Saturday, 24 December 2011

30 random facts about me

I never drink all of my tea, I hate can’t get myself to drink the sediment.

I do not like Coca Cola.

My favourite author is a Danish author called Bent Haller.

I almost never go to the movies.

In my opinion when the humidity is high it’s the worst weather.

I live at a boarding school.

I like all kinds of music (almost) but prefer hip hop and rap.

I love photographing.

I have two elder siblings who are 50/50 Danes and Greenlandic.

I think I placed the little square thing on the wrong side of the number...

I’m very choosy about my outdoor wear.

I don’t like shopping for clothes.

I like participating in contest where I can randomly win stuff but I hate competing.

I get jealous really easily.

The man who owns the shop in my local area’s name is Ufuk. I find that hysterical.

I think Mean Girls 2 and Imagine you and Me probably will be the most crappy movies I’ve ever seen.

The size of Dolly Parton’s chestickles surprise me every time.

If an American recipe tells me to put X number of cups of something in something else, I’ll literally just take a cup. I don’t bother to change the measurements to European scale.

I’m a sissy.

Fall is my favourite season, but I’m always more excited about winter.

I’m really nearsighted and wear glasses.. (And very dissatisfied about this since my eyes has always been my best feature)

My natural hair colour is ash-blonde.

I always have problems finding out what to give my dad for his birthday and Christmas.

I spend my money too quickly.

I like cooking.

I’m very childish.

Nothing stresses me out except myself.

My favourite colour is green.

My favourite scents is the smell of fresh apples.

I suffer from RLS (restless legs syndrome).

I despise the song “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey.

- Elk

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