Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas: Golden plum holiday makeup

Ho ho ho! The jolly jolly Christmas time is still going strong, and frankly I can hardly wait until Friday, where I'm going home to spend Christmas with my family.

Sometimes I get this deep surge of just really wanting to play around with some makeup, I often when I have it like that, those are the time that I do the best makeup. I had a feeling like that this night, so full of inspiration from the lovely internet I decided to try! Now, when I do some "midnight makeup" like this, I never do a full face and I hardly ever do both eyes. Therefore, this picture - hello hello there acne and only one eye, but that's the way it is ;)

I've snapped these photos with my new hot pink Fujifilm Finepix JX700 camera, and we're still getting to know eachother. I general, shooting in false lighting is always a bit annoying, so the picture on the right and at the bottom is with the bathroom light, and the picture on the top to the left is with the flash on. It saddens me that this looks more like a gold and purple look, rather than red and purple (which I was going for), but I guess it's because my red and pink shadows are very rich in gold!

I must dash! It's 1pm and I have finally read on in Calling Mrs. Christmas, and I love it so I must read on before I have to sleep. (Which of course was several hours ago.) Merry Christmas!

 - Elk

A little bit messed up

Ooops, sorry guys! I just want to mention that I've finally learned how to get categories here on the blog, so now there will be some up top. *yaay*
Those were the happy news, now here are some bad ones. Editing through my old posts and labeling thing properly, something has clearly shifted and brought older posts forward. I don't know what is going on, but it's OK, no biggie :)

Nails: Flowery spring nails

Hey guys and happy spring! I'm happy to say that the Danish weather has decided finally to turn into a nice stable spring. To celebrate, I made these nails. They're based off a picture I found on google, googleing "flowery spring nails", however as I tried to find the source for you today I wasn't able to.

I think they're super cute and surprisingly easy to make. I doubted that people would be able to see that it was flowers and not just gloops on the little and pointy finger, but alot of people have commented on the cute flowers so I'm thrilled! Happy happy spring time!

 - Elk

Nails: Nailside's tribal

Hey guys. As a blogger I too love browsing people's blogs, recreating looks and getting inspired. Some time ago I stumbled upon a tribal nail look on Nailside's blog. If you wish to see her blog post here is the link: Nailside's tribal nails.

The green I used as a base colour is more olive coloured, also I decided to paint the ring-fingers with a silvery/metallic instead of gold all over. I love this look, it's so easy and cool looking!

 - Elk

Haul: My first E.L.F. haul

Hellooo guys! I don't know if you remember but I've been really excited about E.L.F. cosmetics and a while ago I had the money to order some, yaaay! So I've had it for a while, and overall I'm disappointed! But I'll to in depth reviews later when I've had more of a chance to use the products. But to start of with, I'll just haul the stuff, so here we gooo!

Liquid eyeshadow in the colour: sultry satin.
Duo eyeshadow cream in: sugar cookie.

STUDIO blush in: twinkle pink.

The contouring blush and bronzing powder.

STUDIO cream blush in: tease.

Clarifying pressed powder in ivory and honey, honey is for contouring. STUDIO pressed powder in ivory. And lastly the healthy glow bronzing powder in: luminance. It's not bronzing really because I bought the lightest colour, so it's more of a highlighter which was what I wanted ;)

Tone correcting concealer in ivory, undereye-concealer and highlighter in: glow/fair and the tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 in ivory. 

All over colour stick in: pink lemonade, and all over shimmering facial whip in camilla.

Nail polishes in: cranberry, white, mango madness and fire coral.

Hypershine lipgloss in: vixen, and luscious liquid lipstcik in: babylips.

Liquid eyeliner in: black, and mineral eyeliner in black as well.

All over complexion brush, powder brush, blush brush, eye crease brush and professional blending eye brush.

So are you excited for the reviews? Hmmm.. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't like the E.L.F. products or even love them, I feel like everybody does. I do really like some of them and will purchase in other colours and I'll also try out some of the other products they have, but I no longer have high expectations.

Well, SEE YA!
 xoxo Elk

Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas: H.C. Andersen Christmas Fair

Hi guys, this weekend was there was the H.C. Andersen Christmas Fair here i town Odense. I went and took some pictures for you guys. I do dearly love Christmas fairs and markets, but it isn't as fun when you are going alone.

The motto of the fair is "Christmas when H.C. Andersen was a child", so there was this lady playing this wind up music box. 

The fair took place in the old part of Odense city, there were stalls put up selling various crafted goods.

There were also horse buggies going through the narrow streets.

After walking around in the old part of the city, I walked along the street to the square in front of Town Hall. These decorations were hanging above the streets,

This is the big Christmas tree on the sqaure.

In addition to the Christmas fair in old town, there was a food fair going on in front of Town Hall.

Vendors from all over Europe came to sell cheese, sausages, paella and sweets. There was also selling of some crafts, like slippers and antlers from Finland.

Behind the deparment store is a collection of trees. They were decorated with pretty sparkly lights, which isn't that obvious in this picture.

From the food fair I bought these Dutch Donuts. (I couldn't resist!) But I also bought brusselsprouts, so I think it cancels some of the unhealthiness out ;)
How are you guys' Christmas' coming along? I had planned on baking cookies etc. but I've tried to save some money on food this month, but I bake some when I go home to my parents on the 20th. Also I wanted to give you a little update on how my reading Calling Mrs. Christmas is coming along. I've only read 100 pages, but definitely on purpose, because it's about to turn into a love triangle and I don't want that to happen! I feel as if though I don't read on, it won't happen ;)

Yesterday I watched Blair Fowler's on some organizational tips video on YouTube (Blair's tips), and I got inspired and tried to be organized today, but since it's 20:50 and I've only checked three things off my to do list for the day, I don't think I've done very well. It feels like my brain has turned into oatmeal, probably because I slept very poorly last night. I hope I'm not develop insomnia, 'cause not being able to sleep is happening to me more and more frequently.

Anyway, have a good one! - Elk

Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas 2013: Reindeer nails and Christmas novels

Hello guys, today I have another nail-look for you.
I meant to make the reindeer's more festive by giving the middle one a red nose, but I forgot ;)

I also want to talk a little about Christmas novels! Last year I didn't read a special novel at Christmas time, even though I intended to. This year however, I am reading a special Christmas novel! It's called Calling Mrs. Christmas by Carole Matthews. I will do a review when I finish reading it, but I can already say that I really enjoy it so far!

Have a good one, see you later for some more Christmas posts :)
 - Elk

Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas 2013: A Recap

Hi guys. So last Christmas I had a big assignment in school. It lasted from the 5th of December to about the 20th, it was a big and important assignment that required all the time, focus and energy you had. Therefore I unfortunately didn't have time to make many and exciting Christmas posts which I had otherwise planned on. I did however make some Christmas nails but I simply didn't remember to put the up, I was so swamped. But designs like that don't expire so without further ado, here's a 2012 recap of the designs I never posted.

Gingerbread man meets the french manicure. Sorry about the shine in the middle of the gingerbread man. I only painted him on my thumbs but of course you can paint him all over your nails if you want to.

This reindeer manicure is inspired by Cutepolish's tutorial on YouTube: Cute Rudolph Reindeer Nails. So cuuute!
Now, those were the designs I unfortunately didn't post last year but that doesn't stop you from being inspired from them this year! :D

 - Elk