Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I am right to be mad?

So I have a problem, ANOTHER problem. Apparantly I have some issue with my ex-boyfriends. (Plural, damn.)
What they do AFTER we break up is apparantly something that easily can piss me off. I've been texting with Pred for a while now and everytime he meantions his "girlfriends" (not ACTUAL girlfriend just a friend who is female) I kinda get annoyed, but not when we write about him having sex with his fuck buddy, which is a good thing. I'm working on it and its getting better, here the other day Pred and I actually discussed my crush on Nicklas. MORE ABOUT THAT LATER!!!

I have this friends called Louise, she moved and got new friends, starting partying and seeing guys, GOOD FOR HER! The "problem" is just that she's kinda hot and kind of a skank at parties and I don't care about her hooking up with guys, just not my ex(es). Unfortunately my ex Froob has laid his eyes upon her and he's pretty crazy about her, they tease eachother in that YOU KNOW THAT THERE'S SOMETHING THERE way and text together etc. He calls her "baby", "hottie" and so on. She doesn't ACTUALLY call him that back but she doesn't tell him to stop or anything else. THIS BOTHERS ME... A LOT!! But I don't feel like I can be mad at him since we've broken up, but her.. I confronted her and she gave me the whole "nothing is going on, we're just friends, you have to trust me" and I replied that I'd trust her but that she should beware that she's on thin ice. I considered writing him a text, mail or something saying "if you try to make a move on any of my girlfriends I'll break your neck", but I don't think I can do that.. That would make me the crazy ex, God I'm so angry! I'll just do the only right thing, do nothing and trust her.

1st: I got an A on my spanish assignment! yaaaaay :D
2nd: The other day I was in my bed watching Bones under my covers, I could then hear someone trying to sneak in my door so I paused the show. Then Nicklas popped up and I asked him if he wanted to join me, he said yes and JUST before I sat up, he lied down really close to me, all pressed up against me with his head on my boob, between my boobs and on my chest (changeing positions). I cuddled his neck and his hair during those 40 minuets of Bones. It was so fantastic I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the smell of him. ONE thing that bothers me THOUGH is that something sweet and romantic between him and me ALWAYS happens right after I've given up on him. I'm so confused I don't know what to do now! The weirdest thing afterwards was actually whining about it to Pred, he was really sweet and tried to comfort and advice me. Odd!
3rd: I AM GOING TO LONDOOOOOOOON ON SATURDAAAAAY! My ex-roomie Lennie was going to go there with a friend but they got into an argument so Lennie tried to apologize but her friend just insulted her Lennie's mother and dog so then Lennie asked if I wanted to go instead. OF COURSE I SAID YES! We've been looking forward to go there together for AGES AND AGES, talked about it for HOURS AND HOURS and now it's finally happening! Besides, it's a free trip for me, plane paid, her dad lives there so he pays for food and lodging. It's going to be so great! :D

See ya later folks, love Elk.

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