Saturday, 24 December 2011

Review: Mentholatum Softlips

Softlips lipbalm from Mentholatum, in this case I got the French Vanilla version.

This lip-balm is enriched with vitamin E and has SPF 20 which always is good. It smells minty-fresh but with a bit of vanilla in it. Whether this is nice or not is of course a personal choice, it's a bit weird scent-mixture but OK for me, and when you're wearing it you can't smell it anyway.
It feels smooth on the lips and gives you a fresh minty feeling. Also, this product is slimmer than other stick lip-balms which gives it a cuter and more unique design but this can also be a bit annoying since you have to spend more time applying it all over your lips. The bigger your lips, the more time you have to spend.
Also I feel a need to re-apply this product more often than other lip-balms and when I've been wearing it for a longer period of time, the skin on my lips starts to chap beneath the balm.
It gives your lips a natural look, it's not noticeable at all, your lips just look moist but not glossy.
All in all I'm not too keen on it, I really don't like the fact that it makes my brittle lips chap even more :(

As you can see this lip-balm is longer and slimmer than other balms, but this also means that you have to spend more time on applying it.

- Elk

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