Thursday, 21 February 2013

Haul: London Birthday Haul

Hey guys and welcome to my London/birthday haul. Birthday haul? - You might wonder. As you might or might not know, my birthday was in September and for that birthday my friend gave me a weekend trip to London therefore I consider everything I bought in London birthday presents for myself - yaaaaay! As a disclaimer I want to say that yes - I did use a shameful huge amount of money but I also did save up for 4 months so that I could let myself run wild. Alrighty then, lets get to it! (The items are in no particular order)

 Wipes! Oil balancing cleansing wipes with tea tree from Primark, twin pack for £1 and brightening cleansing wipes from Simple for 3.99£.

 Some Aussio haircare, you can read the name yourself so no reason to type it out again :) These were on sale for 3 for 10£.
 The eyegel was 1,50£, the St. Ives scrub was 4,29£ and the dual action moisturizer was 3,55£.

 Some Neutrogena goodies, these were on sale, 2 for 5£.

 These are travel sizes Soap and Glory goodies, 3 for 2 so it was 5£.

 These babies, I'm not really sure - I have a hard time understanding the receipt.. But they were cheaper than they normally are :D
These lipbutters were 5£ each, NOW! I have to say something here that has never been brought to my attention even though I have heard SO many YouTubers rave about these! No one EVER told me that these things have big glitter pieces in them and no one told me that the Peach Parfait was gritty... Also, I don't feel like these are very moisturizing, in fact I feel as though they dry out my lips.. BUT I will keep using then and see how I like them in the future. No matter what, I'm happy I only got two to begin with.

 OK.. I'm going to be honest here.. I mainly bought these because of the cool bottle.. :D I got them both for 8£.
 I've wanted to try some John Frieda haircare for a while now and after trying some samples I had I couldn't hep to get full sizes! Again, together these were 8£.

 Yum to the yummy! When I was in New York last year a got a sample size of this shampoo and GOODNESS GRACIOUS! If you have never smelled this shampoo, do yourself a favor and get the whiff of your life! These smell unbelievably amazing and they were on sale 2 for 4£.

 Seriously.. These little deodorants from Impulse are so small and cute, everytime I'm somewhere you can but them I do, but they are unfortunately not available in Denmark.. Also this body spray from Boots smell so yummy but you just have to wait a minute for the serious alcohol smell to evaporate ;) Deodorants were 1£ each and the spray was 2£.

Believe it or not, but I have never ever tried a mascara from Maybeline therefore I bought these two. The Maybeline mascaras were 2 for save-some-money and in total both of them together were 12£. 17 Mascara was 6,29£ and the eyeshadow primer from Rimmel was 4,99£ and I've used it a couple of times and I wasn't too keen on it but I will explore it further.

I do have the receipts which says the prices on the rest of the stuff I bought, but it was so boring to write it in I give up! Anyway, Maybeline dream lumi touch undereye concealer in ivory. Now I want to give you a little warning about this, it's super yellow! On my rose tinted skin you can see very clearly the yellow colour fighting the pink tones - looks bad! Also here's the Bourjois healthy mix anti-fatigue concealer in apricot.

Rimmel stay matte pressed powder in whichever was the lightest colour they had. One thing that I love about this powder is that it has a faint smell of roses so when you dust it over you face you get that rose scent in the air. It doesn't linger on the skin or anything, it just makes it feel luxurious when you apply ;)

17 Miracle matte skin primer - don't feel like it's terribly mattifying to me. Aaaaaand Revlon Colorstay foundation in ivory - thank you dear Revlon for finally making a foundation which is light enough for me!

A big ol' can of Batiste dry shampoo in tropical. Man I love this stuff! Before buying this I had ever only tried one other dry shampoo in my life and completely hated it! But this is amazing, it really makes your hair feel clean and to me in particular this is very helpful because my hair gets really oily but I don't like to wash it too often.
Then some Lush goodies. I bought the BIG shampoo, even though I don't like the idea of salt in a shampoo I mean - why would you put something in your hair that dries it out? But I was curious and my hair is quite flat so.. I also got the Tea Tree Water and the bubblegum lip scrub (you always want a good lip scrub!) and a little tub of body butter because I donated a pound to charity.

Blush from Sleek in the colour pomegranate, really really nice! So sad I didn't buy more, I wanted rosegold but they didn't have it but I'm just nuts about this blush! Opposite to my other favorite blush this one is kind of a coloured shiny veil whereas my Wet n Wild blush in heather silk is a more solid colour.

Lastly in this haul the Liner Pinceau from Bourjois, I haven't used this too much because I have others which I want to use up before but it dries matte and seems to have nice staying power so that's all goodie!

Now, I did purchase more things in London but I lost my camera, as you might know, and I just wanted to go ahead and post this because it's been such a long time! The other things I bought were some shoes, bags, a little accessories and clothes all from Primark. So, please stay tuned on this blog if you want to know what I got in my Goodiebox from January (yes, January), it'll be up before I recieve my Goodiebox February ;)

 - Elk

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