Thursday, 11 October 2012

Halloween ideas 2012!

Hello people!
As you might or might not know, I live in Denmark and here we don't really celebrate Halloween. Over the course of the past couple of years Halloween has become a bigger and bigger event though under the influence of America. However, the simple thing that Halloween isn't celebrated in Denmark and I'm personally not going to any Halloween events, I thought I'd share some ideas for Halloween looks.

First up we have a pretty classic doll-eye. I do want so say that I don't think this went really well, but hey I tried and that's what counts. Plus, my eyebrows are so friggin' big and bushy I couldn't cover them and I've never worked with latex before so covering them with that didn't work at all! ;)

BUT THIS LOOK! Omg, ME GUSTA! As soon as I had completed this look I simply couldn't stop staring at myself, wishing I was going to a Halloween party just so I'd be able to wear this! (I think this is also kind of a doll look. If I were to wear this I'd pair it with a babydoll dress.)
Note: Both of these look are done off of a picture/inspired of.

Also, this actually wasn't even done for you or for Halloween, I made these looks because I'm going to be doing the makeup for a foto-shoot my friend has arranged and will shoot. I'll be making look number 2 on the model - terribly excited to go on a shoot and do makeup even though it's just a hobby shoot.
What are you going to be wearing for Halloween?

 - Elk

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