Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Blog challenge day 15

Today's challenge:
Post the 15 first song that your music player plays when it's on shuffle.

So here we go :b
Song #1: A bitch I knew - Snoop D.O.G.G.
Song #2: Walk in the park - Hej Matematik! (danish band)
Song #3: Carry the weight - Xzibit
Song #4: Bringing back the balls to rock - Lordi
Song #5: On our way - Christina Aguilera

Song #6: The foundation - Xzibit
Song #7: 555 to the 666 - Slipknot
Song #8: Medicine ball - Eminem
Song #9: Nothing else matters - Metallica
Song #10: I won't cut my hair[live] - D-A-D

Song #11: Boulevard of broken dreams - Green day
Song #12: When ure heart turns cold - Outlawz
Song #13: Where in the world - Vera Lynn
Song #14: My boyfriend's back - The Raveonettes
Song #15: True stories - Data Rock

Okay so what you've probably guessed my music taste is very wide! And I don't even feel that this shows the big diversity of what I listen to :)
Anyway, not much else to say. I was at the doctors today, that was nice. Started watching Bones season 4 and I've just found out that ZACK HAS NEVER MURDERED ANYBODY AAARGH!!! I love Zack, and I hate that Hodgins and Angela has broken up :( luckily I've seen an episode on TV where they get married after breaking up so I knooow everything will turn out alright :D I like spoilers of that kind because when someone like them break up and I feel that they shouldn't that could ruin my whole good feeling of the show and I'll stop watching it..

My hands are so dry because of this soap I'm using.. UUuurh! And I really want to use it up because everything else is just a waste.. Maybe I'll conduct a soap-in-a-glass-of-water experiment, that can't possibly be a waste? :D Oh well, I've gotta finish my math assignment and study spanish, meaning I'll get depressed and watch Bones instead xD

- Elk

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Blog challenge day 14

Today's challenge is:
Post a picture of you and your family.
Ha ha ha, okay so that's non existing xD but here's some pictures of my old folks.

That's my dad

And that's mom and that was the only two pictures I could find of them om my computer xD is that tragic or hysterically funny I simply don't know ^^,

Rest of the blog I should fill out with posting random things so.. We had the greatest pizza for lunch today! Really really goooood! I'm considering to vegetarian but there's just one problem, I simply love meat too much! And fish.. Yummy :D and it's not that I don't want to eat meat, I just refuse to feast on that really poor quality meat coming from chickens who's never seen daylight and spend their entire life in a cage being pumped with water after their death :(

Anyway, I got my science assignment written after a little help from a friend and I ended up understanding everything! Now I only have a maths assignment to turn in and I've already worked on it so I'm not too worried. (Except that it had to be turned in today at 11am :S!!)
At the moment I'm just trying to get these ridiculous IT systems to work so I can get my moneeeeeey of my 'holiday savings account', baah that's crap. Give me my moooney! If I'm really unfortunate I have to wait until May, MAY! Which is really annoying since I owe several of my friends money and I want to pay them back fast because that can really corrupt a friendship! God I swear, from now on I'll never lent money again. There was a time where I didn't loan any money, those were much better days. It's like now whenever I get money I have to let go of them just as quickly and loan, AGAIN.. I don't belive I have anything more interesting to say, so, bye.

- Elk

Monday, 28 March 2011

Blog challenge day 12 and 13 inclusive online lifes

Hia, I forgot to post the challenge for yesterday so today you get a double!! *yaaaaaay*
Yesterday's challenge was:
Post how you found blogspot and why you blog.
Okay so I pressume that most people know of the website blogspot. It's basically the first tging appearing on google when you search 'blog'. And I blog because I have a lot of crap to tell, why I post it online I'm not sure, I guess it's the '15 minuets of fame' thing. But to be honest I feel like this blog is more for me to look back at etc.

Today's challenge is:
Post your celebrity crush.
Uhmm.. Gosh I'm not sureb, Johnny Depp I think, 2Pac, a danish rapper called L.O.C but those weren't crushes. I think Johnny Depp is hot but I didn't fall in love with him and 2Pac and L.O.C I just admire for their spirit, talent, virtues, lifes. I've never fallen in love with a celebrity not like I wanted to marry him and such, never, not as far as I recall anyway.

I came to think about our secret lives online when a friend yesterday showed me his account on an online roleplaying website. Because we have other lives online, secret or not. There are of course our Facebook accounts where most of us are ourselves. At first I didn't like Facebook because of the fack that I'd had to use my own name, the account was not for 'Elk' but for 'Elisabeth' I found that hard to come to terms with.

Don't you know that feeling of having or creating an account on a website and not wanting people to know? For instance no one knows about my blog except two people that I myself have send the link to, but I don't want anyone else to know. Why is that I wonder? Online communities are a great way to have a alter-ego or another life online. A matter of fact there is a website which is a online chat-room roleplaying game called "second life", second life because that is exactly what it is! Online we can be whoever we want to be and even though we donøt pretend to someone else, we're still a person we might not have a chance to be everyday and we're a part of us that we don't want to show people in our everyday life.

- Elk

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Blog challenge day 11

Today's challenge:
Post a video on youtube you particularly like.

Uhmm... To be honest I don't know, because there are so many different genres on YT. Game reviews, funny randomness, viral videos, vlogs, gurus talking, music and so on. I simply just odon't know.

It's already 1pm :'( I have to wrie my science report today, i's due to monday. I really hate science! I don't get it and whenever I really try I just wind up in some black science hole where nothing makes sense anymore and I regret spending so much time on it and giving so much effort. Since I changed class and got a new teacher in science I went from having the grade C to E. C TO E!!!?! I have no idea why, oh yeah - I don't give a shit. I am so relived that we only have to more science assigments to turn in, this one and the next. AND THEN I'LL NEVER HAVE TO DO A SCIENCE ASSINGMENT AGAIN - IN MY LIFE!! I am soooooooo relived! I feel like I can see the light and I can see the REAL LIFE behind all this school crap. Sooo tiiiired oooof iiit!

Anyway, I've just finished reading three books and at the moment I'm just a reading machine! Which of course reminds me that I've stopped writing myself, on my own stories.. Baaad me. I'll have to start again. I also have to buy clothes, my clothes is more holes than it's fabric. Shit fuck crap.. I have so many things to do and yet I spend all day doing nothing :D oh well, gotta go do soemthing.. Which means talking to my mother ad just enjoying her company xD byyye

- Elk

Friday, 25 March 2011

Blog challenge day 10 and predujice on boarding schools

Today's challenge:
Post a food you could live of.

I want to start off with saying that I love all food! I particularly like spinach, chicken, fish, all kinds of seafood, delcious bread, just all amazing cuisine! I simply resist to just answer "lasagne" or "pizza".
I think my answer will be sushi and/or greasy chinese food. I love the way sushi is a delicious mix of rice, sea weed, raw fish and a little bit of ginger. I LOVE IT! And it's so healthy! I also just really REALLY love greasy chinese food. I don't know why it's just always been a weakness of mine.

^A picture of my school. This is the ACTUAL school building and NOT where we sleep, hang out etc. but we do eat there and have class.^

I also wanna talk about a very interesting topic today - BOARDING SCHOOLS!
I realize that some people might have some prejudices about them and I'm going to answer on some of them. Now first of I want to say I live in Denmark and I can only answer from my OWN experiences and it variates a lot.

Prejudice 1:
Children only gets send to boarding schools if they're problematic or there are other problems at home.

Yes and no. There are a lot of people here who has problems at home, some more serious than others. But most of people are just here because they're parents travel often or etc. Some people are also just here for no specific reason other than, they just are. This rises an interesting question, why am I here? Well I'm one of those who are just here, for no specific reason :)

Prejudice 2:
Parents who sent their children to a boarding school are cruel!
Yes and no. Hey! déja vú! Anyway, HERE I haven't stumbled upon someone who's here of force from their parents. But as I have mentioned a lot of the parents to boarders travel a lot so some of them do it because they simply aren't able to give their child a stable home which they can get at a boarding school. And for some families when the hormones rushes through the teenager it's just too problematic to live at home with the old folks so they move to a boarding school.

Prejudice 3:
All boarding school students are really rich and have a silver spoon up they're ass.
No. Some are rich and act like total snobs! But boarders are all regular people like everyone else, I'm a very good example of one who's not a snob and not rich ^^,
Actually I find that a lot of my friends have low incomes and money problems.

Prejudice 4:
All boarding schools are way strict (discipline), they're all dormitories and crazy hierarchies.
It applies to all institutions (especially institutions for teenagers) that there needs to be rules! We have rules here but they're not very strict. WE have bedtime at 22.45 (which is later than a lot of other schools I've heard about), alone studytime in the room two hours a day (where we don't HAVE to study). But the whole idea of mini nazis running around acting like programmed computers is a joke! We're not crazy rebels either, but something healthy in the middle :)
At this school we have single rooms but on some boarding schools they have dormitories still. But at those school there are polls and the students get asked about how they want it. Yes we have a hierarchy but don't all schools? Here it's the seniors, you have to have some respect for them but they don't run around and boss, not at all! Here there rules a common respect for equalness, it's the 21st century for christ sakes!

Prejudice 5:
The food on boarding schools is awful!
There's a budget for the food just as there is in every home. Yes sometimes the food can be.. YUCK! But imagine how hard it must be to get everything to taste like heaven when you need to cook for 210 people! Generally though the food is good. We have a salad bar, fish twice a week, cake on Thursdays and at big events the food is really good!

Prejudice 6:
At boarding schools no one listens to the students and they haven't evolved in forever.
Lies! Just.. Lies lies lies!

Prejudice 7:
At all boarding schools you need to wear a uniform.
It depends on the school and what they're rules are. Here we don't. There IS a uniform but it's not an obligation to wear it.

Hope I killed some prejudices today. Comment below if there's one I didn't kill ;)

- Elk

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Blog challenge day 9

Today's challenge:
Post something you did last month that you're proud of.

Okay well.. Uhmm, I never really accomplish something ABSOLUTELY AMAZING so I get proud of doing small things like. Enjoying the sun with friends, vaccumeing, doing all my laundry, finishing a book, loosing weight, biking around the lake. Those are all things I did this month, and right now I'm also very proud of having done my math assignment but it's crap because.. It's just crap and I'll have to ask him how the f*ck he wants it! (my teacher) I'M SO UNSATISFIED!!

Now, pictures!

I didn't really know what to post pictures of so.. I just posted the WRONG graph I did ... Now I'm depressed. I have lots of pictures but I'm just not sure what's relevant. So here's a cow I once drew.. Yaaay xD

Yesterday when me, Lenny, Svend, Nicklas and I hung out I coudln't stop looking at him. I just couldn't keep my eyes of him! I don't know if it's because I just "need a man" I mean it could be. At the moment I'm very cuddly and huggie with my friend Mark basically just because he puts up with it and thinks it is nice. But this Nicklas thing confuses me soooo much!! AAAARARHAGRHARGHRGH.. He's cute, let's just leave it with that.

I regret spending so much time on my math assignment when it's all just fucked up and I have to do science instead. Today.. Now.. Ugh. I hate it. Sometimes I think about why I even bother with school. It's basically just getting forced to do a lot of stuff you're don't really feel like. Basically.

- Elk

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Blog challenge day 8

Today's challenge is:
Post one of your goals or 'to do's' in this month and why

Uhmm. Goals..
Well the month is almost over xD but some of my goals are just to do my assigments in time so I won't get stressed or frustrated. Yeah I don't really have that many goals, except just reading regularly, enjoy the sun, exercise a little. Not really interesting xD but yeah. Exercise, I really love biking so I'll make a great effort this year for biking mooore beacause I loooove it!!


Spring is coming, the sun is out and everybody is enjoying it! I am SUCH a sucker for taking pictures of beautiful spring flowers. Haven't been out doing it this year so these are some old pictures.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Blog challenge day 7

Today's challenge is:
Post a picture of your and your closest friend

I have a number of really great and close friends soooo.. Here comes some, but I really don't have pictures of everyone and I feel like I should mention everyone :s

This is me and Astrid. Astrid is like a little sister to me! She's so adorable and amazing to talk with, we completely click!

This is me and my friend Benedickte. We go back a looong looong time, from best friends forever to nemesises and now back to friends :D it's a long story but I'm so glad we're friends!!

(Yet another and newer) picture of me and my roomie. Oh my gosh I can't belive we only have a couple of months back living together :(

Other people who I feel ike I should mention, Marie, Anna, Kathrine, Louise, Cindie, Nicklas AND THE LIST GOES ON! Last but not least...

Thea.. Oh my gosh.. Our friendship is so deep and so.. COMPLICATED! This is the only picture of us together (as far as I know) and probably also the most horrible picture EVER taken xD
Anyway. We've been through SOOO SOOO much! Growing up, fighting for freedom, promoting a cause, rebelling from the authorities (seriously we're the most awesome rebels ever! xD), cutting, promoting a cause in this world and so so so much mooooore! We're blood sisters. Oh God, this friendship can't be described.

That's it for today! Byeee
- Elk

Monday, 21 March 2011

Blog challenge day 6

Today's challenge is:
Post a picture of yourself from 2007.

Oh my gooosh. I can't belive it, that cute little blue eyed blond girl is meee! I absolutely ADORE these pictures of myself and I wonder, how can I, I!?!? Be so pretty without having my eyebrows plucked or any make up on? When I see these pictures I truly understand what people mean when they talk about Scandinavian girls! I hope I'll have pretty children :D and I'm going to grow out my hair again, and I think I'll get it blonde again, not dye it but just let it grow out. (I'm also tired of having to dye it red all the time)

I'm waiting for my roommate, belive it or not I want to go run xD I really wanna get healthier which also is pretty important considering I want to donate both my blood and organs. We played volleyball in PE today, it was actually really fun!

- Elk

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Blog challenge day 5 and complaints

Hia so first I'll start out with the challenge for today which is:
Post a website you use regularly.

So, I know I blog in english but the choices of websites was between facebook, youtube and this. I chose the danish website which is a book-site. It's the site I'm connected to, reviewing books so. I like it :D

And now for sonething all different. Complaints!

Sometimes it beats me how pessimistic people are. They're acting like it's the end of their lifes and they've experienced nothing but sorrow. Rejecting to relive happy memories or always having the most critical view of the world. It's obvious why we continue to swellin unhappiness if we deny ourselves joy. I've decided to shut my ears and keep my happy thoughts to myself. I though that inner beauty blossomed from having a happy spirit, but trying to develop into a happy spirit I've found myself being shot down even more than when I was sad and shot myself down. I ask myself if these people are just specific unfortunate cases who just happens to be my friends or if everyone I know are just deep black holes. By denying to discuss with them in their sad, depressed discussions they see me as pessimistic and I don't bother to argue with them. I guess it's one of those save yourself situations. If I can keep my bright and optimistic mind, to hell with them. I don't deny that there's a darker side to life, and for most people that's what affects thme more than brightness, but I always choose to see the brigther side and not go down. 'Cause when your down it's so hard to get up and if ypu then go further down…
Sometimes I just can't stand being in a pessimistic enviroment like that. But they're getting to me, and being the only clinging on to happieness alone is just as depressing as being down in that hole. Nothing's wrong with being naive as long as it's somethign you s´choose and still see that there's a dark side.

Today's statement: People are way too pessimistic, and yes I know that's stereotyping.

- Elk

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Blog challenge day 3 and 4

Hia guys, so today I'll be posting both yesterdays and todays challenge because I was disabled to post yesterday.
Day 3's challenge is:
Post what you did today.
Okay so I started the day out by putting on some niiice make up and then I had two times math class and two times english class. Then I went to the station to pick up Pred, we went back to the room and ended up kissing. The cuddleing and yeah.. Then we went out for dinner, went for a walk in the park and had sex. Then Nicklas came and told me and my roomie that he won't continue at the school next year because of some mess and then I cried. And cried, I was so sad and I still am! Then I went to bed.

All in all yesterday was a pretty confusing day having sex with my ex :S I realized there though that the "loooove" is gone. Not existing and what we did was just casual sex so I decided not to keep it a secret anymore. But I am so SO sad about Nicklas having to leave! :'(
He says he'll come visit but you know it's just not the same. I'll miss him beating me and calling me a skank, his crocked teeth and silly smile, his black hair and freckles, him just randomly popping in to talk or play sims.. I'll really really miss him, he's just one of those very special friends :(

Day 4's challenge is:
Post a picture you've taken.

Okay so I decided to post a couple. This is the front stair of the school (we actually enter at the back for everyday use). When it's sunny and nice Lenny (my old roomie who's REAL name is Charlotte) like to sit on those stairs, drink coffee and smoke some cigarettes :)

At front my roomie Oz and at the back me. I chose this 'cause it's edited and we look hot xD

THERE ARE SO MANY PICTURES I WANT TO SHOW YOU! I think that from now on I'll post like a picture a day or something to kinda just.. Show them to you xD

SO! See ya tomorrow.
- Elk

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blog challenge day 2

Today's challenge:
Post the reason why you named your blog what you named it.

Okay so blog URL is, and it's xx because either Elk was simply taken or it wasn't enough letters. And Elk is my alias. People often ask me WHY it's that and I simply don't know. I think it sounds cool and I made it up when I was a child and no one ever gave me another alias so I just branded myself as Elk ^^,

The name of blog Word! Blog by Elk is because I don't really know what to call it xD I just have a lot of random crap to let out to the world so it's just woooooords and well, it's by me, Elk :b

I'm sitting next to a cake and I can't eat until it's turnes 20.00pm xS it doesn't look too delicious but I want it so baaad! I'm looking so much forward to TOMORROW! I might as well just say it, Pred's coming. And staying the night :D
We're going to go out for dinner, I'll show him around and we'll get a drink during the evening. It's going to be so much FUUUUN! But no one can know because saying "yeeah and so I hung out with my ex boyfriend" just sounds wroooong. And I don't want people to think anything because I still don't know what's going to happen or what I feel yet.

I bought some awesome shoes today in the second hadn store when I was looking for shirts.

I like them so much they're really cute and classy and I'm going to wear them tomorrow. Anyway, I've got to run!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Blog challenge

Hiaa! I know that noooothing has happened here on the blog lately. (I can't decide whether that's a good or bad thing? :P) anyway so I saw this blog challenge that I'm going to dooo so. I should have at least one tiny post up every day now for a month :)

The challenge is:
Day 1: Post a recent picture of yourself and 5 random facts.
Day 2: Post the reason why you named your blog what you named it.
Day 3: Post what you did today.
Day 4: Post a picture you've taken.
Day 5: Post a website you use regularly.
Day 6: Post a picture of yourself in 2007.
Day 7: Post a picture of your and your closest friend.
Day 8: Post one of your goals or 'to do's' in this month and why.
Day 9: Post something you did last month that you're proud of.
Day 10: Post a food you could live of.
Day 11: Post a video on youtube you particularly like.
Day 12: Post how you found blogspot and why you blog.
Day 13: Post your celebrity crush.
Day 14: Post a picture of you and your family.
Day 15: Post the 15 first song that your music player plays when it's on shuffle.
Day 16: Post a picture of yourself from today.
Day 17: Post something homemade.
Day 18: Post the last movie you saw.
Day 19: Post your alias and why you have it.
Day 20: Post a picture that makes you smile.
Day 21: Post a screenshot of the screensaver on your pc.
Day 22: Post your favorite album.
Day 23: Post the last you ate and drank.
Day 24: Post whatever you like.
Day 25: Post what's in your bag.
Day 26: Post your favorite band at the time.
Day 27: Post a collection you have.
Day 28: Post a picture of yourself from a year ago and one from now, how have you changed?
Day 29: Post outfit of the day.
Day 30: Post where are you in five years.

Feel free to join me, I think it's going to be really fun! And U'll do the first one righty nowyyy.
So todays challenge is:
Post a recent picture of yourself and 5 random facts.

Weird facts:
1; I have a manekki neko (click here if you don't know what it is ) and I think it works. It waves with it's left paw.
2; I have a picture of the vicarage next to my old school hanging on my clipboard because it reminds me of the good times back then.
3; I'm slightly neurotic about how I want my bed made.
4; I review books for a danish website.
5; I have one of those fabric festival bracelets on and it STINKS like a mother f***** but I still resist to take it off.

That was it for today, see ya TOMORROW ;D
- Elk