Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Blog challenge day 14

Today's challenge is:
Post a picture of you and your family.
Ha ha ha, okay so that's non existing xD but here's some pictures of my old folks.

That's my dad

And that's mom and that was the only two pictures I could find of them om my computer xD is that tragic or hysterically funny I simply don't know ^^,

Rest of the blog I should fill out with posting random things so.. We had the greatest pizza for lunch today! Really really goooood! I'm considering to vegetarian but there's just one problem, I simply love meat too much! And fish.. Yummy :D and it's not that I don't want to eat meat, I just refuse to feast on that really poor quality meat coming from chickens who's never seen daylight and spend their entire life in a cage being pumped with water after their death :(

Anyway, I got my science assignment written after a little help from a friend and I ended up understanding everything! Now I only have a maths assignment to turn in and I've already worked on it so I'm not too worried. (Except that it had to be turned in today at 11am :S!!)
At the moment I'm just trying to get these ridiculous IT systems to work so I can get my moneeeeeey of my 'holiday savings account', baah that's crap. Give me my moooney! If I'm really unfortunate I have to wait until May, MAY! Which is really annoying since I owe several of my friends money and I want to pay them back fast because that can really corrupt a friendship! God I swear, from now on I'll never lent money again. There was a time where I didn't loan any money, those were much better days. It's like now whenever I get money I have to let go of them just as quickly and loan, AGAIN.. I don't belive I have anything more interesting to say, so, bye.

- Elk

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