Sunday, 29 July 2012

Review: Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit

Hi everyone, today I have a review for you that I've wanted to do for like.. A year, no kidding, but for some reason I have never gotten around to do it.
I'll be reviewing the Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit for you, the colour I bought is in 01 LIGHT and you can get it in light, medium and dark.

It comes with two powders for you brows, a light and a dark, and a highlight colour for you arch. It also comes with an angled brush, a spongetip applicator, a mini-tweezer and a mirror.

 You can flick up the tool-set and find the mirror there.

My eyebrows are my natural hair-colour which is ash-blonde. I find that the light powder is a little too light and the darker powder a little too dark, but when I mix these two I get the perfect colour, ergo - the colours in this kit are very versatile. The highlighter is a beautiful champagne colour that is nice and opaque and blends in really well with your skin. It doesn't have glitter in it but a pearlescent shine that catches the light nicely.
The angled brush is nice if you're travelling and didn't bring any, though I'd have to say I use another angled brush when I'm at home but the small one does a great job too. The spongetip applicator is nice too though I kind of feel like it applies a little too much highlighter onto my browbone than I'd like it too so I do recommend a brush - but again if you're travelling and don't bother to bring a brush, the spongetip will do fine.
Note though that the mini-tweezer, however cute that is, I really really don't think works for anything else than decoration but if you're determined enough it will be able to pluck out a few stray hairs but in my opinion, do yourself a favor and use a real tweezer.

I've had my kit for a year now, I bought it in Walgreens for 6.49 USD, and I'm pretty sure this product will last me FOREVER. Considering I've been using it practically everyday for a year really only the highlighter has suffered. It's nice, it hasn't gone gross or dirty, it hasn't broken or anything. My advice, if you see it, go get it, you won't regret it! (Hey that rhymes!)

See ya'll lovlies later, byeee

 - Elk


  1. Did you buy it in Denmark? I can't find any websites, that sends to Denmark. :(

  2. No, unfortunately I don't think it is available i Denmark. I picked it up when I was in New York.