Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I got nominated!

After several years without being noticed, it took me over half the time I went to grade school to get noticed, and be popular. Now when I moved to boarding school, started in a new class with new people I thought I'd never be noticed again. For me, it's been hard to see what role I had i our class. I could see that Sabrina was the very straight forward one, Laerke the one who sucked up, Emil the annoying but also funny class clown, and of course Lisa the sweet one. But what I was? I didn't know.

So the school year is soon coming to an end and we're having a "departure dinner" where all the teachers and student of 10th is invited. To this dinner, there are several entertainment acts and one of them is handing out prices to particular people in class. The cool thing is, I'M NOMINATED! I just think it's great! I have NO chance of winning because the other two, Veronica and Lisa are as sweet to look at as sugar! But still, I got nominated = I got noticed <3