Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Dresses I'm considering

Hi guys, here are some pictures of the dresses I'm considering buying for my senior prom.
Please help me choose, which one is your favorite?

- Elk

Saturday, 24 December 2011

30 random facts about me

I never drink all of my tea, I hate can’t get myself to drink the sediment.

I do not like Coca Cola.

My favourite author is a Danish author called Bent Haller.

I almost never go to the movies.

In my opinion when the humidity is high it’s the worst weather.

I live at a boarding school.

I like all kinds of music (almost) but prefer hip hop and rap.

I love photographing.

I have two elder siblings who are 50/50 Danes and Greenlandic.

I think I placed the little square thing on the wrong side of the number...

I’m very choosy about my outdoor wear.

I don’t like shopping for clothes.

I like participating in contest where I can randomly win stuff but I hate competing.

I get jealous really easily.

The man who owns the shop in my local area’s name is Ufuk. I find that hysterical.

I think Mean Girls 2 and Imagine you and Me probably will be the most crappy movies I’ve ever seen.

The size of Dolly Parton’s chestickles surprise me every time.

If an American recipe tells me to put X number of cups of something in something else, I’ll literally just take a cup. I don’t bother to change the measurements to European scale.

I’m a sissy.

Fall is my favourite season, but I’m always more excited about winter.

I’m really nearsighted and wear glasses.. (And very dissatisfied about this since my eyes has always been my best feature)

My natural hair colour is ash-blonde.

I always have problems finding out what to give my dad for his birthday and Christmas.

I spend my money too quickly.

I like cooking.

I’m very childish.

Nothing stresses me out except myself.

My favourite colour is green.

My favourite scents is the smell of fresh apples.

I suffer from RLS (restless legs syndrome).

I despise the song “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey.

- Elk

Review: Mentholatum Softlips

Softlips lipbalm from Mentholatum, in this case I got the French Vanilla version.

This lip-balm is enriched with vitamin E and has SPF 20 which always is good. It smells minty-fresh but with a bit of vanilla in it. Whether this is nice or not is of course a personal choice, it's a bit weird scent-mixture but OK for me, and when you're wearing it you can't smell it anyway.
It feels smooth on the lips and gives you a fresh minty feeling. Also, this product is slimmer than other stick lip-balms which gives it a cuter and more unique design but this can also be a bit annoying since you have to spend more time applying it all over your lips. The bigger your lips, the more time you have to spend.
Also I feel a need to re-apply this product more often than other lip-balms and when I've been wearing it for a longer period of time, the skin on my lips starts to chap beneath the balm.
It gives your lips a natural look, it's not noticeable at all, your lips just look moist but not glossy.
All in all I'm not too keen on it, I really don't like the fact that it makes my brittle lips chap even more :(

As you can see this lip-balm is longer and slimmer than other balms, but this also means that you have to spend more time on applying it.

- Elk

Haul: Stockholm trip

Hey guys. For Christmas I got money for my Stockholm-shopping trip, here's what I got :)

Duo body butter from the Bodyshop in the scent macadamia.

Some body lotion from H&M in the scent Soft Vanilla.

Cuteeeeeee socks from H&M, some with this little squirrel...

And some with Hello Kitty and the squirrel :)
He he he, candy cane tea, smells yummy!

THESE ADORABLE (absolutely love them!) fluffy home slipper-boots from Bik Bok. Soooo cute!

This chain earring with feathers from Ur & Pen.

Small and cute necklace from H&M.

A lipbalm doublepack from H&M.

Burt's Bees lipbalm with Acai Berry.

Pomme Granate and..

Vanilla Ginger lipbalm from H&M.

This absolutely gorgeous goldie-pink from The Make up store in the colour nox.

Nailpolish from H&M in the colour 70's boho, which is a sort of mustardy-gold colour.

Mineral deodorant from Garnier since they took my own deodorant at the aiport security control!

Trensum table mirror from IKEA.

I.. Love.. This.. RING! So unique, I've never seen anything like this! So.. I had to have it ;) from H&M.
Elvital Nutri-gloss conditioner from Loreal.

I feel like I haul too much.. Sorry, reviews are coming up really soon :)

- Elk

Christmas 2011: What I got for Christmas

Ho ho ho fellas!
Here's what I got for Christmas this year!

My dear mom and dad gave me these Converse All Stars. I love these shoes, I pretty much always wear Converse, I've gone through a couple of pairs but I break them :( so luckily they gave me these. I really like the chocolatebrown colour.

Mega Lash mascara from Wet 'n Wild.

Max Volume lipgloss (colour unknown) from Wet 'n Wild.

Rock Solid nail polish from Wet 'n Wild in (left) Sparkling diamond and (right) Timeless Red.

Diamond Brilliance lipgloss from Wet 'n Wild in the colour Rocking Rubies. This gloss is unbelievably pigmented, it's insane! It's not as light as on the picture, it's only due to poor lighting ;) but look. So rich and pigmented product!

Diamond Brilliance lipgloss from Wet 'n Wild in the colour Sparkling Diamonds. (Déjá vú anyone? :b)
This lipgloss is so unique. It's clear with a holographic, blue, purple, green shine - looks really good on!

Just a detail, these are all the tops of the Wet 'n Wild diamond-line products. Isn't that just to die for?

Hope you've had a lovely Christmas!

- Elk

Christmas 2011: My version of PiinkSparkels' design

Hi guys. It's Christmas eve!!!! *yay*
I realize that I almost only did posts about Christmas nails, I planned for so more but school was really .. INTENSE!

A little while ago PiinkSparkles, a youtube beauty guru, did a tutorial on a Christmas look.
I did my own version which has been my FAAAVORITE Christmas nail look.

How has your Christmas been? I wish you all well <3

- Elk

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas 2011: Questionnaire

No talking lets get started!

Where in the world are you from?
I live in Denmark, Scandinavia.
What is the weather like in that country at Christmas time?Sometimes we have snow on Christmas Eve. We’ve had rough winters for the past two years and snow on Christmas Eve. But this year it’s very uncertain whether we’re going to have a “white Christmas” or not.
What does your town do for this holiday?Trees and streets get decorated with lights and ornaments. People hang lights on their trees or bushes in the garden. We have Christmas markets where some people have different craft booths both in- and outdoors. We get together and make Christmas decorations and bake cake. And of course, we all stress about what to get who for Christmas ;)
Do you celebrate Christmas Eve, lunch, dinner or morning?In Denmark (and big parts of Europe if not all) Christmas Eve is the peak of Christmas. All day of the 24th we (in our home) cooks, watch TV, admire the decorated tree, wait in anxiety, have a good meal consisting of white boiled potatoes, small caramelized potatoes, pork roast, red sweetened cabbage and brown sauce. Then we unwrap presents, have ris a la mande for desert and chill out J
Do you attend any special religious ceremonies?Some people go to church, we don’t.
Traditionally, who brings the presents in your country?Santa, good ol’ Santa!
Do you think Christmas has changed since you were a child?No not really. The only thing that has changed is that I’m no longer a child. Christmas in Denmark is mostly about cosiness and especially making sure that the children have a magical time. Plus it’s kind of hard to get into the Christmas mood when you are super busy at work and in school L
Name 5 things you want for Christmas this yearI’d like Avril Lavigne’s Black star and .. Something something Rose perfume ;)
Money for my Stockholm trip.
A new camera.
Make up from ELF.
New shoes.
What is your favorite Christmas song?Probably Santa Baby sung by Eartha Kitt.
What is your favorite Christmas scent?The scent of newly baked cookies!
Favorite gift recieved as a child?Well.. I wasn’t exactly a child, but it’s some years ago. My parents gave me a Maglite flashlight, I was so upset and disappointed. I didnøt even want it, and couldn’t see what I was going to use it for. But I’ve come to be extremely grateful, I use it all the time and it’s super good!
Hardest person to bu a present for?My dad! I always end up giving him things that just needs to be replaced around the house, mainly in the kitchen. A new kitchen timer, frying pan (this year), towels. I always make sure to get him something either big or many small presents because I feel bad for him just looking at my mom and me unwrapping presents. YOU SHOULD HAVE MANY PRESENTS EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE A GROWN MAN!
Easiest person to buy for?Probably my mom and my friends. Candles, soaps, make-up, perfume – that’s something I give ALL girls if I can’t think of anything else.
Favorite Christmas movie?A Christmas Romance!
When do you start shopping for Christmas?As quickly as possible! I’ll start in September even if I just have two things! 1) And idea of what I want. 2) MONEH!
Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?Mmm traditional cake which I have no idea what to call in English.. And pork roast..

Monday, 12 December 2011

Blog challenge day 26

Day 26: Post a picture of your favorite band at the moment.

Soo yeah .. Yes I'm sorry, I realized the last blog challenge post i did was in .. May.. Don't judge! Also, I'm twisting "band" to artist because I will choose Lady GaGa. Have been listening to songs like Bloody Mary, You and Ï, Marry the Night etc. like crazy these past couple of days!

- Elk

Christmas 2011: Candy cane nails in variations

Hello hello! Here are two ways I have painted my nails in a candy cane design this year :)

I advice that if you choose to do design no. 2 choose another glitter as background colour than I did. Look it's all dark and.. Weird :s
I prefer design no. 1, more simple and cute :D

Keep up the jollyness!
I like to here this is I wanna listen to some wonderful Christmas music :)

- Elk

Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas 2011: Penguin nails

Heey guys. Some time ago I found this tutorial on youtube:
And I recreated the look on my nails. Here's the result. I'm sorry to say that I didn't do a very good job in recreating and don't really like the looks of it on my nails. BUT, I still thought I'd share. Maybe you'll do a better job ;)
Keep up the jollyness! Love Elk :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Haul: Random and hair stuff

Hia guys, I have some newly purchased hair products and some other random cuteeee stuff :)

This is uuh.. FIXING HAIRSPRAY ;) from Loreal, I didn't actually realize that before i had already bought it. Luckily it was on sale so I got it real cheap, but I already have a hairspray that I like, and since I don't use hairspray every day (actually I only use it a couple a times a year), I'm giving this to my mom for Christmas.

Last week I bleached my hair and bleaching is a really rough treatment for your hair. So I bought this conditioner spray, I use it every morning, couple of spritez all over and then some just for the tips of my hair. If you have dry hair I think this'll be a really good investment, makes my hair super soft and shiny - BUT! Don't use it too much, it'll make your hair more greasy.

This was on sale as well, and to be honest - I'm not really sure what it's for. I just bought it 'cause it was so cheap and looks fancy. I read on the back and can't really seem to find the use of this product. But it's probably really good for you hair ;)

Juust make-up remover. I was out ;)

"Ya bought a blinged out old Nokia??" NO! I bought the little accessory thing for it, the cover I made myself. Just sticking on the sparkly gems directly onto the phone with nail polish. (Looks a bit different now, will post and updated pic). And YES, it's really hard to get off but.. Haven't grown tired of it yet :)
Gel pens.. I was out, but unfortunately these seem to work really crappy.

I got this nail polish from my aunt whose friend had been to Texas. Unfortunately, it's 99% like the one from Sinful Colors which I already own. The one from Sinful Covers is a TAD darker though.
LITTLE CHRISTMAS LANTERN! Because it's Chriiiiiiiiiiiiistmas! Isn't it cuteee? :D reindeeeeeer!
You're probably going.. "A ceramic cupcake, so what?", it's a piggybank. My old one was double the size of this and not very cute. I like this better because it's smaller - thus feels up more easily, and it's ceramic so it's kind of heavy, which makes it FEEL fuller than it is :D

He he, potato chips and dutch waffles. All gone now :)

I'm loving teas at at moment! So I bought these ones. This box here is rooibus in different variations..
And white tea also in different variations. Like the rooibus tea, haven't tried the white yet.

Upcoming on this blog: My likeeee winter/Christmas make-up looks.

- I wish you a merry Christmaaas!, love Elk