Thursday, 24 March 2011

Blog challenge day 9

Today's challenge:
Post something you did last month that you're proud of.

Okay well.. Uhmm, I never really accomplish something ABSOLUTELY AMAZING so I get proud of doing small things like. Enjoying the sun with friends, vaccumeing, doing all my laundry, finishing a book, loosing weight, biking around the lake. Those are all things I did this month, and right now I'm also very proud of having done my math assignment but it's crap because.. It's just crap and I'll have to ask him how the f*ck he wants it! (my teacher) I'M SO UNSATISFIED!!

Now, pictures!

I didn't really know what to post pictures of so.. I just posted the WRONG graph I did ... Now I'm depressed. I have lots of pictures but I'm just not sure what's relevant. So here's a cow I once drew.. Yaaay xD

Yesterday when me, Lenny, Svend, Nicklas and I hung out I coudln't stop looking at him. I just couldn't keep my eyes of him! I don't know if it's because I just "need a man" I mean it could be. At the moment I'm very cuddly and huggie with my friend Mark basically just because he puts up with it and thinks it is nice. But this Nicklas thing confuses me soooo much!! AAAARARHAGRHARGHRGH.. He's cute, let's just leave it with that.

I regret spending so much time on my math assignment when it's all just fucked up and I have to do science instead. Today.. Now.. Ugh. I hate it. Sometimes I think about why I even bother with school. It's basically just getting forced to do a lot of stuff you're don't really feel like. Basically.

- Elk

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