Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Blog challenge day 15

Today's challenge:
Post the 15 first song that your music player plays when it's on shuffle.

So here we go :b
Song #1: A bitch I knew - Snoop D.O.G.G.
Song #2: Walk in the park - Hej Matematik! (danish band)
Song #3: Carry the weight - Xzibit
Song #4: Bringing back the balls to rock - Lordi
Song #5: On our way - Christina Aguilera

Song #6: The foundation - Xzibit
Song #7: 555 to the 666 - Slipknot
Song #8: Medicine ball - Eminem
Song #9: Nothing else matters - Metallica
Song #10: I won't cut my hair[live] - D-A-D

Song #11: Boulevard of broken dreams - Green day
Song #12: When ure heart turns cold - Outlawz
Song #13: Where in the world - Vera Lynn
Song #14: My boyfriend's back - The Raveonettes
Song #15: True stories - Data Rock

Okay so what you've probably guessed my music taste is very wide! And I don't even feel that this shows the big diversity of what I listen to :)
Anyway, not much else to say. I was at the doctors today, that was nice. Started watching Bones season 4 and I've just found out that ZACK HAS NEVER MURDERED ANYBODY AAARGH!!! I love Zack, and I hate that Hodgins and Angela has broken up :( luckily I've seen an episode on TV where they get married after breaking up so I knooow everything will turn out alright :D I like spoilers of that kind because when someone like them break up and I feel that they shouldn't that could ruin my whole good feeling of the show and I'll stop watching it..

My hands are so dry because of this soap I'm using.. UUuurh! And I really want to use it up because everything else is just a waste.. Maybe I'll conduct a soap-in-a-glass-of-water experiment, that can't possibly be a waste? :D Oh well, I've gotta finish my math assignment and study spanish, meaning I'll get depressed and watch Bones instead xD

- Elk

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