Saturday, 24 December 2011

Haul: Stockholm trip

Hey guys. For Christmas I got money for my Stockholm-shopping trip, here's what I got :)

Duo body butter from the Bodyshop in the scent macadamia.

Some body lotion from H&M in the scent Soft Vanilla.

Cuteeeeeee socks from H&M, some with this little squirrel...

And some with Hello Kitty and the squirrel :)
He he he, candy cane tea, smells yummy!

THESE ADORABLE (absolutely love them!) fluffy home slipper-boots from Bik Bok. Soooo cute!

This chain earring with feathers from Ur & Pen.

Small and cute necklace from H&M.

A lipbalm doublepack from H&M.

Burt's Bees lipbalm with Acai Berry.

Pomme Granate and..

Vanilla Ginger lipbalm from H&M.

This absolutely gorgeous goldie-pink from The Make up store in the colour nox.

Nailpolish from H&M in the colour 70's boho, which is a sort of mustardy-gold colour.

Mineral deodorant from Garnier since they took my own deodorant at the aiport security control!

Trensum table mirror from IKEA.

I.. Love.. This.. RING! So unique, I've never seen anything like this! So.. I had to have it ;) from H&M.
Elvital Nutri-gloss conditioner from Loreal.

I feel like I haul too much.. Sorry, reviews are coming up really soon :)

- Elk

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