Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas 2013: A Recap

Hi guys. So last Christmas I had a big assignment in school. It lasted from the 5th of December to about the 20th, it was a big and important assignment that required all the time, focus and energy you had. Therefore I unfortunately didn't have time to make many and exciting Christmas posts which I had otherwise planned on. I did however make some Christmas nails but I simply didn't remember to put the up, I was so swamped. But designs like that don't expire so without further ado, here's a 2012 recap of the designs I never posted.

Gingerbread man meets the french manicure. Sorry about the shine in the middle of the gingerbread man. I only painted him on my thumbs but of course you can paint him all over your nails if you want to.

This reindeer manicure is inspired by Cutepolish's tutorial on YouTube: Cute Rudolph Reindeer Nails. So cuuute!
Now, those were the designs I unfortunately didn't post last year but that doesn't stop you from being inspired from them this year! :D

 - Elk

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