Saturday, 30 March 2013

Nails: Pokémon

Hey to the ho! So a while ago I stumbled over this: and thought to myself "oh my goodness!". I simply had to recreate it, or at least try to. So this is how it turned out:

It was harder than I thought, but I think I did OK. I do realize that my Squirtle is too dark but I didn't have a lighter polish. I think these nails are so ingenious! Everybody knows Pokémon from their childhood and all of my friends were commenting on my nails. So I can only encourage you to crack on and have get some childhood memories on your nails!

 - Elk

Monday, 18 March 2013

Goodiebox: February '13

Hey guys. So I recieved my Goodiebox just a couple of days before February was over, it's really too bad that the send it out so late in the month. (Oh yeah and me posting this so late, I have no excuse for) Anyways, here's what I got:

So this is what the box looked like when it was just opened. The theme of this box was Celebration because it's exactly one year ago since the Goodiebox launched in Denmark. Unfortunately both my friend and I were disappointed by this box and neither of us think that it's very celebratory.

 Here we have a perfume sample of the Helena Christensen Dreams perfume. Somehow I never imagined this perfume would smell good, but it absolutely does! It's a wonderful girly mix of a powdery and floral scent. Powder scents are my favorite and I love this. Next is the Flowerbomb showergel by Viktor and Rolf. I'm going to tell you right here right now: when I was young, child young, I loved to spritz one spritz of all my mother's perfumes on my body all at once. The result was a horrible perfume-sickening stench which was best followed by a shower. This showergel smells exactly like all those perfumes mixed together, just as strongly and horribly as back then. I'm certainly curious to try this and even see if I feel clean afterwards. I also have happened to realize that this is the body wash of the new perfume which is out and everybody is raving about.Lastly is a Plaisir Body Lotion and this too smells really strongly of perfume, but in a nicer way - it's weird..
 Part of why my friend and I were so disappointed in this Goodiebox was the full-size cotton rounds that came with it.. - Yippie... To the cotton rounds' left are little samples of Eucering Dermo Purifyer Cleanser and Hydrating Care.

Now this is where I got the most excited, a INK eye intensifier by Dennis Knudsen. Dennis Knudsen is a fancy-pansy makeup person-somethingalongthoselines in Denmark whose brand of makeup is very expensive, needles to say that's why I got excited. I got the colour 10 Purple and I haven't formed my opinion on it yet.
That's it for this month, now enjoy spring and love one another!

 - Elk

Monday, 4 March 2013

Favorites: February

Hey guys. I always have a hard time picking out favorites because I always forget at what time I loved which product in particular. However I think I managed to figure it out this month so before March ends lets get the February favorites out :)

 I'm absolutely nuts about the Burt's Bees lipbalm with acai berries, I've used it forever and it this is my absolute favorite lipbalm. This month I got terribly tired of my Orange Fruits bodywash so I thought I'd use some of this Clean on Me bodywash from Soap and Glory, I've also been loving this Garnier Respons conditioner. It is my absolute favorite conditioner, it smells wonderful and the smell lingers. Ever since I got back from London where I bought this clear mascara and it has completely changed the life of my eyebrows. Lastly I'm nuts about this nudey/berry/pinky/gold mineral lipgloss from ELF in the colour Sorority Girl. Easy to wear and elegant, besides I love lipglosses with a gold sheen.

 Earlier this month my roots had gone so bad I had to dye it at home, it made my hair dry and I enjoy using this hair oil Absolute Beautifying Potion from Davines. It's smell is different from any other hair products I own, it's kind of a savory scent instead of sweet. On the right of the picture is a glittery black eyeliner from Oriflame, the name has unfortunately rubbed off. It's a dual ended eyeliner but I only use this side. The black is not terribly pigmented or creamy but I like it for and everyday look on my upper and lower lash line, does not work on the waterline.

Last but not least, my favorite cheek combo. I tried really hard to use berry blushes most of the winter but something just can't keep me away from the Wet n Wild Color icon blusher in Heather Silk. It is the perfect sweet pink! I've been using it with the ELF complexion brush, this is all time my favorite face brush. I use it for blush, bronzer, highlighter and powder. It's just a good overall tool and I don't feel like I need any other face brushes than this, I don't own any other than this either ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post, have a greeeeeat day :)

 - Elk

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Spring has come!

Hello guys and happy March! My friend and I went out shopping just a little bit to celebrate the 1st of March. Here's a little sharing ;)

 I bought some seeds so I can plant some wonderful flowers! The cornflowers are my favorites, so many good memories from my childhood! I grew up on the country so waddling through wheat fields picking cornflowers for my mom was a big part of my childhood <3

 I bought these colourful pillows for my room. My room is held in green colours with accents like red and orange. I'll give you a roomtour soon ;)

 Bought three of these, what? Flavoured sparkling waters? I'm not sure what they are, but they tasted really nice and springy :D

 Not too long ago I bought this pot/bowl for when I move away from home. It's a lovely green colour and will be perfect for mixing pancake batter in, salads and soups. It's sooo heavy though! >.<''

 1st of March pictures. On this wonderful day the sun decided to peek out, WONDERFUL! This is the view from my classroom. Hard to focus on ancient history when the outside is so lovely!

Little yellow and white flowers (white flowers not present on the picture) in Denmark tells us that spring is coming for sure! I picked one and kept it with me all days, smelling in whenever I could.

 - Elk