Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Haul: Random and hair stuff

Hia guys, I have some newly purchased hair products and some other random cuteeee stuff :)

This is uuh.. FIXING HAIRSPRAY ;) from Loreal, I didn't actually realize that before i had already bought it. Luckily it was on sale so I got it real cheap, but I already have a hairspray that I like, and since I don't use hairspray every day (actually I only use it a couple a times a year), I'm giving this to my mom for Christmas.

Last week I bleached my hair and bleaching is a really rough treatment for your hair. So I bought this conditioner spray, I use it every morning, couple of spritez all over and then some just for the tips of my hair. If you have dry hair I think this'll be a really good investment, makes my hair super soft and shiny - BUT! Don't use it too much, it'll make your hair more greasy.

This was on sale as well, and to be honest - I'm not really sure what it's for. I just bought it 'cause it was so cheap and looks fancy. I read on the back and can't really seem to find the use of this product. But it's probably really good for you hair ;)

Juust make-up remover. I was out ;)

"Ya bought a blinged out old Nokia??" NO! I bought the little accessory thing for it, the cover I made myself. Just sticking on the sparkly gems directly onto the phone with nail polish. (Looks a bit different now, will post and updated pic). And YES, it's really hard to get off but.. Haven't grown tired of it yet :)
Gel pens.. I was out, but unfortunately these seem to work really crappy.

I got this nail polish from my aunt whose friend had been to Texas. Unfortunately, it's 99% like the one from Sinful Colors which I already own. The one from Sinful Covers is a TAD darker though.
LITTLE CHRISTMAS LANTERN! Because it's Chriiiiiiiiiiiiistmas! Isn't it cuteee? :D reindeeeeeer!
You're probably going.. "A ceramic cupcake, so what?", it's a piggybank. My old one was double the size of this and not very cute. I like this better because it's smaller - thus feels up more easily, and it's ceramic so it's kind of heavy, which makes it FEEL fuller than it is :D

He he, potato chips and dutch waffles. All gone now :)

I'm loving teas at at moment! So I bought these ones. This box here is rooibus in different variations..
And white tea also in different variations. Like the rooibus tea, haven't tried the white yet.

Upcoming on this blog: My likeeee winter/Christmas make-up looks.

- I wish you a merry Christmaaas!, love Elk

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