Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas 2011: What I got for Christmas

Ho ho ho fellas!
Here's what I got for Christmas this year!

My dear mom and dad gave me these Converse All Stars. I love these shoes, I pretty much always wear Converse, I've gone through a couple of pairs but I break them :( so luckily they gave me these. I really like the chocolatebrown colour.

Mega Lash mascara from Wet 'n Wild.

Max Volume lipgloss (colour unknown) from Wet 'n Wild.

Rock Solid nail polish from Wet 'n Wild in (left) Sparkling diamond and (right) Timeless Red.

Diamond Brilliance lipgloss from Wet 'n Wild in the colour Rocking Rubies. This gloss is unbelievably pigmented, it's insane! It's not as light as on the picture, it's only due to poor lighting ;) but look. So rich and pigmented product!

Diamond Brilliance lipgloss from Wet 'n Wild in the colour Sparkling Diamonds. (Déjá vú anyone? :b)
This lipgloss is so unique. It's clear with a holographic, blue, purple, green shine - looks really good on!

Just a detail, these are all the tops of the Wet 'n Wild diamond-line products. Isn't that just to die for?

Hope you've had a lovely Christmas!

- Elk

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