeyness, you can add a darker brown to the crease.
5. Sweet some of the taupe and beige beneath your lower lashline to tie the look together.
6. Mascara!
(7. Fill in your eyebrows and add highligter to your browbone and inner corner if you like.)

For the cheeks I used some toned down pink, nothing big or fancy. And for the lips I used a dusty rosa colour and added some gloss for the goodness of it.

I hope you like this look, I know I'll definitely be wearing this alot for the fall and winter.
P.S. do you like it better when I explain what I did instead of just showing a picture of my makeup?

 - Elk

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Halloween ideas 2012!

Hello people!
As you might or might not know, I live in Denmark and here we don't really celebrate Halloween. Over the course of the past couple of years Halloween has become a bigger and bigger event though under the influence of America. However, the simple thing that Halloween isn't celebrated in Denmark and I'm personally not going to any Halloween events, I thought I'd share some ideas for Halloween looks.

First up we have a pretty classic doll-eye. I do want so say that I don't think this went really well, but hey I tried and that's what counts. Plus, my eyebrows are so friggin' big and bushy I couldn't cover them and I've never worked with latex before so covering them with that didn't work at all! ;)

BUT THIS LOOK! Omg, ME GUSTA! As soon as I had completed this look I simply couldn't stop staring at myself, wishing I was going to a Halloween party just so I'd be able to wear this! (I think this is also kind of a doll look. If I were to wear this I'd pair it with a babydoll dress.)
Note: Both of these look are done off of a picture/inspired of.

Also, this actually wasn't even done for you or for Halloween, I made these looks because I'm going to be doing the makeup for a foto-shoot my friend has arranged and will shoot. I'll be making look number 2 on the model - terribly excited to go on a shoot and do makeup even though it's just a hobby shoot.
What are you going to be wearing for Halloween?

 - Elk

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Project Hair: Pre- and post haircut!

HELLO! Are you excited, I sure as bottoms am! Ready for some sexeeeeeeh before and after shots? Here we go.

 (What is my eye doing!?)

Overall, I got some layers going on and just... Stuff to make it look more alive. Now it's easier to volumize it and all the split ends have been cut off. I also got high-lights - LOVE THEM! MAHA, but next time I'll ask for some more, or at least some more vibrant ones.
So, from now on it's my responsibility to not let my hair turn into a haystack again! Follow my hair project on this blog ;)

By the way, I just want to say that it took THREE HOURS!!! and I'm still getting hair-dye out of my ears..
 - Elk

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Project Hair: Introduction

Hi guys. Tomorrow at 2:00PM "project hair" will kick off. What is project hair? Well basically it's a born-again project for my hair. As it is, my hair is dry, dull, weird-coloured and just... Blurh
So project hair is my little project to get some life to my locks! Over the past couple of months I've been gathering delicious hair products all to be used from TOMORROW where I'm getting a haircut to set the project off. I'll get it cut, dyed and highlighted. From then on it's my loving care that hopefully will bring a better time on for my hair.

Project hair will include pictures from before and after my haircut, hair-care hauls, hair care routines, hopefully pictures of some hairstyles etc.The project won't last for a certain period of time or posts, just until I feel like my hair-care has become a routine and not something I'm practicing anymore :)

Look forward to it if you like... Hair... Or... Something along those lines, I'm super excited that's for sure!
 - Elk

Monday, 1 October 2012

It's a deer!

A deer, for real! Like just outside of my window.. Me and nature, we're like toooottally connected!

Let's name this dee(a)r new friend.. Hehe, deer, dear, that's funny.. My humor is so black.. Hehe :3
HAPPY 1ST OF OCTOBER! And get ready for my Beauti-fall series here on my blog.

 - Elk