Sunday, 3 March 2013

Spring has come!

Hello guys and happy March! My friend and I went out shopping just a little bit to celebrate the 1st of March. Here's a little sharing ;)

 I bought some seeds so I can plant some wonderful flowers! The cornflowers are my favorites, so many good memories from my childhood! I grew up on the country so waddling through wheat fields picking cornflowers for my mom was a big part of my childhood <3

 I bought these colourful pillows for my room. My room is held in green colours with accents like red and orange. I'll give you a roomtour soon ;)

 Bought three of these, what? Flavoured sparkling waters? I'm not sure what they are, but they tasted really nice and springy :D

 Not too long ago I bought this pot/bowl for when I move away from home. It's a lovely green colour and will be perfect for mixing pancake batter in, salads and soups. It's sooo heavy though! >.<''

 1st of March pictures. On this wonderful day the sun decided to peek out, WONDERFUL! This is the view from my classroom. Hard to focus on ancient history when the outside is so lovely!

Little yellow and white flowers (white flowers not present on the picture) in Denmark tells us that spring is coming for sure! I picked one and kept it with me all days, smelling in whenever I could.

 - Elk

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