Monday, 28 March 2011

Blog challenge day 12 and 13 inclusive online lifes

Hia, I forgot to post the challenge for yesterday so today you get a double!! *yaaaaaay*
Yesterday's challenge was:
Post how you found blogspot and why you blog.
Okay so I pressume that most people know of the website blogspot. It's basically the first tging appearing on google when you search 'blog'. And I blog because I have a lot of crap to tell, why I post it online I'm not sure, I guess it's the '15 minuets of fame' thing. But to be honest I feel like this blog is more for me to look back at etc.

Today's challenge is:
Post your celebrity crush.
Uhmm.. Gosh I'm not sureb, Johnny Depp I think, 2Pac, a danish rapper called L.O.C but those weren't crushes. I think Johnny Depp is hot but I didn't fall in love with him and 2Pac and L.O.C I just admire for their spirit, talent, virtues, lifes. I've never fallen in love with a celebrity not like I wanted to marry him and such, never, not as far as I recall anyway.

I came to think about our secret lives online when a friend yesterday showed me his account on an online roleplaying website. Because we have other lives online, secret or not. There are of course our Facebook accounts where most of us are ourselves. At first I didn't like Facebook because of the fack that I'd had to use my own name, the account was not for 'Elk' but for 'Elisabeth' I found that hard to come to terms with.

Don't you know that feeling of having or creating an account on a website and not wanting people to know? For instance no one knows about my blog except two people that I myself have send the link to, but I don't want anyone else to know. Why is that I wonder? Online communities are a great way to have a alter-ego or another life online. A matter of fact there is a website which is a online chat-room roleplaying game called "second life", second life because that is exactly what it is! Online we can be whoever we want to be and even though we donøt pretend to someone else, we're still a person we might not have a chance to be everyday and we're a part of us that we don't want to show people in our everyday life.

- Elk