Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Blog challenge

Hiaa! I know that noooothing has happened here on the blog lately. (I can't decide whether that's a good or bad thing? :P) anyway so I saw this blog challenge that I'm going to dooo so. I should have at least one tiny post up every day now for a month :)

The challenge is:
Day 1: Post a recent picture of yourself and 5 random facts.
Day 2: Post the reason why you named your blog what you named it.
Day 3: Post what you did today.
Day 4: Post a picture you've taken.
Day 5: Post a website you use regularly.
Day 6: Post a picture of yourself in 2007.
Day 7: Post a picture of your and your closest friend.
Day 8: Post one of your goals or 'to do's' in this month and why.
Day 9: Post something you did last month that you're proud of.
Day 10: Post a food you could live of.
Day 11: Post a video on youtube you particularly like.
Day 12: Post how you found blogspot and why you blog.
Day 13: Post your celebrity crush.
Day 14: Post a picture of you and your family.
Day 15: Post the 15 first song that your music player plays when it's on shuffle.
Day 16: Post a picture of yourself from today.
Day 17: Post something homemade.
Day 18: Post the last movie you saw.
Day 19: Post your alias and why you have it.
Day 20: Post a picture that makes you smile.
Day 21: Post a screenshot of the screensaver on your pc.
Day 22: Post your favorite album.
Day 23: Post the last you ate and drank.
Day 24: Post whatever you like.
Day 25: Post what's in your bag.
Day 26: Post your favorite band at the time.
Day 27: Post a collection you have.
Day 28: Post a picture of yourself from a year ago and one from now, how have you changed?
Day 29: Post outfit of the day.
Day 30: Post where are you in five years.

Feel free to join me, I think it's going to be really fun! And U'll do the first one righty nowyyy.
So todays challenge is:
Post a recent picture of yourself and 5 random facts.

Weird facts:
1; I have a manekki neko (click here if you don't know what it is ) and I think it works. It waves with it's left paw.
2; I have a picture of the vicarage next to my old school hanging on my clipboard because it reminds me of the good times back then.
3; I'm slightly neurotic about how I want my bed made.
4; I review books for a danish website.
5; I have one of those fabric festival bracelets on and it STINKS like a mother f***** but I still resist to take it off.

That was it for today, see ya TOMORROW ;D
- Elk

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