Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Goodiebox: January '13

Hello fellas and welcome to this Goodiebox post! So it finally seems that the Goodiebox system has started to function better, it has also been a full year! I have however only received Goodieboxes three times including this time because I wasn't happy with the unproffesioanlity of it, but now it's been a full year for the Goodiebox team and I think they're getting the hang of it.
So here's my January Goodiebox, yes they do deliver the boxes at weird times. But without further ado, lets go -

Here's the box. The theme for January month was organic.

 I really like that the Goodiebox team likes to put edible or drinkable things in here so this month the send this Yogi ginger tea and a little snack bar but I already ate that. Despite this having 63% pure ginger in here, I don't feel like it tastes like ginger. You do however get the warmth of ginger in the mouth but not so much the taste which suits me fine because I'm not a huge ginger fan ;)

 Some lotions and cremes. From left to right: Matas generic natural brand (Danish drugstore) handlotion with gojiberry and organic aloe vera, a soothing Ecobeauty day cream from Oriflame and lastly a non-scented body lotion from Decubal. I like the idea of non-scented things, but I hate it when they're non-scented and then have that creme smell and unfortunately this one does, but I'm sure I'll get it used up anyway :) By the way, both the day cream and bodylotion are full-size!

Some samples, left to right: Mádara tinted face cream, John Masters firming eye gel and lastly Philip Martin's Body shower juice, juice omg! That sounds so exciting, I'm looking alot forwad to using these!

Keep an eye out for empties where I will review some of these products, February favorites and Goodiebox.

 - Elk

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