Thursday, 24 November 2011

Going to Stockholm

Hiiaaa.. Today, I have nothing planned - I haven't anything special to talk about with you guys except what I did today. I don't bother to put a haul together for you, even though I have one, it'll come later.
Yesterday I got an offer to come to Stockholm from December 20th to 21st, of course I said yes - I'm super excited about it. I presume there'll be lots of people in the stores, lots of cold weather, lots of Swedes and lots of fun! I really think it's going to be alot of fun and I look very much forward to it!
Yesterday I also finished reading Icebound by Dean Koontz, I enjoyed it alot! I will review it here on the blog, but first of all I have to do a paper about it. Seven pages long paper, due for this morning at 8am, it's currently 15 mins past 10pm.. (Woops)
Haven't been to school today, all classes cancelled, spend the time eating delicious chicken-sandwiches and watching Harry Potter 3. Thinking I should read the books one day, loose myself in the magical world! But there are so many books I have to read right now! My current reading list says: The Help, Dracula, Montana Sky, The other Boleyn girl and ooooh I could go on!
Tomorrow I have to babysit, my friend is joining me so I hope it'll be even more fun. I bought one of those packs of mix-it-all-together-and-bake-it cake mixes, looking SO much forward to seeing the children. I have known them all (there's 3 of 'em!) since they were just eggs and sperm in their parents' bodies. To me they are my siblings - I love them just as much!
Lately my forehead has been really tense, like I've been scrunching real hard all the time. I really need to massage my face to loose that tension - I'll just end up getting wrinkles before time!

Oh yeah by the way, happy Thanksgiving if that's something you celebrate! Here in Denmark we don't, but still I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

- Elk

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