Tuesday, 29 November 2011

November favorites

Hi'yall! It's December like.. Soon! So here are my November favorites :)

UHMM! Jelly Bellys and orange tea, YUM! Beware of the Dr. Pepper and Sizzling Cinnamon beans though, I hate them :s and now, cinnamon scare me which is bad due to the fact that we're going into Christmas ;)

Dean Koontz' Icebound, I normally don't read novels like these but this I really enjoyed - will do a review!

My Century21 deluxe compact palette (yeah this is the compact xD) I LOOOVE this palette and have been using it almost each and every day of October :)

Oh my sweet love! Milana Brow Fix brow kit <3 I use every day, no exception! I will post a review :)

My vanilla ice cream candle from Ikea :3

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear topcoat, the colour is called Invisable.. Why do you even give a topcoat a colour name?? And Honk if you love OPI from OPI (woow really? Yeah go figure) ;). It's a bit darker than it shows on the picture though :)

I use this every day on the two sides of my mouth and on the tip of my nose because my lips tend to crack out there so I end up looking like the joker every winter! And my nose just has really dry skin :s

This is a perfume from Oriflame called Mirage. This has gum elemi, rose, and some other spices in it xD I can't say I really know what it smells like actually.. Not even the rose I smell, but it's great! And super unique :)

My confetti blusher also from Oriflame, this is really nice because it's pink and bronzy at the same time. I'm almost out though, as you can see :(

WAAHAA IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME SO SOON! Look forward to seeing hauls, make up favorites of the season, holiday looks for nails and make up, gift ideas etc. SPREAD THE JOLLYNESS!

- Elk

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