Tuesday, 29 November 2011

November favorites

Hi'yall! It's December like.. Soon! So here are my November favorites :)

UHMM! Jelly Bellys and orange tea, YUM! Beware of the Dr. Pepper and Sizzling Cinnamon beans though, I hate them :s and now, cinnamon scare me which is bad due to the fact that we're going into Christmas ;)

Dean Koontz' Icebound, I normally don't read novels like these but this I really enjoyed - will do a review!

My Century21 deluxe compact palette (yeah this is the compact xD) I LOOOVE this palette and have been using it almost each and every day of October :)

Oh my sweet love! Milana Brow Fix brow kit <3 I use every day, no exception! I will post a review :)

My vanilla ice cream candle from Ikea :3

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear topcoat, the colour is called Invisable.. Why do you even give a topcoat a colour name?? And Honk if you love OPI from OPI (woow really? Yeah go figure) ;). It's a bit darker than it shows on the picture though :)

I use this every day on the two sides of my mouth and on the tip of my nose because my lips tend to crack out there so I end up looking like the joker every winter! And my nose just has really dry skin :s

This is a perfume from Oriflame called Mirage. This has gum elemi, rose, and some other spices in it xD I can't say I really know what it smells like actually.. Not even the rose I smell, but it's great! And super unique :)

My confetti blusher also from Oriflame, this is really nice because it's pink and bronzy at the same time. I'm almost out though, as you can see :(

WAAHAA IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME SO SOON! Look forward to seeing hauls, make up favorites of the season, holiday looks for nails and make up, gift ideas etc. SPREAD THE JOLLYNESS!

- Elk

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Going to Stockholm

Hiiaaa.. Today, I have nothing planned - I haven't anything special to talk about with you guys except what I did today. I don't bother to put a haul together for you, even though I have one, it'll come later.
Yesterday I got an offer to come to Stockholm from December 20th to 21st, of course I said yes - I'm super excited about it. I presume there'll be lots of people in the stores, lots of cold weather, lots of Swedes and lots of fun! I really think it's going to be alot of fun and I look very much forward to it!
Yesterday I also finished reading Icebound by Dean Koontz, I enjoyed it alot! I will review it here on the blog, but first of all I have to do a paper about it. Seven pages long paper, due for this morning at 8am, it's currently 15 mins past 10pm.. (Woops)
Haven't been to school today, all classes cancelled, spend the time eating delicious chicken-sandwiches and watching Harry Potter 3. Thinking I should read the books one day, loose myself in the magical world! But there are so many books I have to read right now! My current reading list says: The Help, Dracula, Montana Sky, The other Boleyn girl and ooooh I could go on!
Tomorrow I have to babysit, my friend is joining me so I hope it'll be even more fun. I bought one of those packs of mix-it-all-together-and-bake-it cake mixes, looking SO much forward to seeing the children. I have known them all (there's 3 of 'em!) since they were just eggs and sperm in their parents' bodies. To me they are my siblings - I love them just as much!
Lately my forehead has been really tense, like I've been scrunching real hard all the time. I really need to massage my face to loose that tension - I'll just end up getting wrinkles before time!

Oh yeah by the way, happy Thanksgiving if that's something you celebrate! Here in Denmark we don't, but still I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

- Elk

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Haul: Books from NY

Hiaa. So YES it's ages ago since I went to New York and YES I did shop alot and haven't hauled anything but the nailpolish, I can't say I'll ever get around to it - we'll see. But here are the books I purchased, I do love to read so I'm hoping these will be good. (Haven't read any of them yet) and I will also review them when I have :)

First off we have the College Humor book. I mainly bought it because I am a huge fan of Colle Humor. If you don't know College Humor it's a channel on youtube, so go fetch! This was (trying to find the dollar sign on my keyboard :D)... I give up, can't find it.. It was 20 USD.

Next up is The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman. Yes this is an autographed copy, they didn't have some that weren't autographed and I wanted the book. (To be frank I don't really care about autographs :s). This was 13.99 USD.

AAARGH MATYES! This is a pirate tale! Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton. I read on the back of this and it seems alot like Pirates of the Caribbean, don't know if it's a rip off, I hope not! I bought this at the airport, it was 9.99 USD.
Cleopatra a Life by Stacy Schiff. A actually thought this was a novel until I got back from NY and read PROPERLY on the back, it's a biography xD I've never read a biography before so I do hope it won't bore me - I'm not too keen on history. (At least my teacher really knows how to kill the excitement!)

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. This sounds really good! When my host (we were staying with host families) saw that I hap picked out this books she almost screamed and told me "OMGGGG THAT BOOK IS SO GOOOD!!! AAAARGH", it was hysterical :) looking alot forward to read it, AND I WILL! Soon.. Well as soon as I've read the other 10.000 books I have to read :s this was 16 USD

Wi(iiiiiiiiiiiiiii)cked Appetite by Janet Evanovich. Bought it at the airport, this was 8.99 USD. For the record I just want to say that at the airport I bought alot of random things without properly looking at what it was and I'm very.. Uuhmm, nervous I guess about reading this, it sounds awfully strange.

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese, this was 15.95 USD, it sounds very philosophical - I loove that :D
Last but not least, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Truly excited to read this, this will be the first Nicholas Sparks book I'll read. ALSO I have never seen a Nicholas Sparks movie, like the Notebook so I'm excited. This was 14.99 USD.

Do you like books? Which book would you like to have a review of the most?

- Elk

Monday, 21 November 2011

Christmas 2011: Giftwrapped nails

Heeya guys, a little while ago I had this design on my nails and I love it! Not at all as hard as it looks and super cute.
I did them off a tutorial on youtube..

- Elk

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Christmas 2011: Snowflake nails

Hey guys! Today is the day I start posting some Christmas posts for you guys!
To start off with, here is one of my favorite nail looks for December. (And other months as well if it's frosty outside)

I might not be the best snowflake-drawer, but it's the thought that counts! I also did another version of this with only one snowflake on each nail and some other type of small dots with more glitter, but forgot to take a picture - sorry! I will recreate and snap a pic for ya!

What kind of Christmas posts would you like to see up on the blog?

- Elk

Monday, 14 November 2011

Movie: You've got mail!

What’s it about
Shopgirl/Kathleen played my Meg Ryan and NY152/Joe played by Tom Hanks chats online and become eachother’s confidantes. They reveal nothing about their identetiy to eachother. Kathleen owns a little bookstore on and Joe is co-owner of the massive superbookstore chain Fox Books. Fox Books are opening a bookstore across from Kathleen’s Shop Around The Corner. In real life Kathleen and Joe dislikes eachother, Joe’s store is the reason that Kathleen has to close down the shop her beloved mother founded. In the mean time they still chat online, unknowingly that the one they trust online, really is the enemy. They decide to meet and Joe finds out that Shopgirl really is Kathleen, but he doesn’t tell her at first, instead he pretends that he’s just Joe Fox so that he and Kathleen can get closer to eachother.
Did I like it?
I liked it alot. It a funny romantic movie, much like Sleeples in Seattle which features the same two actors Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. It’s nice and cute, but not that thrilling because they’re bound to end up together. It’s an all the way feel good movie, good for rainy days and hot chocolate.

Pictures from the movie starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

- Elk