Friday, 29 November 2013

Yepee! (And some man-makeup.)

Hello guys! After.. How long? 1½ years I've finally given up hoping to find my beloved camera.
My blog activity went south when I lost my camera, and even though I tried to blog I failed miserably.
Well, I'll let you know that I have just purchased a new camera online, merely a little handy one. I no longer think that I deserve or trust myself with a big nice one. (Yes I am punishing myself.)

Anyway, I figured that a little handy one would be sufficient for blog use. It's an "all-around" type camera.
With that I hope that I'll get back in the blogging game because I do miss it. Also, my calender reminded me that the 1st of December is the first day of "blogmas", and I found myself smiling and thinking "yes, I'll do it!".

150 USD poorer, here I am, back on the blog. Whew. Why this sudden need? Well I'll tell you. For some reason I decided to try and turn myself into a man, with the help of makeup and I thought to myself. What is the fun in that if you can't snap a picture of it and upload onto the internet? ;)

See you soon!
 - Elk