Thursday, 12 April 2012

A warning about jewelries from H&M

Hi guys, I just wanted to warn you a little about jewelry from H&M. Even though it's beautiful and very nicely priced, it breaks somewhat easily. Two of my fingerrings have broken, one I didn't even get to wear, it broke when I tried it. One stud earring I bought, I also didn't get to wear, it also broke when I tried it. A bracelet, broke in a few days and when I fixed it just broke another place. I think I had it for about a week. And now, my beloved white chocolate ring. :(

So I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy jewelry from H&M, just be sure to pick a piece that looks less likely to break and be prepared if it does.

And before someone comments and say that I can just glue this back together, I do realize that but I still think it's very very annoying!

- Elk

1 comment:

  1. No I totally agree with you. This is ridiculous. It doesn't matter what price you pay for a ring or anything, you should at least get to wear it a few times before it breaks. You should email them and let them know. Especially about your white chocolate ring.