Saturday, 19 March 2011

Blog challenge day 3 and 4

Hia guys, so today I'll be posting both yesterdays and todays challenge because I was disabled to post yesterday.
Day 3's challenge is:
Post what you did today.
Okay so I started the day out by putting on some niiice make up and then I had two times math class and two times english class. Then I went to the station to pick up Pred, we went back to the room and ended up kissing. The cuddleing and yeah.. Then we went out for dinner, went for a walk in the park and had sex. Then Nicklas came and told me and my roomie that he won't continue at the school next year because of some mess and then I cried. And cried, I was so sad and I still am! Then I went to bed.

All in all yesterday was a pretty confusing day having sex with my ex :S I realized there though that the "loooove" is gone. Not existing and what we did was just casual sex so I decided not to keep it a secret anymore. But I am so SO sad about Nicklas having to leave! :'(
He says he'll come visit but you know it's just not the same. I'll miss him beating me and calling me a skank, his crocked teeth and silly smile, his black hair and freckles, him just randomly popping in to talk or play sims.. I'll really really miss him, he's just one of those very special friends :(

Day 4's challenge is:
Post a picture you've taken.

Okay so I decided to post a couple. This is the front stair of the school (we actually enter at the back for everyday use). When it's sunny and nice Lenny (my old roomie who's REAL name is Charlotte) like to sit on those stairs, drink coffee and smoke some cigarettes :)

At front my roomie Oz and at the back me. I chose this 'cause it's edited and we look hot xD

THERE ARE SO MANY PICTURES I WANT TO SHOW YOU! I think that from now on I'll post like a picture a day or something to kinda just.. Show them to you xD

SO! See ya tomorrow.
- Elk

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