Saturday, 16 February 2013

Makeup: Vampy Blue

Sometimes I bet like you feel that I lie to you. My London haul still isn't up and I didn't even post something special for Valentine's. I'm so sorry! Truth be told is that I've really been down in the dumps previous week and the week after was winter break. Because I live at a boarding school during vacations I have to go home. This is the reason I haven't done any blogging (I am away from my stationary computer with all the blogging pictures) no London haul and no Valentine's even though I DID actually make a Valentine's nail design for you. I'll be back at school monday evening and in the following week I do promise that the London haul will be up. Also I will post my Valentine's look even though it's outdated, but one can always use a glittery heartsy goodness looking nail design. :)

To bring something on the table instead of excuse after excuse, here's a dramatic look for you. I do make posts and then draft them so I have something to post whenever and I felt like you needed something today :D
Also, I'm very excited to tell you that I started with the OCM (oil cleansing method) this is very exciting for me and I will take pictures and keep you updated with that. Alrighty now, I have succeeded in making alot of promises and now I shall honor them before I make too many and fail you again.

Until then, sayonara!
 - Elk

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