Wednesday, 20 February 2013

More darn excuses

Hi guys, so guess what happened. I friggin' lost my camera.. I simply can't find it, I've torn my room apart five times, looked everywhere. Underneath the bed, couch, other ridiculous places it can't even fit. I've looked in all of my boxes, bags, cupboard, laundry hamper even. It's so gone. This weekend I will continue to tear my parent's house apart where it might be even though I did that yesterday. Therefore, not Valentine's day nails and no Syoss hair dye review coming up before I find that camera and trust me I will. It's not so much about the camera itself, it is it's meaning to me. My parents gave it to me for my 18th birthday, I had wanted a camera like that for about 10 years and even though I could've saved up for it myself I waited for them to give it to me so that I'd be a meaningful present which reminded me of my beloved parents. I plan on finding that camera, put a GPS thingy on it so that I'll ALWAYS know where it is, find a new spot for it so it'll never be stolen, growing old together with it and having it with me when I die. - Maybe that sounds too dramatic but that is how strongly I feel about it.

Of course this also means I'm in a complete ratchet state of mind, can't sleep, incredible mood swings, forcing myself to think of other things, praying to God that he'll help me find it. So for the London haul, I'm going to use the pictures that I have and just finish it already so you can see ;)

 - Elk

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