Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Blog challenge day 7

Today's challenge is:
Post a picture of your and your closest friend

I have a number of really great and close friends soooo.. Here comes some, but I really don't have pictures of everyone and I feel like I should mention everyone :s

This is me and Astrid. Astrid is like a little sister to me! She's so adorable and amazing to talk with, we completely click!

This is me and my friend Benedickte. We go back a looong looong time, from best friends forever to nemesises and now back to friends :D it's a long story but I'm so glad we're friends!!

(Yet another and newer) picture of me and my roomie. Oh my gosh I can't belive we only have a couple of months back living together :(

Other people who I feel ike I should mention, Marie, Anna, Kathrine, Louise, Cindie, Nicklas AND THE LIST GOES ON! Last but not least...

Thea.. Oh my gosh.. Our friendship is so deep and so.. COMPLICATED! This is the only picture of us together (as far as I know) and probably also the most horrible picture EVER taken xD
Anyway. We've been through SOOO SOOO much! Growing up, fighting for freedom, promoting a cause, rebelling from the authorities (seriously we're the most awesome rebels ever! xD), cutting, promoting a cause in this world and so so so much mooooore! We're blood sisters. Oh God, this friendship can't be described.

That's it for today! Byeee
- Elk

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