Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas: H.C. Andersen Christmas Fair

Hi guys, this weekend was there was the H.C. Andersen Christmas Fair here i town Odense. I went and took some pictures for you guys. I do dearly love Christmas fairs and markets, but it isn't as fun when you are going alone.

The motto of the fair is "Christmas when H.C. Andersen was a child", so there was this lady playing this wind up music box. 

The fair took place in the old part of Odense city, there were stalls put up selling various crafted goods.

There were also horse buggies going through the narrow streets.

After walking around in the old part of the city, I walked along the street to the square in front of Town Hall. These decorations were hanging above the streets,

This is the big Christmas tree on the sqaure.

In addition to the Christmas fair in old town, there was a food fair going on in front of Town Hall.

Vendors from all over Europe came to sell cheese, sausages, paella and sweets. There was also selling of some crafts, like slippers and antlers from Finland.

Behind the deparment store is a collection of trees. They were decorated with pretty sparkly lights, which isn't that obvious in this picture.

From the food fair I bought these Dutch Donuts. (I couldn't resist!) But I also bought brusselsprouts, so I think it cancels some of the unhealthiness out ;)
How are you guys' Christmas' coming along? I had planned on baking cookies etc. but I've tried to save some money on food this month, but I bake some when I go home to my parents on the 20th. Also I wanted to give you a little update on how my reading Calling Mrs. Christmas is coming along. I've only read 100 pages, but definitely on purpose, because it's about to turn into a love triangle and I don't want that to happen! I feel as if though I don't read on, it won't happen ;)

Yesterday I watched Blair Fowler's on some organizational tips video on YouTube (Blair's tips), and I got inspired and tried to be organized today, but since it's 20:50 and I've only checked three things off my to do list for the day, I don't think I've done very well. It feels like my brain has turned into oatmeal, probably because I slept very poorly last night. I hope I'm not develop insomnia, 'cause not being able to sleep is happening to me more and more frequently.

Anyway, have a good one! - Elk

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