Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas: Golden plum holiday makeup

Ho ho ho! The jolly jolly Christmas time is still going strong, and frankly I can hardly wait until Friday, where I'm going home to spend Christmas with my family.

Sometimes I get this deep surge of just really wanting to play around with some makeup, I often when I have it like that, those are the time that I do the best makeup. I had a feeling like that this night, so full of inspiration from the lovely internet I decided to try! Now, when I do some "midnight makeup" like this, I never do a full face and I hardly ever do both eyes. Therefore, this picture - hello hello there acne and only one eye, but that's the way it is ;)

I've snapped these photos with my new hot pink Fujifilm Finepix JX700 camera, and we're still getting to know eachother. I general, shooting in false lighting is always a bit annoying, so the picture on the right and at the bottom is with the bathroom light, and the picture on the top to the left is with the flash on. It saddens me that this looks more like a gold and purple look, rather than red and purple (which I was going for), but I guess it's because my red and pink shadows are very rich in gold!

I must dash! It's 1pm and I have finally read on in Calling Mrs. Christmas, and I love it so I must read on before I have to sleep. (Which of course was several hours ago.) Merry Christmas!

 - Elk

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