Sunday, 29 July 2012

Review: Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit

Hi everyone, today I have a review for you that I've wanted to do for like.. A year, no kidding, but for some reason I have never gotten around to do it.
I'll be reviewing the Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit for you, the colour I bought is in 01 LIGHT and you can get it in light, medium and dark.

It comes with two powders for you brows, a light and a dark, and a highlight colour for you arch. It also comes with an angled brush, a spongetip applicator, a mini-tweezer and a mirror.

 You can flick up the tool-set and find the mirror there.

My eyebrows are my natural hair-colour which is ash-blonde. I find that the light powder is a little too light and the darker powder a little too dark, but when I mix these two I get the perfect colour, ergo - the colours in this kit are very versatile. The highlighter is a beautiful champagne colour that is nice and opaque and blends in really well with your skin. It doesn't have glitter in it but a pearlescent shine that catches the light nicely.
The angled brush is nice if you're travelling and didn't bring any, though I'd have to say I use another angled brush when I'm at home but the small one does a great job too. The spongetip applicator is nice too though I kind of feel like it applies a little too much highlighter onto my browbone than I'd like it too so I do recommend a brush - but again if you're travelling and don't bother to bring a brush, the spongetip will do fine.
Note though that the mini-tweezer, however cute that is, I really really don't think works for anything else than decoration but if you're determined enough it will be able to pluck out a few stray hairs but in my opinion, do yourself a favor and use a real tweezer.

I've had my kit for a year now, I bought it in Walgreens for 6.49 USD, and I'm pretty sure this product will last me FOREVER. Considering I've been using it practically everyday for a year really only the highlighter has suffered. It's nice, it hasn't gone gross or dirty, it hasn't broken or anything. My advice, if you see it, go get it, you won't regret it! (Hey that rhymes!)

See ya'll lovlies later, byeee

 - Elk

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cutest unique earrings for the season!

Hi guys, some time I ago I was browsing on YouTube and I watched an earring collection where she had made her own stamp earrings. I thought to myself, wow, I want to make those as well! Luckily my grandad is a huge stamp collector so he was more than willing to give me some stamps.
Last weekend, with the help from my dad, we crafted them together and they are so cute!

The stamps are from Denmark, Sweden and Iceland.

I think these are so cute and I've been wearing them ever since we made them. I'm gonna give my family and friends a pair.

 - Elk

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Makeup: Green leopard

Hi guys. I was browsing around the interwebs a while ago to look for make-up trends for spring. I already made a MOTD spring trend post, but this is a little different.

It's turned up a notch with the leopard print on the corner of the eye and the bright pink shadow on the lover lash line, and of course - bright pink lips to tie it all together.
This look is done off of a picture I found on google. I unfortunately can't seem to find the source again, but credits to the designer who isn't me, I just remade 'cus I thought it was preeeeety ;)

 - Elk

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tag: How "fake" are you?

First of, I added these - " - around the word fake. Fake is a bad bad word, whether your fake or not depends on your person not whether you've got extensions or surgery or anything like that. I still think the tag is kind of fun, not to determine whether I'm "fake" or not but to go a little deeper into my relation to cosmetics.

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery?
Not purposely. I once broke my nose and they had to fix it, not for cosmetics reasons, more for being-able-to-breathe reasons ;) I do though want to get lasik eye surgery because I wear glasses and with my eye condition can't wear lenses. My eyes have always been my best feature and even though I don't have anything against the look of glasses, I'd prefer not to have them.

Do you use fake lashes?
If I could, I would, but I can't. I've practiced so much and I can't work those darn things ;)

Do you wear a weave or hair extension?

Would you consider plastic surgery?
Consider it yes definitely, but actually do it? I don't think so. I don't have the guts, and also I feel like surgery is "the easy way out", it's much more fun working with your "issues".

Could you live without makeup?
Yes I could LIVE, I'd still breathe, eat, sleep etc. But it would be sadder. I don't see makeup as some way to get prettified, I see my face as a canvas and my makeup as my paint. I used to paint alot when I was younger, and now I've just switched to makeup and nails.

Do you dye your hair?
Yes I do, very very much. I guess, it's kind of the same as doing face art, I like to dye my hair as kind of.. Hair-art I guess ;) I just love to have my hair a bright and happy, unconventional colour. My natural hair-colour is ash-blonde, and I love the blonde look on others, but on myself I think it looks a little bland.

So this is me, back in the day. It also happens to be my natural hair-colour, ashy blonde.

The last time I was "blonde". It was because everytime  I had dyed my hair red, it has gone darker and darker and then dying it the dark purple I chose to bleach it so that I could dye it bright red again. It turned out orange, sad because I was excited to see how platinum blonde would look like on me ;)
Purple.. Why? Because I can. It was so rad, seriously considering to dye it purple again, just a little too dark in my opinion.
Generally I have all different versions of washed out red. Red just won't stay on my hair, always turns out rust-red. 
This is from today, and yesterday I dyed my hair so this is exactly as I'd like it to look - all the time. It just doesn't.
Do you use a sunbed?
WAAAAAH NO! I'm born pale, always have been pale, always will be pale and will die pale. If I as much show my face to the sun for three seconds I get sunburned, not TANNED but BURNED! Also I have this (ir)rational fear of skin cancer...

Do you use selftanners?
WAAAAAH no! I'm born pale, alwa.... - You know the deal. I DO, have to admit, sometimes help my forearms a little on the sometimes with my Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moistureizer in fair to medium because my forearms seem to be the only thing on my body that can tan.

Do you have tattoos?
Nope, but I'm definitely getting one. What of? No idea yet, but my mind is set on it! In Denmark you have to be eighteen to get a tattoo and I see all my friends turning eighteen rushing out to get tattoos and that makes me slow down, I don't want to like anyone else and just do it because I can or to rebel, I want to do it because I genuinely WANT that image printed on my body forever.
One thing that I am pretty certain of getting tattooed (when the time comes) is the names of my future children.

In conclusion I just want to say that I don't think anybody who has tattoos or extension or use tanning bed, get plastic surgery etc is fake. I believe that "fake" people are people who try to disguise their true personalities, not their looks.

 - Elk