Sunday, 22 April 2012

I like! NINE

Hi guys, do you know the movie Nine? I'm not too keen on it as a whole but I still do enjoy it. These two songs I especially like!


They make me sing and dance and feel like I'm hot like Fergie and a dancer like Kate Hudson ;)

 - Elk

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Haul: Easter holiday 2012

Hi guys, I've just been home for easter for 10 days, and of course that means a haul even though I wasn't supposed to be shopping. Bad bad me, shame on me!

As you might or might not know, last summer I bought sunscreen and aftersun from Piz Buin. The brand is a bit pricey in my opinion but the quality and luxury makes up for that. So I decided to buy a special one for the face while it was on sale.

To the left some mouthwash from Jordan with extra fluoride because I get ALOT of cavities and my dentist is all like FLUORIDE FLUORIDE FLUORIDE. And to the right some henna hair-dye. After using all those chemicals I thought I'd try to use this natural henna.

My aunt was kind enough to buy me a little kit (it also contained fake lashes but I simply can't work those). The eyeshadow triplet is really really nice! I really do like it and the eyeliner is kind of a black brown kohl which is also really nice and glides on smoothly.

They had the most awesome perfume sale! Waaaah, so I got a 100ml nice light clean flowery smelling perfume, the one to the left and a small other one to the right. Unfortunately I accidentally grabbed the wrong perfume box when I left so I bought THE WRONG PERFUME. And it reeks! I don't like it! So I'm trying to find someone who likes it and then give it to them ;)
(Papillon D'amour from Linn Young to the left and Birds Poetry from Sense of Eden to the right)

And the, to the dollar store! Lots of different nail polishes and some glue for fake nails.

- Hope you had a good easter, lots of love from Elk.

A warning about jewelries from H&M

Hi guys, I just wanted to warn you a little about jewelry from H&M. Even though it's beautiful and very nicely priced, it breaks somewhat easily. Two of my fingerrings have broken, one I didn't even get to wear, it broke when I tried it. One stud earring I bought, I also didn't get to wear, it also broke when I tried it. A bracelet, broke in a few days and when I fixed it just broke another place. I think I had it for about a week. And now, my beloved white chocolate ring. :(

So I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy jewelry from H&M, just be sure to pick a piece that looks less likely to break and be prepared if it does.

And before someone comments and say that I can just glue this back together, I do realize that but I still think it's very very annoying!

- Elk

My favorite toothpaste!

.. and it's my favorite, for one reason only! (Except the fact that it cleans my teeth of course..)

SPIDERMAN TOOTHPASTE!! Spiderman is my favorite superhero, so imagine my face when I saw this fantastic toothpaste! Unfortunately, I've used it all up :(
I need to get some more! Remember, never loose you childishness!

- Elk

Makeup: Bronze with some blue using H&M eyeshadow palette

Hi guys, just wanted to show you my make-up today. I used my eyeshadow palette from H&M, the quality is really really nice and I really like this palette. I love the blue, but kind of have a hard time figuring out exactly where to place it so I like to experiment a little.

Hope you have a nice day!
- Elk

Sunday, 1 April 2012

I love internet shopping.

Just ordered ELF cosmetics for 65 pounds. I love internet shopping!
My first ELF products, very excited!

- Elk