Saturday, 29 September 2012

What I got for my 18th birthday

Hey hello, hi! Here it is, the post where I show you how truly blessed I am! I was so lucky to get all these wonderful gifts for my 18th birthday, I feel guilty! When I was looking at all these gifts I felt like these presents were stolen goods ;)

My friend has percepted that I really like Hello Kitty, suffer from allergies and drink water. So she bought me Hello Kitty water, (only the bottle is pink!) and some, strawberry scented, toilet paper so I can blow my nose during allergy season.
She also noticed that I love Jelly Beans, so she bought me this big ass  jar.. (Me gusta!)
And last but not least, she bought me these wonderful nailpolishes from HOT Makeup together with some chocolate, yum!

My big brother and his girlfriend Anna gave me a gift certificate for Matas (makeup store) and my aunt and cousins gave me cash. (The body butter sample was together with the gift certificate.

My friend, whose dad live in London, gave me a gift certificate for a paid-for weekend trip to London. We're going  in January for January Sales! So the money I got from my family I'm saving for London.
For my gift certificate for Matas, I bought this concealer. Can you believe it was HALF OFF only because they were selling the "old ones" out because they got new packaging? NUTS! This colour is: vanilla.
I also bought these facemasks for me and my friends' upcoming spa-night this weekend. Have you ever experienced chocolate facemasks?
For the las of the gift certificate money I bought this Garnier Pure Active scrub (AMAZING!) since I recently used  my beloved Garnier 3 - 1 up :(
My friend Mark gave me these two nailpolishes from Rimmel in Azure and Sunshine.
My grandparents gave me Lancôme's Tresór in Love and my not-related by blood, but still, aunt gave me this yummers DKNY Be Delicious perfume.
My friend Nicklas went bananas and bought me a BUNCH of makeup! He gave me these three mineral pencils from Eva Garden...
these mineral eyeshadows...

these Youngblood  crushed mineral blushes. (He gave me two of the same colour, so I have it to my friend. He also gave me two of the same eyeshadow so I gave that to another friend)
Youngblood Mineral foundation in Beige, too dark for me but ones it comes on you can't see!
And last but not least, these Youngblood mineral pigments.
My friend went to Czech Republic with her school and got me these none named nailpolishes and a knock-off Rimmel mascara (I has to toss the mascara, it simply didn't work - AT ALL, it was like it was all dried up?)
My dear parents. Poor poor parents who has been feeding me for 18 years, changed my diapers, been soaked in my saliva, kept their calm when my ears were infected and I screamed up pain. My dear parents who has paid my school tuition fee all my school years, who has supported me and comforted me gave me: first off, a Canon EOS 1100D  camera. They also made it possible that got to invite my friends and family to celebrate the day and they also gave me this, some random beauty products. Hand creams, 
Coconut oil for a hot oil treatment, 
Eyeliner and top coat from wet and wild.
All these gifts reminded me of how many fabolous people love me and will always be there whenever I need them.

 I pass my love along to YOU! :D
 - Elk

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Yaaaay! Yesterday, September 22nd, was my 18-year old birthday, yipiiiiiie!
I had a very pleasant day. I went to a chinese restaurant with some of my family and some friends - it was so cozy!
I also got some great gifts, I actually got so many gifts I feel bad! Anyways, I'll do a what-I-got-for-my-birthday post in the very near future. 
SPOILER ALERT, one of these fabulous gifts is a Canon EOS 1100D camera, it's so wonderful I feel like crying! So look forward to very good quality pictures in future posts!

I love you all, Elk..

Monday, 3 September 2012

Haul: Supplies for the new school year

Hey guys, as you might or might now know I live at a boarding school, which makes it hard to title this haul correctly ;) it's a combination of (a tiny bit of) school supplies, home decor and beauty products. Let's get to it!

This is so weird, I bought these candles in August, for Christmas... They were only a dollar, I feel like that justifies my early Christmas decoration shopping.
Aren't these soooo cute, they're really small too. (I have a weakness for candles.)
Exactly what I had been looking for. You'll see more of this in my room-tour when that comes along :)
Couldn't help myself. Delicious 100% fruit smoothies from Lidl (SO GOOD!) and delicious yogurt. 
I bought the cleansing wipes in Lidl and I am surprised at how much I like them! The other ones I usually buy are about double the prize and I like these way better. The GOSH makeup item is a double sided pigment which my friend had bought but didn't like. I haven't tried it yet, I', not big on loose pigments but the colours are amazing. Keep your eyes out for a MOTD.
Beautiful green lanterns with cute birds on them, perfect for my room.
This is so far out. My friend's mom's friend cleaned out her closet and somehow, this travelled down the chain to me, but isn't it just the cutest schoolbag? I adore it.
I GOT A NEW BABY! For the first time in my life (at the age of 17) I got a new phone which was ENTIRELY new, I usually always bought old phones my friends didn't need anymore, but I thought I'd treat myself and buy the Nokia Lumia 900. Of course, you have to have some cute cases to go with that ;)
A little pink cupcake piggybank because my blue one fell on it's face and broke. I did glue, but bought another just in case. Love it so much I needed a spare.
A conditioner from Kyrell for fine and flat hair, and a delicious smelling bodywash from Mildeen with figs. So purple.
AWESOME sale on Head and Shoulders, this stuff always takes care of my dandruff whenever it breaks out. So excited to see they launched conditioners a while ago!
I get cavaties like crazy, and it's so unfair since I almost never drink soda or eat candy - bad teeth just lies in the family. So I bought my favorite mouthwash with extra fluoride which my dentist recommended, and a travel size of a Colgate one to try out. 
Three deodorants might seem like an overkill, but I need two deodorants at home and two at school. I bought the Adidas control, Kult 24h non-white-stain and a dermo protector deostick from Sanex.
Gotta have 'em tootbrushes.
Candles from Tigerstores in orange and lavender.
Candle holders from Tigerstores, couldn't be MORE perfect for my room decor, can you guess what my theme is? ;)
This dress is so pretty, it makes all the faults about my body vanish, but.. It flattens my chest so much, you'd think it was a dress from the Tudor age!
"Jo is in the house" holographic glitter from H&M, "110 Urban Coral" and "46 Sugar Crystals" Colorama nail polishes from Maybeline. 
The small amount of actual school supplies in this haul, an eraser, a bejazzled pen and a crowned pencil - pretty awesome.
The shoe loves of my life! Seriously, only 5 bucks! It's so rare to find  such nice shoes for that little money. On the picture you can't really see, but the heels has faux snake skin on them, giving these shoes that extra pop of awesomeness.
Is this a legitimate trademark Harry Potter, Gryffindor scarf? Oh yes I think it is! Did it only cost 2 bucks? Oh yes I think it did. Does people comment when I walk on the street wearing it? Oh yes they do, but it's still awesome!
When you move you always forget those pretty essential things, I for instance forgot Q-tips and tissues for my bag. I have allergies so I need to have a solid supply of tissues by my side at all the times so I bought a tissue box for my nighstand and I found these ADORABLE Hello Kitty purse tissues, and they didn't even overcharge. I also got some facial cleansing tissues which are also on another picture, I know ;). Some Q-tips and snacks for my cat. (Don't worry, she's not living with me at school.)
Earrings for my ever expanding earring collection. Cute mesh hearts and classic pearly studs. I have to invest in an earring stand soon which is 25 pounds + shipping. EXPENSIVE, but it that one I want and I'm willing to pay for it.
What part of school have you started in? Or maybe work? I started my last year at the school which kind off is the same as High School, but not really. It's hard to explain, but you need to graduate from this 3 year basic education before you can go to university. Speaking of school, my Spanish assignment won't write itself - oh gosh. See you later beautiful peeps!

 - Elk