Friday, 25 March 2011

Blog challenge day 10 and predujice on boarding schools

Today's challenge:
Post a food you could live of.

I want to start off with saying that I love all food! I particularly like spinach, chicken, fish, all kinds of seafood, delcious bread, just all amazing cuisine! I simply resist to just answer "lasagne" or "pizza".
I think my answer will be sushi and/or greasy chinese food. I love the way sushi is a delicious mix of rice, sea weed, raw fish and a little bit of ginger. I LOVE IT! And it's so healthy! I also just really REALLY love greasy chinese food. I don't know why it's just always been a weakness of mine.

^A picture of my school. This is the ACTUAL school building and NOT where we sleep, hang out etc. but we do eat there and have class.^

I also wanna talk about a very interesting topic today - BOARDING SCHOOLS!
I realize that some people might have some prejudices about them and I'm going to answer on some of them. Now first of I want to say I live in Denmark and I can only answer from my OWN experiences and it variates a lot.

Prejudice 1:
Children only gets send to boarding schools if they're problematic or there are other problems at home.

Yes and no. There are a lot of people here who has problems at home, some more serious than others. But most of people are just here because they're parents travel often or etc. Some people are also just here for no specific reason other than, they just are. This rises an interesting question, why am I here? Well I'm one of those who are just here, for no specific reason :)

Prejudice 2:
Parents who sent their children to a boarding school are cruel!
Yes and no. Hey! déja vú! Anyway, HERE I haven't stumbled upon someone who's here of force from their parents. But as I have mentioned a lot of the parents to boarders travel a lot so some of them do it because they simply aren't able to give their child a stable home which they can get at a boarding school. And for some families when the hormones rushes through the teenager it's just too problematic to live at home with the old folks so they move to a boarding school.

Prejudice 3:
All boarding school students are really rich and have a silver spoon up they're ass.
No. Some are rich and act like total snobs! But boarders are all regular people like everyone else, I'm a very good example of one who's not a snob and not rich ^^,
Actually I find that a lot of my friends have low incomes and money problems.

Prejudice 4:
All boarding schools are way strict (discipline), they're all dormitories and crazy hierarchies.
It applies to all institutions (especially institutions for teenagers) that there needs to be rules! We have rules here but they're not very strict. WE have bedtime at 22.45 (which is later than a lot of other schools I've heard about), alone studytime in the room two hours a day (where we don't HAVE to study). But the whole idea of mini nazis running around acting like programmed computers is a joke! We're not crazy rebels either, but something healthy in the middle :)
At this school we have single rooms but on some boarding schools they have dormitories still. But at those school there are polls and the students get asked about how they want it. Yes we have a hierarchy but don't all schools? Here it's the seniors, you have to have some respect for them but they don't run around and boss, not at all! Here there rules a common respect for equalness, it's the 21st century for christ sakes!

Prejudice 5:
The food on boarding schools is awful!
There's a budget for the food just as there is in every home. Yes sometimes the food can be.. YUCK! But imagine how hard it must be to get everything to taste like heaven when you need to cook for 210 people! Generally though the food is good. We have a salad bar, fish twice a week, cake on Thursdays and at big events the food is really good!

Prejudice 6:
At boarding schools no one listens to the students and they haven't evolved in forever.
Lies! Just.. Lies lies lies!

Prejudice 7:
At all boarding schools you need to wear a uniform.
It depends on the school and what they're rules are. Here we don't. There IS a uniform but it's not an obligation to wear it.

Hope I killed some prejudices today. Comment below if there's one I didn't kill ;)

- Elk

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